I love makeup.I have,since the past two years,turned into sort of a makeup junkie.However,I know that not every brand out there is quality controlled.Not every new name I see on the shelves of cosmetic stores is trust worthy.So,I like to research thoroughly before buying anything new.I,most of the times,gravitate towards organic,herbal and natural products. In Pakistan,the terms Eco friendly or 100% organic are not paid much attention,so its hard to find makeup that falls in this category,but some research does help to avoid harmful products.Anyways,while doing this research I came across the dilemma of Halal and Haram makeup,which the enlightened Muslimahs are facing in this era of ever expanding cosmetic industry.

Well,like most other females,I used to think that halal and haram ingredients should be taken into consideration only when buying food.Also,I was of the opinion that going in such minute details was really a non-issue and just a stunt to increase marketing of certain brands.But something changed my perspective.

When I read the hadith mentioned below,it was so clear that not even a speck of doubt was left on this issue.

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 003, Book 034, Hadith Number 438.Narrated by Jabir bin 
‘Abdullah (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu):

 I heard Allah’s Apostle,in the year of the Conquest of Mecca,saying,“Allah(Azzawajaland His Apostle (Sallal Laahu Ta’ala Alayhi wa Sallam) made illegal the trade of alcohol, dead animals, pigs and idols.”

The people asked, “O Allah’s Apostle (Sallal Laahu Ta’ala Alayhi wa Sallam)! What about the fat of dead animals, for it was used for greasing the boats and the hides; and people use it for lights?

 He said, “No, it is illegal.” Allah’s Apostle (Sallal Laahu Ta’ala Alayhi wa Sallam) further said,May Allah (Azzawajal) curse the Jews, for Allah (Azzawajal) made the fat (of animals) illegal for them, yet they melted the fat and sold it and ate its price.

So,I thought I should look into this matter closely,for my own satisfaction. Allah bestowed upon me the gift of knowledge and intelligence.It is my religious and moral duty to check whether what I use daily is within the limits set by Allah.Ofcourse my knowledge is limited at places,but its the intention that counts.So,with the intention of doing something good and clearing up confusions I decided to collect information.

The products available in market are made from different chemicals.Some are synthetic,some are plant-based(derived from plant) and some are animal-based(derived from animals).Its the last category which we should beware of.This is not only because Non-muslims may derive animal based ingredients from haram/forbidden animal pork/swine/pig,but also because halal animals are not slaughtered when used in the cosmetic industry.So,the ingredients,although being obtained from halal animal,may be haram if the animal was dead/not slaughtered. 
According to some school of thoughts(according to jammiya'h al muftin South Africa),the parts of halal animal that don't change like bone,horns etc are halal regardless whether the animal was slaughtered.Source

So,you see how complicated this can be.One can never be sure whether the animal based ingredients came from pork ,cow or any  dead animal.All the company can tell you is that they have animal based ingredients in the product.

Also,some companies use dead,crushed insects to create the beautiful red pigment used in pink or red lipsticks and blushes.Apart from the yucks factor,this ingredient is also haram in Islam.It is mentioned by the name Carmine or cochineal/Crimson Lake/ Natural Red 4/ C.I. 75470/ or E120 on the label.

This is whats used in lipstick to give you vibrant red/pink lips.Do you still want to wear red lippie?

Cochineal beetle

Collagen,used in anti aging products is made from placenta whether human or animal. Allanotoin is derived from uric acid of animals.The list is very long.
So,in my opinion,if we use these products even after knowing that they contain haram and najis products then I think we are  paying a very high price for our beauty.A muslim should stay away from doubtful things to protect his/her Deen.I,for one,would not want to add to my sins by doing something which I could have easily avoided.

Then,what should we do?I know, I know.Its really hard to live without makeup...lolz.The simplest solution is....Go vegan.There it was right in front of you all the time and you never thought of it.

What is vegan?
Vegan means derived from plants.It means no animal or insect based ingredient in the product.When a product is vegan,the packaging will display one of these signs.

I am seriously thankful to all those enlightened citizens of developed countries,who can't bear  the thought of an animal being killed just so they can have a juicy beef  burger or skin care or makeup product.They avoid all animal ingredients,even in their makeup and clothes.So,its because of them that Vegan skin care and makeup lines are now in market.You will be amazed to read the names of brands,which are vegan, or at least have a vegan line of products.To know about whether all the products are vegan,you need to read the company's philosophy or policy or ask them via Email.Here you go...




