traveling with kids

When traveling with babies it is very important to pack every teeny weeny thing you may require.I have to travel with my babies alot.So, I try to pack all the essentials to reduce the inconvenience.

I really wanted to keep a list of all the things I might require. After much  trial and error I have developed the habit of packing necessary items required for a trip of 4-5 hours.I normally keep the bag in Ready-To-Go position all the time.The bag has all the essentials minus the feeders,flask and milk.These i can never forget(for obvious reasons).

Today,I will share this useful information with you.Do read and share the things You take in your baby bag :-)

This is the bag I take with me when we go You can see its wider as compared to normal diaper bags.Flattened bags are never a good option as diaper bags, because the convenience of being able to see all the things at the same time and being able to pull required item is not present.Got it for PKR 675 from rahat departmental store Lahore cantt.

This is how it looks on lifting the flap.

And it has some extra space for extra organizing :-) .I keep baby wipes etc there.

If every thing is not fitting inside the big bag and we are going on a long trip I take this small bag as well.Also handy for small trips outdoors like doctor's visit,shopping trips etc.

Got this one from Rahat as well for PKR 370.

Here is a list of things I take along:

1. A thermos for warm water.

2. A water bottle of plain water (boiled and cooled) or mineral water

3. Medium sized tins of formula milk for both the babies.

4. feeders for the toddler and the baby each(you can take two if its a short trip).

5.Snacks like chips or chocolate for the toddler.

6. Rattle toy for the baby and toddler's favourite toy.

7. Baby wipes (small pack).

8. A small towel to dry the baby after wash.(hand towel will do fine).

9. a liquid soap or hand wash small pack.I use clean &clear face wash small pack (PKR 

90) as I couldn't find travel size hand wash.

10. Diapers 3 for each.

11. A change of cloths for baby,toddler and you.

12. Tissue pack(travel size).

13. Cloth bibs for baby

14. Your baby's favorite music CD, cassette or iPod.Whichever you have.

Oh and dont forget a camera is a must...because you never know when that CLICK moment arrives :-)

Hope this post helps mommies.
Do share your experiance.

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