Join me on my quest to manage medicine,makeup and babies all the while trying to look good doing it.

I am shehrzad (pen name).I am a doctor and a mom of two.I am a 20 something,medium fair person with an acne prone skin.My skin had had its fair share of acne so I do have some problems of marks and pigmentation.My skin is very oily.Because of my problematic skin I am always interested in product ingredients.I am that crazy person you will see in makeup store reading labels.

 Being a mom takes up major part of my time and energy.Life does change after kids, but it surely doesn't mean that you can not enjoy.Its just that one has to tailor the life style according to kids' needs.During the process of finding a "little" time for yourself and not compromising on your kids' well being  I became really frustrated at times.So, I decided to make an online journal where my experience and experiments can be helpful for other moms who don't want to become mentally lazy.You know what i mean.


Whenever I encounter a problem with my babies i just go online and look it up.thorough research is something which has helped me a lot.However,I noticed that:
1- Their was a really a dearth of information on good old pakistani ways to bring up kids.You know the knowledge only our moms can give us.
Also there are so many myths around that moms like me feel really confused.I mean with all the time dedicated to babies it hard to find time to look up benefits or chemical formula of "ghutti" and stuff.
Most importantly I feel that our generation has to take into account the fact that world is really  a global village so we have to keep learning new things for the sake of our babies, so that we don't miss things  important in bringing up children,like child saftey,child lock on tv internet etc so, with really good intentions I started this blog.

2-Fashion and Beauty is sometimes the last thing on a busy mum's mind.Through my blog I find time for myself.I love to stay in style even while changing nappies and living day to day.Any mom can do this.
This blog is a journey,my journey.It has transformed a regular mom into a style conscious makeup lover.I was unaware of the halal/haram or vegan/non vegan debate  before I started researching for my blog.Now,I am a strong advocate of vegan and halal cosmetics.I am always looking for natural,halal,vegan makeup.All such finds are mentioned in Green/halal beauty section.Budgeting,finding low budget decor ideas and trying healthy recipes is a big big part of my life hence the sections of foodism and DIY.
I hope you like my blog and to stay with me in my journey do subscribe ^_^