They have a vegan line of products.Click vegan-friendly in the drop down list on the website.You can also visit the vegan page by clicking the heading.

Response form Tarte':Tarte Cosmetics<>

Hello Shehrzad,

"Thankyou for contacting tarte costumer service.We do formulate with some animal derived ingredients aside from beeswax or honey. Under each product on the ingredient list is provided, any products not listed on our vegan friendly page are formulated with some sort of non-vegan ingredient. Thank you!"


E.L.F(all products are vegan) link

All vegan except for some brushes(1 $ brushes).




According to wetn wild FAQ section(here):
"Most of our prodcuts are vegan,we do carry some products that contain carmine.The vegan products are as follows(non vegan types of these are specified):

110, 112-115, 120, 121, 123: Perfect Pair Eye Wand; (111 is not vegan)

130-132, 134, 135: Idol Eyes Cream Shadow; (133 is not vegan)

154-157: Color Icon Shimmer Eye Pencil

175-178: Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation

181A-184A: Ultimate Sheer Tinted Moisturizer

221C-238C: Fast Dry Nail Polish

309A-314A: Glassy Gloss Lip Gel

331: Color Icon Eyeshadow; (332-336 are not vegan)

346, 348: MegaGlo Illuminating Powder; (345 & 347 are not vegan)

401A – 454D: Wild Shine Nail Colors

505A-553B: Silk Finish Lipstick; (502A, 526B, 530C, 534A are not vegan)

560A-563B, 565C-578: MegaSlick Lip Gloss; (564A not vegan)

650D-663C: Brow & Eye Liner Pencil

664C-666: Lipliner Pencil

690A-695A: MegaLast Retractable Eyeliner

745-749: Natural Blend Mineral Foundation and Mineral Veil

801-804: Coverstick consealer stick

821A, 823A-827A: Natural Blend Pressed Powder; (822A not vegan)

861-863, 865-868: Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner; (864 not vegan)

920-922, 925-928: Wild Shine Lip Lacquer; (923 & 924 not vegan)

942-943, 945, 948-949: Speed Gloss Energizing Lip Shine; (941, 944, & 946 not vegan)

201B-218: MegaLast Nail Color

250A, 252B, 254B, 256B, 380B, 385B: Color Icon Eyeshadow; (246-249, 251A, 255B, 

257A, 381B-384B not vegan)

402-469: Wild Shine Nail Color

832E-833E: Color Icon Blusher; (831E, 834E not vegan)

852A-857A: Ultimate Match SPF 15 Foundation

900B-919B: MegaLast Lip Color

The company is against animal testing.



According to NYX most of their products are vegan.The non vegan products may contain Carmine,lanolin or bees wax.They don't test on animals.

Now the non vegan products are given in this list I found on carmine free cosmetics blog.
Here is the list."X"or "NO" means vegan.Ingredient name or "yes" means non-vegan,"?" means checking with vendors.

Well this brand has a lot of confusion about vegan and non vegan on the internet.According to my research the mascaras are not vegan.Any other product with carmine is not vegan.Just consult the list I mentioned above.والله أعلمُ بالـصـواب(Allah knows the right)

Anyways for us Muslim the problem is not a big one because Lanolin,bees wax and honey ar halal.The only haram ingredient carmine has to be mentioned on labels thus easily avoidable.



Cruelty free brand.Following products are vegan according to the FAQ section:

Alphabetically vegan products are:

