GUL-E-DAUDI (The Chrysanthymum):In Tribute to Noor Jehan

"Mujh se pehli si muhabbat mere mehboob na maang".This was the first introduction of my 12year old self to madam Noor Jehan and Faiz.Even at that young age my mind was able to sense the magic Noor Jahans voice lent to the tragic ghazal.Over the years I heard it a thousand times and more,the meanings evolving and blooming with my own state of mind, and my love and reverence for Malika Tarranum always growing.Noor Jahan was able to breath life in her songs.She would somehow transform a jumble of lyrics into something as alive as the beating heart.The grace she lended to her work is as evident in Nasir Kazmi's "Dil dharakney ka sabab yad aya" as it is in the strong punjabi songs like "merey dil de sheeshey wich" or "Dildar sadqey".

Her melodies celebrate love and punjabi culture like no other singers ."Teri vanjli di mithri taan" echoes in green pastures of punjab telling stories of love.

When directer Umer Riaz decided to make a film that lamented loss of love and harsh realities he undoubtedly chose Noor Jahan's songs to weave that touch of sweet melancholy in fabric of the love story.Hence, Gul e Daudi (THE CHRYSANTHMUM) was concieved.Chrysanthymum is a flower of love and devotion and was a befitting title for the story.

It is a story of love and life itself through different changes.It is a tragedy deeply rooted in reality of how the ups and downs of mundane routine blur the flavor of true love.How we transform so much that gradually it becomes difficult to recognise or identify our old selves.Some call it growing up but I simply  call it a loss of innocence.Umer Riaz presented this simple yet painful process of change on screen beautifully.

 All of the film has been shot in black white to maintain that nostalgic feel we get when looking at good old memories thst can only be touched on album pages and never be brought back.The cast comprises of ameture actors who had that raw, uninitiated talent required to do justice to the concept.The actors with their simple features and unassuming performance really brought this story to life.Meaning was all conveyed through body language with a special focus on hands.

EMI Pakistan Ltd, Pakistan’s premier record label since 1948, held an exclusive Premiere of Gul-e-Daudi (TheChrysanthemum): In Tribute to Noor Jehan - a short film by acclaimed director Umar Riaz.
The evening took place on Madam Noor Jehan’s birthday on 23rd September, with Opening speech by Mr Zeeshan Chaudary (General Manager EMI Pakistan) and following the screening Panelist discussion was held with the filmmaker and select cast on the life and work of Madam Noor Jehan. Panel discussion was moderated by Qasim Jaffery and Panlists included Umar Riaz (Director), Umer Aadil (Biographer of Madam Noorjehan) Zebunnisa Bangash  (Artist) Usman Latif and Ismet Jawed.  The PR and Media Management was done by Transmedia Digital Solutions.

The Red carpet was attended by people from media fraternity and friends and family of the director himself.

Farhan Hafeez co founder of TRANSMEDIA DIGITAL SOLUTIONS while commenting on the film said,"the main purpose was to let people know how madam Noor Jehan,even after she has left this world still lives within each of us.

"This fictional story is based on the music of Madam Noor Jehan which has been selected from EMI’s archives” he further added.

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