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I strongly believe in retail therapy.It feels good to shop..Shopping online...even better,(since I cant do it in real life so often because of my very naughty kids).

I thank God everyday for making me stumble across an amazing Pakistani shopping website,which has made it possible for me to shop from comfort of my home. online shopping experience

I love provide quality, affordability and convenience.Cash on delivery(make payment when you receive your package ).What more can you ask for.They have a vast variety of brands.Even original MAC.I always feared online shopping but this website made me believe that risk free online shopping is possible.Every single time I had shopped from them(which is a lot many times),it has been a pleasure.The prices are very reasonable.I strongly advice you to try this website and you will fall in love with it too..Here is the link.

[UPDATE:I had a very bad experience with J4G.Their service has detriorated over time.For more read this post.]

Another,amazing website is a pleasure shopping there.I didn't have Cash On Delivery  in my city and they were considerate enough to arrange it.

online shopping pakistan
Beauty Arena

Reliable,convenient and absolutely fantastic.That is how I describe them.They have perfumes and etude house products also.latest edition is milani,BH and urban decay.

They have changed their name from mascara mafia to beauty arena,so dont get confused.Here is the link.

[UPDATE:I ordered a perfume for my husband's old classic Joop.They arranged for it to be delivered on the day of his birthday although I had placed order just one day before the event.It was a speedy delivery and the perfume was 100% authentic.If you are thinking about some perfume shopping do check them out too]

Another trustworthy online store is Wishlist on Facebook.My absolute favorite.I have bookmarked the page.They are very professional, committed and caring.Here is the link to their page.

online shopping Pakistan

Not only you can order from their stock but they also give you the convenience of ordering international brands other than in-stock.Like from sephora and ulta.Just send the link and they will deliver to your door step.They have amazing products and kits from benefit and avon.

All girls staff.This fact made me more comfortable :)They will even throw in free gift in your package. Isn't that sweet.I got my Clarisonic Mia from them and love it a lot.


The online stores I mentioned above are the ones where I have personal experience.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: and beauty arena offer 


2.western union, transfer.

(For Karachites,you can pick your things directly form their outlet)

Wishlist offers transfer,

2.easy paisa,

3.Ubl Omni.

All the above will make sure your order reaches you safe and damage free.

Some international stores ,where I don't have shopping experience, but I have heard are really good and trustworthy are:   link 

 (they even calculate taxes and shipping charges according to your destination country and also inform you during placing your order if the         item can not be shipped to your country because of custom issues)                                             

2.Amazon         link

3.Macy's           link

4.keauty store  link

PAYMENT OPTION: card(visa)

2.Western union (in case of keauty store)

All the websites I have mentioned offer genuine products.

You can shop from these with relative mental ease.However,the risk of package loss 
and custom problems will remain.

Even amazon doesn't offer guarantee of handling custom problems.This becomes even more risky considering that Pakistan customs regulations are strict.

In such cases the best option,if you are placing a large order online is to wire the money to somone you personally know in USA or UK and asking them to place order online and then  bring it with them to Pakistan.This saves trouble and shipping cost.

If you don't have anyone you can trust then your best option is to request one of the Paksitan- based stores like wishlist  and ask them to have your item shipped to you.

I have heard so many good things about's buyer protection,genuine products and first class quality that I want to give it a try.Now that they deliver in Pakistan and accept visa.

A WORD OF CAUTION:Never place a large order online if you don't have prior shopping  experience with that  online store.start small :)

Where do you shop online?Do share your experience.


  1. Hey nice update dear, I shopped from Just4girls and the experience was great they delayed my orders delivery for two weeks for my convienience even...will try the others too:)

  2. is online shopping good & safe ?
    have you ever been ripped off ;
    can you use a debit card to pay for stuff ?
    Any bad sites for example, cameras or phones ?
    Online Shopping Dubai

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  4. Thanx for share very nice and helpful for me Here bigest online store pakistan online shopping"

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  6. Thanks for sharing.You wouldn't say how some websites are helpful source of information like this one.Thanks


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