Amazing Face SPF 15 Powder Foundation (all), Absolutely Flawless Concealer (all),
Beauty Balm (all), Borderline Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil, Brightening Blush (Mochi Mi Amore), Brow-ney Pencils (all), Sun Bunny, 
Chocolate Soleil (all), Galaxy Glam (all), 
Duo Eye Shadows (Ooh & Aah, Fantasy Island, Skinny Dip, Lucky Charms, Shamrock Chic, Rich Bitch), 
Exotic Colors (Nice Stems!, Cop a Teal, Firefly, Frilly Lily, Petals to the Metal, Midnight Mist, Poison Orchid, Enchanted Garden, Night Nymph, Violet Femme), 
Foiled Liners (Bronze Bombshell, Black Beauty), Full Bloom Creme (Prim & Poppy, Tea Rose), Full Bloom Powder (Sweet Pink, Coca Rose),
Glamour Dust (Blue Angel), 
Leopard Love (Candy Leopard, Peach Leopard), Lip Injection, Lip Injection Super Size, Lip Injection Extreme, Lip Insurance, Liquif-Eye, Liquid Lava Eyeliner - Lava Matte, Long-Stemmed Lashes,
Matte Eye Collection, Metal Eyed Eyeliners (Blackout, Hand Cuffs, Twilight, Get Lucky, Plum Crazy, Brown Sugar, Dirt Bag, Shotgun), Mirror Mirror (all), 
Peach Leopard, Perfect Eyes Eyeliner (all), Perfect Lips, Primed & Poreless (all), 
Royal Oil,
Eye Shadow Single (Label Whore, Blonde Ambition, Neptune), Starry Eyed Eyeliner (all), Tanning Bed in a Tube, 
Wrinkle Injection, 
Shadow Brushes, Kabuki Brush, Flatbuki, Powder Pouf, Bronze-Buki, Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set, Petite Pouf.


URBAN DECAY:(vegan line)

Products marked with paw print are vegan.They a vegan category in the drop down menu of website making it easier to chose.

I have heard great things about their eyeliner pencil.It is very intense black,long stay(all day) and creamy and price is just 3 pounds. They have vegan line of products.Ingredients mentioned with each product and products with a green V(vegan sign) means vegan.The long stay eyeliner is vegan thank God :)

 ZOYA:(Vegan nail polish)


This company has the most amazing range of nail colors,all vegan.


All products are vegan.They offer skin care and hair care.Available at leading stores like ulta and sephora too.They mention the ingredients of each product with it.



All vegan brand.The night cream by boscia is very famous.



A US based brand of skin care.Available at ULTA and Sephora too.


Organic and vegan.Available easily at  stores.They have skin care products.Formulated without paraben, phthalates, propylene glycol, patrolatum, mineral oil,PABA,paraffin,DEA, and animal ingredients.


The products labelled with the following image are vegan.

All vegan,all organic.


 SOAP N GLORY:          

I contacted the Customer service.They were very sweet and helping.The list of vegan products they provided me is below:

Bright Here, Bright Now
Butter Yourself
Calm One, Calm All
Catch a Wrinkle in Time
Clean On Me
Clean On Me
Clean, Girls
Clear Here
Clear Here Wipes
Daily Smooth
Easy Glistening
Eau de Soap & Glory
EDT- Pink
Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser
Face Soap & Clarity
Feel Good Factor SPF
Foam Call
For Daily Youth
Glad Hair Day Conditioner
Glad Hair Day Shampoo
Glad Hair Day Thick Conditioner
Glad Pits
Glam- A- Lot
Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion
Glow Lotion
Hand Food
Hand Maid
Heel Genius
Hocus Focus Lotion
Make Yourself Youthful eye cream
Mini Shampoo
Mist You Madly Spray
Peaches & Clean
Scrub Actually
Scrub 'em and leave 'em
Scrub Your Nose In It
Sit Tight
Slim Wear
SMP Clear
SMP Half Naked
SMP Pink Apricot
SMP Yummy Plum
Sugar Crush
Supereyes, Supereyes
The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel
The Greatest Scrub of All
The Righteous Butter
The Righteous Butter Lotion
The Scrub Of Your Life
Trick and Treatment
Wish Upon A Jar



All vegan.They have excellent skin care and personal use products.All vegan,all natural and cruelty free.
This is an organic line of skin care products.They have signed the safe cosmetic compact.It
means they don't have any toxic chemicals in their products like lead, phthalates etc.

I emailed them regarding  use of animal ingredients and the answer made me really happy.

"Dear Shehrzad,

Thank you for contacting Juice Beauty. We appreciate your inquiry. All of Juice Beauty’s products are vegan with the exception of our lip products which contain a small amount of sustainably sourced honey and beeswax. Please let me know if you have additional questions.

