It has been a long time since I saw active acne on my face (Alhamdulilah).Everyday when I wake up  and see my face I just take a moment to thank God that I am acne free before worrying about dark circles etc.

Well,it was not like that a few years back. In fact if in the year 2006 someone had told me that one day I would be free of this ugly acne,I would have just laughed miserably  (or cried maybe).

I don't have pictures of that time,but my cheeks were the most affected area.I had all forms and states of acne lesions...White heads ,Black heads,pimples,bumps even pustules.It started in the 8th grade(I don't remember exactly,I had it ever since I can remember ).First involved were the cheeks then forehead and chin.It injured my confidence.Even my sister called me pimply when she wanted to spite me.Acne not only gives you scars,but also  low elf esteem and the desire to hide your face.That is a cold fact.

                                            STORY OF MY STRUGGLE:

I tried everything from dietary changes like no chocolates or oil in food,drinking 16 glass plain water everyday to safi(herbal) and Neem(Azadirachta indica ,Indian lilac),Drugs likeTetracyclins, Topical Isotretinoin failed to do anything .

After third year pharmacology,I came to know about Benzoyl Peroxide.It is the most effective treatment of acne with minimum side effects.It basically produces oxygen and benzoic acid after decomposing in skin.


It works in two ways:

1. Comedolytic effect...Increases cellular turn over,clears pores and reduces bacterial count. 

2.Direct anti-microbial action on Propioni Acne bacteria by producing free radical oxygen.

3.Mild anti inflammatory effect.

Since,bacteria are killed by free radical oxygen they can not develop resistance against Benzoyl  

Now,here comes the question...

Q)-If it is so effective why it doesn't receive hype like Retinoids?

A)-The reason is that Benzoyl Peroxid treats Acne Vulgaris only.But retinoids treat all kinds of acne...vulgaris,Cystic,Rosacea.So,obviously they are more fail proof and dermatologist rely on them more.

Secondly,doctors warn patients about the effects of retinoids so they are mentally  prepared for flaking and dryness,but mostly no one guides the patient  that Benzoyl Peroxide has irritative effects too.So,when it irritates your skin you just give up.

Thirdly,mostly  doctors prescribe 10% benzoyl peroxide which is very very irritating for the skin.If they would just prescribe 4% formulation(milder but as effective as 10% form) the problem of flaking would be reduced a lot.But,I don't know why they don't.Again this is a question of choosing a stronger drug so that patient can be cured speedily.

I know this,because I gave up the treatment in the middle too.My dermatologist recommended   it but the peeling and redness in the first week  was too much to handle for me and I simply stopped using it,cursing my dermatologist of course :-P .

                                     WHAT HELPED ME

Why did it work for me,afterwards then?The answer is

I will always be indebted to Dan,the creator and admin of this website for sharing experience and giving me a chance at good skin.Here is his regimen  that I followed and got rid of my acne.

His routine and treatment plan was awesome,but when applied in Pakistan it used to cost me my whole pocket money plus loan every month from my brother(God bless him).Neutrogena on the spot treatment was 450 PKR back then and only lasted three days}.

So,I did research and applied my knowledge.Here is my Desi version.


1)-Face wash:

Neutrogena Deep Clean Face wash,Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Face Wash

        Neutrogena Deep Clean Face wash

Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Face 


2)-Benzoyl Peroxide:

Now as I mentioned earlier that due to cost and availability issues I had to find a cheaper alternative to Neutrogena on the spot treatment.Here is what cured my acne:Brevoxyl 4% by stiefel.


I experimented with many moisturizers which will give me required hydration minus oiliness.

always looked for moisturizers which were:Non-comedogenic,oil-free, non-greasy and of course affordable.For day time use my preference was a moisturizer with SPF.

First I tried Neutrogena Oil free moisture with SPF.Cost PKR 520.

However,it left a thin oil film on my face and cost was a problem too so, I switched to Clean and Clear moisturizer for oily skin.Cost PKR 200.

This was the simplest,most easily available and most suitable one for me.I loved it.You
see in this regimen simple moisturizer works the best.

4)-Make Up:

I never used makeup with this regimen, but if you have to wear foundation,I would suggest that you go for a powder foundation.Wet and Dry foundations are great as they give build able coverage from sheer to medium and don't irritate the skin.Mineral makeup works bets.Here is a review on Mineral Hygeine.This works great for acne prone skin even better then bare minerals.

Liquid foundations have complex formulas along with a tendency to set in pores.No matter how many tall claims companies make,a skin irritated by acne can never react well to liquid foundations.If you are using makeup,then as soon as you can,take it off with a good cleanser like Nivea Visage Cleansing Lotion.Read Review.Cost PKR 195.


1)-Wash your face with your face wash thoroughly.Now,let it air dry.If you are in a hurry use tissues.Never use a towel as you can never make sure it is clean and non irritating.Wait for 10 minutes,complete other things while waiting.

2)-Wash your hands.Take Benzoyl Peroxide(I am going to call it BP now).If you are starting out just take a pea size/half a finger tip for each affected area.The photo below gives some idea of how much Neutrogena on the spot you should take.

