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I am pretty sure all of you must have heard about,an online shopping website.It provides the people of Pakistan an oppurtunity to shop from the comfort of their homes and the ease of door step delievery.

Today,we have a guest post from Shaheen Chishti  about read to find more:

Do we have the option for On line Jewellery Shopping in Pakistan?

Gone are the days when we used to shop for jewellery outside our home boundaries.Internet has not restricted,but supplied us with the convenience of getting everything at home.The trend to shop on line has become very popular due to our busy, schedules and routines.Also,to be honest,one doesn't have the time to get the hang of outdoor shopping. On the other hand,obtaining similar sartorial merchandise over the internet sounds more convenient, and hassle-free.

Still,even today, jewellery shopping on line isn’t easy. Buying jewellary off from virtual stores may end in disappointment if the images uploaded of, for instance a necklace,differs from the product you received.  To avoid that, user can browse, and extract results for reputable online stores.One such store is Daraz.It is very different from many other online stores where customer gets gripped by the fear of getting duped by retailers online. You can easily access this renowned virtual store  under the "on lineshopping Pakistan" query in google.

 Along with special service they offer deals that includes pay cash on delivery, merchandise returns (for instance 30 days return) and free shipping.Check them out here.

Apart from branded clothing and designer shoes, inducting online jewelry shopping in on line purchasing trend is quite a milestone for the on line industry.Daraz make shopping on line and interesting. In addition, I happen to find our cultural truck-art designed jewellery and related fashion accessories available on the website. These days it’s quite exciting to uncover amazing items related to fashion, apparel etc.

Being a newly acquainted user of On line shopping, the experience is overwhelming, yet, it is tech-savvy. If you,like me, adore some of that truck art jewellery and other unique styles, find it out here.

Happy shopping!

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  1. I did actually shop jewellery from daraz recently! Love their quick service and the ease of purchase! :) I'd be sharing my experience soon on my blog! :) xo


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