Brenda Coronado
Customer Service


All vegan.They have natural organic and mineral range of cosmetics.The good thing about this one is that I even found the name in list of companies which make halal products 


A makeup range introduced by a you tube beauty guru.In response to my email,the company very kindly satisfied all of my queries regarding the products.Here is the answer:

Leslie Renfro<>

Hi shehrzad,
"Thanks so much for your question. We are very proud of the fact we are an animal friendly product line. We don't use animals or condone animal testing in any way. We work hard to make sure every thing we make is cruelty free. :-) Our lipsticks contain beeswax. Our gel liners are all vegan.All of the eye shadows are vegan except for these: Bitten, Country Girl, Cupcake, Drama Queen, Mango Tango, Razzleberry, Twilight, Unexpected, Unicorn. All of those eye shadows contain Carmine."


 The company makes Vegan female products like tampons, sanitary pads and skin care.


They make organic and vegan range of products of personal use and skin care.


A line of fragrance,free of animal based 
ingredients and totally environment friendly and 


I have read good things about the suki moisturizers.



A french makeup,skincare and household product company.The philosophy states organic, nature friendly.I have found them in the list of vegan brands.I emailed them regarding use of animal based products.Here is the response:

Dear Miss Shehrzad,
Thank you for your interest about terre d’Oc Products.The only derived animal ingredient we use in some cosmetic products is the beeswax indicated in the ingredient list by the word Cera alba (Beeswax).Many of our cosmetic products are without beeswax and without animal ingredients.Please find below the list of our cosmetic products guaranteed without animal 


Make up line:
Lip glosses from 301 to 308
Duo creamy eye shadows from 601 to 603
Mascaras 31 & 32
Eye liners 21 & 22
Blusher 821
NEW BB creams 951 &952 & 953

NEW Argan line:
Hand cream
Face cream
Body dry oil
Massage oil
Pure Argan oil
Black soap
Exfoliating soap
Anti-ageing elixir

NEW Karite line:
Shea Shower gel
Shea body butter almond fragrance
Pure Shea body butter
Shea face care
Shea body lotion

NEW Oriental fig/ Figue de barbarie Line:
Oriental fig shower gel
Oriental fig body black soap
Body cream
Oriental fig face care
Hand cream
sparkling body dry oil
Face serum

If you would like to have more information about the other Terre d’Oc organic cosmetic lines or Terre d’Oc organic food Lines or Terre d’Oc scent lines,  feel free to contact us,  

With pleasure,
Bien Cordialement, Kind Regards,


This is an organic and natural skin care line.I emailed them regarding ingredients and here is the answer:

Dear Shehrzad,
Thank you for your email and interest in Intelligent Nutrients.  No, we do not use any animal derived ingredients in our products.  The only items that we have that are not vegan are our Lip care products as they contain beeswax. 
Kind regards,




They have a organic,vegan range of makeup.

and of course our very own...


The products,according to company are certified halal.



Also doesn't contain animal ingredient,as mentioned on the bottle and according to their company,"we use only plant derived or synthetic ingredients".I don't know why it was not mentioned in the list of vegan brands.


This is a British company offering 
natural and vegan house hold and 
personal care products.


 This brand is totally vegan.Easily available in Pakistan and very affordable range of skin care products.

Isn't this amazing.Here I was getting all depressed and just look how many options we have. E.L.F and URBAN DECAY in this list gave me a pleasant jolt.

SMASHBOX,HOURGLASS, KORRES also has a vegan line of products.(you can find the list on    the vegan brands list at sephora,see below)

FACE atlier:(updated 25/09/13)

Face atlier is quite a famous brand.The media sponsor of this one is none other then Medonna herself.I was greatly pleased to read the note in customer service,ingredients list section.

"FACE atelier products have not been tested on animals. We do not buy ingredients from vendors who test on animals, nor do our vendors buy from manufacturers who test on animals.
All products are vegan except for the following: eye shadows - metallic taupe, melon, pink chill, raspberry satin, iced amethyst, african violet, purple haze and azure; flamingo Lip Glaze; peach glaze Ultra Blush; pink glaze, aubergine and chilled berry Shimmers, and rubis and tango Lip Pencils."

(updated 01-02-2014)

This range is free from animal ingredients.source.

Courtesy blog:A Muslimah's Musing.


