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Here I am,back to blogging.I did miss you all a lot <3 <3.Today's post is all about fine dining.

With new restaurants popping up left and right in Lahore (and as many closing down owing to violation of rules by food authority **winks** ) It does become kind of difficult to choose the right place to have some fun and get your money's worth.So,I thought of doing a series on great restaurants,cafes and bistros around Lahore.This way you won't have to brainstorm a lot before choosing a nice place for a weekend dinner,iftar and meetup.

Ok so today under the spotlight is Cafe Barbara,MM ALAM Road,near Hussain Chowk.

The cafe is located next to Alfateh Mall near Hussain chowk.It is cozily tucked away on the ground floor of the building.Once inside you are greeted with aroma of fresh baked bread and cinnamon.

The ceiling is tastefully adorned with murals which are something to look at.

Staff is helpful and efficient.

On arrival you are promptly served a bread basket carrying a small selection of various delectable breads from the main basket.


Although the menu is not very extensive where main course is concerned ,but since the cafe claims to embrace the real Italian spirit and focuses more on afternoon snacks this is forgivable.

There are some yummy starters,soups and salads.The main menu is divided among three groups of entree choices;Pastas,Sandwiches/paninis and pizzas.They have a special breakfast section as well.

The dessert section is large including warm chocolate browny(my favourite ^_^ ) ,molten caramel chocolate cake,Dolce Latte cream cake and tiramisu.The variants of coffee and drink selection is diverse and appetizing as well.

Notwithstanding the rather limited main course menu everything is delicious and tastefully served.I am a big fan of the  Mediterranean pasta and spaghetti with Fritto chicken.

Everything is cooked with care and to perfection.

Price of dishes vary from 600pkr to 800 pkr.Drinks are available in range of pkr100 to 300.


Moist deef fried butterfly cut chicken, button mushrooms, imported vegetables & oyster sauce served with handmade spaghetti.


They have a ladies tuesday where ladies get 10% off on Tuesdays :)


Food   5/5
Ambiance 5/5
MENU 3/5

Do visit them girls.I highly recommend.

If you have been there hare your views in comment box.If you like this series let me know and we will do reviews on more restaurants around Lahore.Up next will be "Barbeque Tonight" :)

Stay blessed and pretty


  1. The food looks yummy. It looks more yummy and delicious to some one who is following a strict diet plan, like i am now a days. would visit it after i go to lahore.

    1. Aaaaw .I am on a diet too dear.So i can understand was a treat so it was guilt free for me

  2. Replies
    1. yes its pretty good.Thankyou for visiting

  3. great post dear how about we follow each other?

  4. I really loved this detail post. I am definitely going to visit this place as soon as possible for the love of Italian food, it looks very good and surely doing more reviews on restaurants would be great idea :)

    1. I am glad you liked the post Zubaida.Yeah more posts are coming up :)

  5. I would like to taste this food...

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