Solid Food For your Baby

Thinking up healthy,nutritious recipes for less then 8 months old is really tough.I mean they are going through transition from liquid to solid.Most of food products containing allergens are restricted.You are left with vegetables ,fruits and pulses.It does take a lot of imagination to think up of tasty recipes that you can use to make delicious paste your baby would love.

Today I will share some recipes that I have tried and baby loves them.  

Here is a list of permitted/ recommended food products according to baby’s age.

4 to 6 months

6 to 9 months

10 to 12

12 months+


☺ banana              
☺ pear
☺ avocado
☺ plum
☺ apple
☺ peach
☺ nectarin
same as 4 to 6
months PLUS:
☺ blueberry
☺ papaya
☺ melon
☺ apricot
☺ raisins and
grapes (chopped
or pureed)
☺ kiwi fruit ( 8
same as 6 to 9
months PLUS:
☺ mango
☺ pineapp
same as 10 to 12
months PLUS:
☺ citrus
☺ berries
raspberries but
which can be

Cereal and

☺ white rice
☺ brown rice
same as 4 to 6
months PLUS:
☺ wheat*
☺ wheat germ*
☺ rye
☺ barley
☺ oats
☺ quinoa
☺ pasta


☺ sweet potato
☺ white potato
☺ carrots
☺ butternut squash
☺ pumpkin
☺ swede/rutabaga
☺ parsnip
same as 4 to 6
months PLUS:
☺ peas
☺ green beans
☺ zucchini or
☺ bell pepper
☺ broccoli
☺ eggplant
☺ cauliflower
☺ beets/beetroot
☺ lentils/dried
☺ onions
☺ asparagus
☺ turnips
☺ soy (inc tofu)*
same as 6 to 9
months PLUS:
☺ tomatoes
☺ spinach 
☺ okra
same as 10 to 12
months PLUS:
☺ corn*


☺ yogurt/fromage
frais (some
advise waiting
until at least 6
same as 4 to 6
months PLUS:
☺ cheese 
☺ yogurt
☺ yogurt cheese
same as 6 to 9
same as 10 to 12
months PLUS:
☺ cow's milk (as
a main drink)


☺ cooked egg yolk
☺ cooked egg
white (with


☺ white fish (eg
cod, haddock,
☺ light tuna
☺ salmon
☺ sardines
☺ mackerel


☺ chicken
☺ beef
☺ pork
☺ lamb
☺ turkey

All the above instruction are good but how to follow them in daily life with household 

chores  and other kids?

Well to keep it simple,choose a food vehicle(a base puree) and keep on adding other 

food ingredients to it.This saves up time and is efficient too.   
 First off you need a vehicle…a bland tasting food item. 



Homemade rice puree for babies

rice cereal at home for babies
soft tip spoon to ease teething pain

1.Boil a cup of rice with 2.5 cups of water.

2.let cool.

3.Boil some chicken to make two  to three cups of broth.

4.Put boiled rice and broth in blender. Blend until you get a thick puree.

 That’s it.

You can change the consistency by changing the amount of broth you use.

Baby love the chickened flavor. NO salt or spices required.


1.Boil a cup of lentil(moong and masoor),in cup of water.

 Put this boiled daal with rice and broth.

 Tasty purree in no time J 

2.Add boiled peas, carrots to rice and broth. (you can add a variety of boiled veggies in 

the rice mix).


1.Boil a potatoe.

2.Mash to make paste or blend for a softer thinner paste. 

3.Add a pinch of salt(or less),add boiled rice and broth. 

4.Blend and serve. You can add veggies just like with the rice recipes.

 Sweet potatoes can be used too.


1Take 3 apples…medium size

Boil for 10 minutes.Let cool. 

Peel.Blend to make puree and serve. 

2.Take an apple.

Peel.Cut in cubes.

Put in the blender.

Add a banana.Blend to make paste.Serve.

 You can give banana only,if you are short on time, but mixing with apple makes the 

paste more nutritious,appetizing and less tangy for baby. 


1. Always make sure the mix is Luke warm. 

Babies (especially breast fed ones) don’t like cool or cold food. 

2.Buy two or three small airtight jars. You can put the boiled Rice broth paste in those

 jars at the start of day and use it all day long. Just take few table spoon out of the jar, 

microwave for 10 seconds and serve.

3.Keep changing the recipe. Introduce variety while keeping the base ingredient same 

(for example rice paste or banana paste)Babies love changing flavor but they are not 

adventurous in matters of taste.

4.To prevent allergies use the four days rule.When introducing new food keep feeding 

that recipe for at least four days before introducing anything new.This is because 

allergy takes four days at least to develop.Make it 7 days rule for babies older than 8 months.


  1. I wish I could have read this post when I started on with solids, my daughter is left behind due to my lack of proper guidance:( but will try few things now thanks for sharing honey

    1. dont worry sparkle u can still catch up.i will do a post on healthy eating for preschoolers too :)

  2. My kids are MASHALLAH 2years+ and 1 year.. i havent yet introduced fish to any of them... coz they drink milk... is that right?

    1. yes thats alright.although the popular belief of getting white spots after eating fish over milk is a myth but still fish has many allergens and its better to avoid it for your satisfaction :).your children wont b missing much.if you breast feed then eat the fish n rest assured that the goodness will reach your baby :)


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