 This company has a policy of not using ingredients derived from dead animals.All the products are suitable for vegetarians.Source


I feel very happy to update that ELLIS FAAS has a line of totally vegan products which are carmine free.(See below).They also do not test on animals.

"Some of our products contains ingredients derived from animals, mainly
our cosmetic coloring ingredient CI 75470(Carmine).
Besides the coloring ingredient there is Beeswax to be found in our
Creamy Eyes series.

When you visit our website you can find the ingredients per
formulation, the ingredients list are generic and do not exempt the
products with CI 75470 As such.
Please find below a list of products that are composed without this
coloring ingredient.

L102, L103, L104, L105, L106, L107, L109,
L302, L303, L307, L308, L309,
L401, L402, L403, L404, L405, L406, L407, L408, L409,
E103, E104, E105, E108, E109,
E113, E117, E118, E119,
E123, E124, E126,
E402, E502,
E301, E302, E303, E304, E305,
S101, S102, S103, S104, S105, S106, S107, S108
S201, S202, S203, S204, S205, S206, S207, S208,
S301, S302, S303,
S401, S402, S403."


The only animal derived ingredients ArtDeco has are:

 Colour ingredient Carmine (INCI: CI 75470)

This means art deco is not VEGAN  but it is permissible for muslims if the product is free from carmine.Read label before you buy thats all ^_^.Artdeco also furnishes complete ingredient list product wise if requested.


I am really happy I found this company.It has amazing collection of makeup.It has an open policy displayed on its website FAQ section.It says:

"You will be happy to know that all of our Lippie Liners and Lippie Stix are Vegan. Almost all of our Super Shock Shadows and Super Shock Cheeks are vegan. With the following exceptions:

Tea Party – Super Shock Shadow
Bae – Super Shock Shadow
Mittens – Super Shock Shadow
Lace –Super Shock Shadow
Bubbly – Super Shock Shadow
Lovey Dovey – Super Shock Shadow
Hunger – Super Shock Shadow
Kindness – Super Shock Shadow
Thumper – Super Shock Cheek
Birthday Suit – Super Shock Cheek
Fox – Super Shock Cheek
HighlyWaisted – Super Shock Cheek Pearlized
Hippo – Super Shock Cheek Pearlized
Most Necessary – Super Shock Cheek Pearlized
Sticky Sweet – Super Shock Cheek Pearlized
Tasty – Super Shock Cheek Pearlized
Teasecake – Super Shock Cheek Pearlized
Wisp – Super Shock Cheek Pearlized
Tulle – Ultra Matte Lip"

Here is the link.


PETA(People for Ethical Treatment of Animals )has a list of companies that are crueltyfree.The companies in the list which are vegan are marked with an orange V.You can find the list here.The companies are arranged in alphabetical order.

To stay updated about animal ingredients free products,I have joined a vegan facebook page. Also,here is a link of a vegan blog.Check it out.You can also shop for vegan brands at this vegan store.


Here is the list of makeup brands which are certified halal by a 3rd party certification body.


Now a few words about the use of alcohol.I don't have much knowledge on this subject but from what I have been able to gather Ethyl alcohol is the only type of alcohol which is haram.This means it can not  be consumed or used in food or oral medicine,because it causes intoxication.Also,the alcohol made form dates or grapes is haram.So it should be avoided. 
Many ulma's(Muslim scholars) agree that alcohol is prohibited if consumed orally or if the concentration in a certain product of application reaches intoxicating levels(there are some such perfumes out there).Ethyl alcohol in products should be avoided at best.Source

However,having said that,alcohol is haram but not najas(impure,dirty).Every najas is haram, but every haram is not najas.So,if it gets on your clothes in very minute quantities (perfume, deospray) you don't have to purify your clothes,although it should be avoided.

Perfume and prayer Source,
Intoxicating perfumes Source,
Cologn with high alcohol concentrationSource,
Perfume and wu'du Source

Other then the alcohols obtained from fermentation process of sugars(ethyl,methyl alcohol), there are fatty alcohols and sugar alcohols.

FATTY ALCOHOLS: If derived from pork fat are haram and if derived from plant fat are halal.

EXAMPLES:Cetyl or Cetearyl alcohol, Cetyl/stearyl alcohol, Lauryl alcohol, Myristyl alcohol, Stearyl alcohol, Lanolin Alcohol, Oleyl alcohol

SUGAR ALCOHOLS are obtained dirctly from fruit tree and plant source.These are halal.