If you are starting with Brevoxyl, a pea size amount is enough.You start with little amount to ensure that your skin gets used to BP and to reduce flaking and redness.Every three days increase the dose a little,until you get to one finger per day in 2-4 weeks(if you are using Brevoxyl.For "Neutrogena on the spot" photo below shows the amount).

 If you are experiencing redness,use it once daily initially,start from a pinhead size and increase very slowly as your skin adjusts.

 In the start:                                                      By the End:


 Rub the BP gently on affected areas,one area at a time.Be very gentle,rub until the product has been absorbed( most of it).

Avoid going near the eye area or lips as it can cause redness and peeling.Also take care not to 
touch any colored fabric as BP is a bleaching agent as well.Do not over rub as it can irritate the skin.Be very gentle.

Leave on the product which is not absorbed.It will go away when you moisturize.On the spot has a better and creamy formula,but takes longer to absorb. 
Brevoxyl might be a little dry.A benzoyl peroxide gel formula works best,but I couldn't find it.Now manufactures their own BP gel which is a lot better than over the counter products.  

3)-Wait for 15 minutes.Wash your hands.Now Moisturize.Take a liberal amount and pat and rub very gently until the moisturizer is absorbed.Do not go near the eye area or lips as this can carry BP over along with moisturizer and itching and peeling starts.If your face is shiny,pat with a soft tissue.Don't rub just pat gently.

4)-Repeat the process in the night.For the first week just do it in the morning.In the night, just wash and  moisturize.

I just can not stress the importance of moisturizing enough.You see the more diligently you moisturize the better will be your skin and softer it will be.Moisturizing reduces irritation and redness.


AS I mentioned earlier,BP is a bleaching agent so do not touch color and  dyed fabrics when you have BP on your hands.

Use a good hand cream as well,as you might experience some peeling in the hands because you rub the BP with fingers.

Read all the instructions DAN gives.Read them here.Print them out or write them and put it on your wall so you do not forget anything.

Be gentle and very very patient.This will work.Just don't rush anything.


For over the counter products that Dan recommends click here.Now,Dan is manufacturing the regimen products to reduce side effects and ensure effectiveness. 

Here is a list of products you can shop from ship to Pakistan and accept
credit card(I don't have shopping experience with them) 


I also had back acne.I had so many pimples on my back that you couldn't even count them. After treating my face I used the same regimen on back.

As the back skin is tougher than face,I used DUAC gel(10% BP) in place of brevoxyl. 

My bacne cleared up.Thank God. The only problem was rubbing my own back :( but as  I was very sure that treatment would work so I  just took the challenge.Some days my sister helped me with it.

                                               MY SKIN TODAY

This is what my skin looks like now.These are Closeups showing post acne scars.As you can see there is no active lesion on my face.I occasionally get zits but nothing major.As for scars they developed because of late treatment.

post acne scars


free from acne not the scars


Anyways,I really hope someone out there reading this post might find it useful.I sincerely wish that it works for those who have been afflicted with acne,just like it worked for me.

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  1. awesome post ...had the acne issue in my teens bt m having it againa lol bit post preg so i will def give it a try <3

    1. thankyou sana.your acne now is hormonal so a topical treatment with clina or duac gel and 8 glass of water should do the trick for you.You dont need anything major.

  2. This was very thorough and extremely helpful. :)

  3. Such a well researched, well written and well thought post. 3 cheers for you!!! xoxo

    1. awww thank you FAB <3 it was long over due.I am glad I got it off my chest.

  4. This is such a well thought out and informative post! Amazing. I've never suffered from bad the one pimple I would get in high school would be the end of the world! I hope that someone who needs help finds this post!

  5. Acne problem is such a painful for any one and i really like your research . Thanks for sharing <3

  6. Great and very informative post girl and definitely bookmarking it a lot of helpful tips.

    <3 Marina

    1. thank you marina.This is so kind of you.

  7. very informative post, i cured my acne with clear cream and proactive solution Although its very expensive but it worked, thank you so much for sharing some affordable product to clear acne

    1. Yeah i hear proactive works too.You know proactive contains benzoyl peroxide too :D

  8. Thanks for such a helpful post. My skin is more or less like yours and I'm forever looking for a suitable moisturizer. Any idea how I can remove the acne scars??

    1. i am thinking about going for mosaic laser.Didnt' discuss with my dermatologist yet.Will keep you girls posted if i go through it. :) Hey I am looking for a good moisturizer too.Will definitely let u know when i find the PERFECT one.

  9. Honestly thats the best anti acne article! I understand how acne just shatters our confidence. I have been drinking 8 glasses of water each day for 3 years now, that really made a difference to the way my skin looks ..which is mostly acne free now.

    1. thanks numra.I used to drink 4 liters everyday.It cleared up my skin but then it came back.I have learned it the hard way that acne has to be kept at bay with constant care.A balance between too little and too much cleaning gives results.

  10. Really good post about you and your experience with acne!

  11. Great blog post, very informative - I am following you now :).

    Much love,

  12. super useful post!

