The readers of my blog are well aware of my quest for halal(permissible in Islam) cosmetics(For more click here).Halal makeup and products are free from forbidden animal fat(coming from pork or dead animals) and other animal based ingredients like placental extracts etc.Regretfully,we do not have an international Halal certification body which could analyse the brands and products the world over and give us a list of halal brands.So,it is with great pleasure that I inform my readers about an online shop which not only has Halal certified brands all in one place, but also provides a lifestyle platform where like minded Muslim sisters can interac

Here is a store introduction for you:

" is the first European oriented platform focused on halal certified beauty products.

Halal Cosmetics is born out of love for pure, natural cosmetic products.Its a natural reaction to products from major cosmetic brands that  contain animal fat (porc), alcohol and chemicals. Next to this, a lot of products are still tested on animals as well. Features that makes a lot of women feel uncomfortable with wearing on their skin and hair. Halal Cosmetics provides a solution for this feeling with natural, Halal certified products. Products from smaller brands where the manner of production is still prioritized over major marketing expenses. Produced locally with all natural ingredients and with care and respect towards Muslim standards.

Halal Cosmetics products:

  • Contain no animal fat
  • Contain no alcohol
  • Are not tested on animals
  • Are 100% organic products
  • Are Halal certified by an independent Halal certification company

Next to offering the best Halal certified cosmetic products, Halal Cosmetics’ aim is to create a crossroad for Muslim women around the world to share thoughts on their lifestyle and chat about beauty, fashion and lots more! Halal Cosmetics’ team believes in the power of communities and knows how strong  Muslim women connect and interact in the real world as well as online.


A rich community on muslima topics in combination with excellent Halal certified products makes a must see for every women that is interested in beauty and cares about natural, honest cosmetic products. A true addition to the organic and muslim-oriented beauty market in Europe!

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Please visit us on or "

I hope that news about launch of this store makes you as excited as I am about it.You will be seeing my posts and articles on the store website too ^_^  as I am going to be a guest blogger on their website.


DISCLAIMER:This is a PR post


  1. Thats good to hear! i have seen their FB a long time ago and was always wondering how their products were :)

    1. The products are actually different brands all on one website available for shopping.I plan on trying a few brands now :)

  2. yes it is... a different brand... whenever i hear halal in cosmetics it really attract me that i donot need to read ingredient list...

    1. yeah I really understand the ease and enjoy it too.

  3. thanks for introduced new and latest products.please tell me which is the best site online shopping in Pakistan.i want to buy electronics accessories in Pakistan .

  4. I am very glad to read about halal cosmetics. but i know one of online shopping store provide USA products in pakistan name They have vast collection of quality beauty products. I give an opinion to visit site.

  5. I want online shopping in Pakistan through my visa credit card. Also i want free delivery at my home. Tell me some good web site for this purpose.


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