EXAMPLES:Sorbitol, Lactitol, Xylitol, Mannitol, Maltitol, Erythritol, Dulcitol, Isomalt

DENAT ETHYL ALCOHOL: Toxic chemicals are added to ethyl alcohol to finish the intoxicating property. Thus it is halal.


Lanolin or wool wax is derived from oil glands of sheep. halal and pure.Here is the source.


Cruelty in all its forms is prohibited in Islam.So,saying NO to cruelty to animals is also a good Muslim's obligation.While looking for brands that are vegan or halal also try to buy brands that are cruelty free.You will not have to work hard for that because the brands which are vegan are also cruelty free.Look for the bunny logo.

Bear in mind that cruelty free just means that products are not 'tested' on animals.A cruelty free company might still be taking ingredients from animals without harming them(like milk,urine,placenta or already dead animal) and there is no way to know if the animal was pork or cow.So,ensure that they don't USE animal ingredients at all to be safest.


Well,this will require a little working on your part.Muslim consumer group lists a few common brands and products name and whether they are halal or not.So you can go and check.Click the logo.Personal care products are here.Cosmetics here.

If you can not find your product or brand then roll up sleeves and do some work.Read the label of the product.If it says "vegan" or "no animal ingredients" used then its fine.(والله أعلمُ بالـصـواب).If not,check the company's site.Look for vegan or only plant ingredient philosophy. Check the ingredients origin yourself too.


Here is the list of all the ingredients which are animal/insect based and are used in cosmetic industry so that you can check,which of the products you currently use are OK to use.This list has been provided by PETA,the organization working against cruelty to animals.This website also mentions  company profiles of most brands mentioning whether they are vegan.

If company is not fully vegan(uses honey,lanolin or bees wax in ingredients) drop the company an email asking about the presence of animal based ingredients and which are those.If they don't use anything but honey,lanolin or bees wax then its halal(permissible) to use them
I have tried to transfer this knowledge to my fellow muslims with best intentions. However, there may still be  inadequacies.So,I would request you to do some working on your own too.Visit the source links and read the subjects yourself.Any effort that you do in this direction will be counted in good deeds and Sawab.We work so hard in our acedemic life,spend so much time doing things that would ensure our success in this world.Why not do something that ensures our success in both this world and the hereafter,especially when it requires so little effort on our part.Look at the brighter side,you will be able to buy high end makeup like UD,sigma and tarte' and get sawab for your intention^_^ .

والله أعلمُ بالـصـواب(Allah knows the right)

Did you like this post?Share this knowledge.Like,+1 or PIN it to let your friends know.If I unintentionally mentioned some non vegan brand in vegan category,do tell me.Do you know of  any halal makeup brand.Do let me know.

All the information I mentioned above has been taken from authentic sources.I have  checked the vegan status directly from the company or PETA.If the company offer some vegan products only,I have taken the list directly from company via email except for NYX.They have not answered my mail yet.

[UPDATE:I found this website listing mainstream cosmetic brands in UK and their stand on cruelty free beauty.I was extremely happy to read about Revlon's company policy.Take a look here.]

To read next post of the series on mainstream brands like MAC,The Body Shop etc click here.


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    2. Well any info which has not been declared by the said companies publicly can not be confirmed by me of course.Most companies, now a days, have revolutionized their majority products.However, they do not say it openly because a lot of animal testing and animal murder is still going on.Hence I stay away form such companies which fall in this grey area.

  17. such a fabulous article..thanks

  18. Vegan makeup guide the particular makeups constructed with organic and natural parts. They can't include almost any man or women parts as well as almost any simply by products. They have got for no reason appeared attempted interior pets neither of them of which.
    Vegan Cosmetics

  19. Great work Maa Shaa Allah!
    Thank you so much sister for the awareness.

  20. Great work,really appreciable.can u guide me about parabens,what r they actually ,n r they considered halal??

    1. Parabens are synthetic chemicals.They are linked with breast cancer but halal status is ok i guess because they are man made.

