Chicken Steaks are my absolute favorite.Whenever we go out to eat,my husband and I 

always order steak.This is exactly the reason I am looking for new steak recipes.I took 

this recipe from a food blog and tweaked it a little to suit my taste.


Do try and tell how you liked it.          

                                              CHICKEN STEAK


2 Chicken breast   500 grams

Lemon juice            3 tablespoon

Garlic                      1 teaspoon

Salt                           1/2 teaspoon

Black Pepper            1 teaspoon

Olive Oil                    3 tablespoon

Butter paper           one sheet(equal the size of your baking tray)


1)-Take the chicken breast. Do not cut it from the middle as is the standard 

     practice of qasai(butchers) in Pakistan. It should be butterfly shape.(you can 

     also use K&n's chicken   breast fillet) .

2)-With a knife cut  neatly through the chicken breast to make  two fillets. Wrap 

    in a thin piece of cloth napkin/romal  and pound gently with a mallet/steak 

    hammer or the back of screw driver.

3)-Now put it in a bowl. mix garlic,salt,lemon juice and olive oil and rub it on the 

   chicken. You can give the chicken piece small cuts for better marination

 4)-Leave for 1 hour. 

5)-Pre-heat oven at 150 degrees. Take the baking tray/line it with butter 

     paper. Sprinkle the all purpose flour over it. 

6)-Place the fillet on the tray and pour the marinate left in the bowl on it. Turn the 

     heat to 250 degrees and let cook for 20 minutes. The time may vary because 

    cooking range ovens in Pakistan are not  standardized.Best way is to check it 

     with a fork after 20 min .If cooked and tender. Remove from oven.

                                             TANGY BROWN SAUCE:


Onion                                  1(sliced in ringlets)

Sugar                                   3 tablespoon

Chicken Broth                    2 cups

Vinegar                                6 tablespoon

Soy sauce                            1 tablespoon.

Chinese Salt                        1 teaspoon

All purpose flour            1 tablespoon

Olive oil                         1 table spoon


1)-Make caramelized sugar by cooking 1 tablespoon  sugar in a pan until dark brown .

      Add half a cup water.Stir and cook until it simmers.

2)-Heat Olive Oil in frying pan.Saute' the Onion ringlets until tender.Pour in the      

     chicken broth.Add the above mentioned caramel sugar mixture.This will add a nice 

      brown color and flavor.

3)-Add 2 tablespoon sugar,vinegar, soy sauce,Chinese salt.Cook a little.

4)-Mix the flour in cold water,add to boiling mixture.

5)-Remove from stove.Pour over steaks.

      Serve with egg fried rice.The boiled potatoes were meant to be mashed but lack of 

      time made me slice them :) . 

                                                          BON APPETITE ^_^

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  1. Oh my! Yummmy! Im definetly going to be trying this out at home! Since its my semester break ive been cooking alot more haha. I made spinach soup the other day along with macroni and chicken pie. Also tried my hands at making gulab jamuns which werent the softest haha but i guess you dont always get them perfect the first time. Think ill make this for dinner tonight since i have all the ingredients at home except for the butter paper and the chinese salt. I just wanted to let you know that i read somewhere about chinese salt being really unhealthy and dangerous, so is there an alternate you would recommend? Loved this post! Would love to see more in the future :)

    1. Chinese salt is not a must.It will give a zest to the chickeney flavor that's it.I tried the recipe without it and it was fine.Thank you so much for the love and appreciation :-) i have more recipe posts in the pipeline .So keep in touch :)

    2. you dont HAVE to use butter paper.just spray some olive oil/cooking oil and sift floor on it.this will prevent the chicken from sticking with the tray.

  2. I lovee steaks...nice recepie i wud def try...

  3. I'm drooling thanks for sharing huni <3

    1. Do try and tell me how u liked it and any improvement you had to do.

  4. What a mouth watering post. I am gonna try it out and I guess I would tweak the tangy sauce with a lil bit of chilli garlic sauce.. Let's see!!
    Keep these nice posts coming!! :)

    1. ooo this sounds yumm.I will def add chilli garlic to it.

  5. this seems like an easy recipe :) I posted an easy chocolate cake recipe, do have a look :)

  6. This looks so YUMM! I am definitely gonna give this a real try. :D


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