  13. Very informative and helpful post, thank you, can you please tell me that how long you have been using BP and do you still use it after your acne is clear and whats your routine now?

    1. hi Cyma.Thankyou for the appreciation.I used BP for almost more then six months after my acne was completely clear.Like when i didnt see a pimple for a few weeks i kept on using it for 6 months.Then i visited a dermatologist and he examined my face under a special lamp light.Then he told me my skin was acne free.So gradually i stepped it down to once daily then after a few months stopped altogether.

    2. now after kids my skin has changed a lot.Apart form occasional pimples i dont get to see much (thank God).Depending on the severity BP use has to be regular and you amy have to keep it up for more then a year.DOnt worry no resistance ever develops because it acts through free radical oxygen which bacterias can never develop resistance to.

    3. thank you so much for your reply, i love reading your posts, they are very helpful.

    4. thankyuo for the appreciation Cyma <3

  14. Just a few days back I was telling my friend about the cream that miraculously reduced my acne but that my skin started to peel off and I quitted using i and I just couldn't remember the name, now that I saw it listed here I am going to get it again. I have got control on my acne quite nicely now but it's not yet completely gone. I loved this post as it's going to be very helpful to me. Thankyou for sharing! :) xx

    Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    1. I am so glad this post helped you momina :) I actually stopped using BP quite a few times because my derm never warned me about the peeling.However with proper method this cream is highly effective :)

  15. Hey shehrzad, will this regime work for cystic acne too? I used to have acne vulgaris back in my teens and that was treated by using brevoxyl and duac,but this painful cystic acne is killing me :'(

    1. Cystic or acne rosacea needs retinol dear.Do go and meet dr Azim jahangir jail road.he is good

  16. AOA...before a month ago ive pretty nice glowing face...but i follow beauty blogs of some pretty girls...firstly i used olay moisturizer ...very next day i saw a bad ugly acne on my facei think paraben not suits me...for dat acne treatment some one recommend me eveline night also cause me bad i use treatmnts perscribd my dermatologist but not feeling acne still in growing stage...i ruined....

    1. do not worry Amber.Acne can flare up at some stage in life but it does not mean that it will stay forever.Do take care to properly treat as it will prevent scarring.I dont know who suggested a heavy night cream for acne.Acne can be treated by clindamycin,salicylic acid,benzoyl peroxide and retinol.your doctor might give you one or a combo.

  17. I'm impressed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that's both educative and entertaining, and
    let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    I am very happy I found this in my hunt for something relating to this.

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  18. Aoa.
    Praise to Lord who helped me finding this blog. Honestly, i can't describe how grateful I am right now.
    I have acne since when i was in my teenage. But lately, 3-4 years ago, my acne got worse. I tried many oral medicines but it didn't go effective. So my brother about 2 years ago bought me this regime from which had cleanser, toner, and moisturizer having BP. it worked wonders for my skn. My skin got better with no acne at all and it even healed my acne scars in like 4 months completely. I used this regime for like a year and half. And then I stopped using it. After 3 months, I had the worst acne of my entire life. There were pimples, bumps all over my face that I was unable to hide even under very thick foundation. I was so disappointed and depressed. Then i saw your other acne blog which had reviews of different medications and started using brevoxyl. (Not with the method you described above). I am very much satisfied with the results, because now I don't have any current pimples on my face but I do have some queries:
    1) brevoxyl healed my acne but it didn't heal my scars. Would you recommend any medicated cream for scars please. I exfoliate on alternative days but scars are taking way too long to fade away.
    2) i am afraid that once I will stop using brevoxyl my acne will be back much more stronger than before, can you please give suggestions about this as well.
    3) lastly can you please be more active on ig. :p it would be definitely a treat learning frrom your posts.

    Lastly, thank you so very much for your desi version of I am definitely going to try the whole method from today. And thank you again for writing alternatives for bp especially avalaible in pakistani market. May Allah bless you always. Xo.

  19. Thank you for writing such informative post.

    I had experince of using regimen which consists of cleanser, toner and mositurizer. The moisturizer had 10% of bp while the cleanser had 2.5% of bp. My skin got better with zero acne at all, after using this regimen for only 4 months. Even it healed my acne scars as well. I used this treatment for about a year and a half. And then i stopped using it. After 3 months, my skin got the worst acne of its life. Acne was much stronger than before. I was so disappointed that I wasted so much money on this regime.

    Then I read your other blog in which you comparatively reviewed different acne creams and I decided to use a local cream for the rest of my life.
    I have been using brevoxyl for 2 months (didn't use it according to the method prescribed above as I just read it today). It definitely healed my acne. I donot have any active pimple on my face but it did not heal my acne scars. My acne scars are quite deep and darker in color. Would you recommend any acne scar cream having bp? (That could be found in Pakistani market)
    Also I am afraid that if I will stop using brevoxyl, acne will be back again, stronger than ever before. I read your blog today so I am going to start your method of applying bp from tonight but can you please tell me that once acne gets cleared up, should I stop using bp completely or should i keep it in my weekly routine?
    Lastly thank you so much for your desi version of and talking about medications especially avalaible in Pakistani market. God bless you. Xo.


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