  21. I m waiting for ur reply,n one other thing I checked list of companies,Janssen cosmetics is not mentioned there,u heard about that brand,I was planning to buy there night cream for melanin,guide me plz if can,thanx

    1. Janssen is a german based brand.I dont know about their halal status.Maybe an email to company might help.You can try whitening range by totally works :)

  22. May Allah bless u shehrzaad..v infomative Jazak Allah Ameen

    1. thankyou white pearl .Need your dua's <3

  23. Assalamualaikum, I really really love your blog this is important for muslimah, really. I love make ups too, and maybe not every product i bought is halal. And this post really helped me a lot, would you mind if I review this again and post in on my blog?

    1. Wallaikumasslam Zainab.Do you mean you want to post it on your blog as such or do you want to re write etc?Its a published work and of course involved some seriouse research.If you want to share it I will be glad.However,kindly do mention my blog link and credits.That is how it goes in blogging world :)

  24. I bought a lip pencil recently from a local cosmetic store in karachi ...its of mabrook italy..i dnt knw this company but the colour was so appealing that i bought it now i wonder if its halal or not? =(

  25. Maa shaa Allah this is such an informative post. I was about to test a concealer today and noticed that it contained yellow 5 which I believe is haram. That's when I felt the urge to learn more about what I'm putting onto my face. I'm from Singapore and have little knowledge on cosmetics but I don't think most of the brands that you mentioned above can be found here, which is a bit wasted (otherwise I would have totally opted to use them). Nevertheless this is good knowledge and I pray that the products I've been using all these while are acceptable. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  26. hi Nat su.I am glad you found the post useful.Well for starters you can focus on carmine and also use only brands which mention that they do not use animal ingredients.Vegan that is.Keep visiting :)

  27. Assalaamualaikum!
    Thanks for this wonderful article and for all the useful information!! I'm started to look more into these types of things and ingredients etc. and another thing I'm starting to learn more about is animal testing.....and how horrible it can be! I just wanted to point out that the company ORIGINS (actually owned by Estee Lauder) apparently does animal testing. Pretty sad I know...cuz I had actually gotten excited about the brand. Here is a useful link by PETA where u can search up companies:

  28. Thankyou so much for the feedback Ameerah.Yes I have covered the topic of cruelty free cosmetics above .The only reason I have not included the link is that it causes confusion.People believe that if a company is cruelty free it is halal and they consider this a place to start.Whereas muslim consumers should look for vegan products and then look for the bunny logo on them.Also in a world where there are millions of cosmetic companies I was able to separate only a handful pure vegan brands so you can well imagine that if we start taking in account the cruelty free policy of Parent company we will not be left with many brands.So for me its like choosing between lesser of two evils and i am focusing on halal brand only.Allah knows best

  29. Thank you for compiling & sharing this wonderfully extensive list. It's a commendable effort & really useful, not only to Muslims, but also to everyone who cares about what they put on their skin.

    1. Thankyou for the encouragement Zurainny :)

  30. This is a keepsake post.. Informative. Very informative. And I was completely in dark about Carmine before this..

  31. What about BH Cosmetics? Can you check them too?

    1. BH is manufactured in china and it is not halal

  32. thank you for sharing such a wonderful knowledge about halal and haram make up products.i was really upset about searching those make up products which are halal.thanks again.

  33. thank you for sharing such a wonderful knowledge about halal and haram make up products.i was really upset about searching those make up products which are halal.thanks again.

  34. is revelon lakme n maybelline are halal?

    1. Maybellin and Lakme do nto share relevant info but as per Revlon's decleration it is permissible for use by muslim consumers since it is free of animal based ingredients.Only look out for carmine.

    2. What about Revlon moisturestay lipcolor?

    3. What about revlon moisturestay lipcolor? Does it have carmine?

  35. MashaAllah sis, just came across this article. And glad to see that you're still updating it regularly. Jazakallah khair for the effort 😘

  36. Thank you sooo much for this. Really helped me a lot. Love your blog :)

  37. Assalam o alaikum mam what about Vince multiple repairing cream please mention.....

  38. Assalam o alaikum ma'am what about Vince multi repairing cream its an Australian company please mention.....

  39. The post was very useful jazakalla haira

  40. oriflame isn't halal.... please check mcg site ..

    1. Dear to the best of my knowledge oriflame s vegan i-e free of animal ingredients according to the company claim.

  41. MashAllah a very beautiful effort by u sister.
    Can u tell me if the red lipsticks of elf and nyx and all other vegan brands are also halal?
    What is used in them for pigmentation if not carmine


    1. elf is carmine free.NYX however has a shady can try wet n wild megalast lipstick as they are carmine free.Some plant dye or iron oxide is used as far as i know

    2. Are all wet n wild mega last lipstick carmine free ?? I have buy all the shades pls let me know

    3. Are all wet n wild mega last lipstick are carmine free ?? Plss let me know

  42. What about BH COSMETICS are those vegan?

  43. Vegan make up might not be halal the if it has alcohol. These make up brands may use alcohol

    1. I have discussed the alcohol issue in detail above.Please refer to it

  44. Yeah I have read the article and I am very glad you wrote. May Allah reward you for it. But my question is the list of the vegan make up brands that you have written, are they free of alcohol too ensuring they are halal?

    1. I have discussed the issue of alcohol in detail in the post

  45. as salamu alaikum.....can u plz let me know if Vaseline moisturisers & lakme liquid foundation is halal...i dint find ingredients on it..

  46. hi, do you think the rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in black is halaal?

  47. Salam dear, ur post hve been most helpful.....i just hve a query....colorpop states that they r vegan but their new matte lippie packaging shows Carmine as an so confused....wat to do now

  48. Salam sister....
    I m very thankful to you that you share such a useful info. with us...
    I am confused about wet n wild matte lipstick ... the two shades which are mentioned in list are vegan or not.... ??
    Rest of the matte lipstick range of wet n wild ???
    And what about that physian formula blushes??
    Are they vegan??

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  50. does vegan really mean halal? Is it also alcohol free? Thanks

  51. Jazak Allah khair..
    How about SK II, it contains alcohol taken from fermentation process, is it refers to fatty or sugar alcohol or other varian?

  52. Assalamualaikum Sister. JazakAllaahu khayran for this effort. So relieved to see that there are muslimahs out there who genuinely care for their cosmetics being Halal. However, I do feel this article needs an update because several brands like UD, Tarte and NYX are not 100% cruelty free and free of animal ingredients. Also their parent companies don't follow the rules of cruelty free manufacture according to the well known cruelty free online resource Logical Harmony.

    I truly appreciate your efforts at educating us fellow muslimahs about cruelty free and vegan brands. I have recently transitioned into cruelty free cosmetics, however I find it hard to follow the vegan way because many things which are halal aren't vegan. When I discovered MCG I was very relieved and got to know this. For example as you said, bee byproducts, lanolin, etc are halal. So to ease my cosmetic selection I look for halal ingredients than vegan ones. I'm truly glad to find a person with similar thoughts like mine and Alhamdulillaah for that. Also I discovered there are several Halal brands out there, especially in the UK. I have tried Sampure Minerals, which is Halal approved, mineral based carmine-free, alcohol free makeup, and they are amazing Alhamdulillah.

    But it hurts me when certain people think that muslims don't have the right to go cruelty free because we eat meat. People fail to recognize the concept of Halal, to an extent that someone commented on my video on Youtube saying the same. Hatered is everywhere, but it is ultimately the choice of an individual whether they want to use beautifying products at the cost of an innocent creature's life. And I choose not to.

    Thanks again, may Allaah bless you for your efforts, Aameen.

  53. Salam, I came across this post by chance, and I must say I've heartfelt prayers for you for compiling this wonderful list. This is extremely helpful in a time where many frown upon people like us who fret on Halal and Haram status of cosmetics. May Allah shower you with countless blessings.

  54. Love this article very much. I think the writer has done a tremendous effort to know Muslims that they should not look for their success only in this world but hereafter as well. I just have shared the information with my daughter and told him that she go through this change the personal care products according to sharia compliance and share the knowledge as much as she can with the family, friends and start educating Muslims over the internet. Countless Blesses to the writer!

  55. Aoa shahrzad.. Do u have any idea about essence cosmetics status of halal or haram?.. I tried hard to find with no success.. I would appreciate your reply:)

  56. Thank you soooooo much for this post, you have no idea how much you've helped me
    again thank you so much

  57. I asked a question but sadly never received a reply :'(


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