Ten Baby Things You will Not regret Buying

All the mothers are familiar with the fact that shopping for babies is difficult and

time consuming.

With so many advanced things in the market,parents do get confused at 


You don't want to go over the board(ok, may be with your first you want to and 

will), and also don't want to miss something that can make life easier for you and

 the baby.

So,I thought I should get together a list of things that cause maximum benefit and 

minimum regret for parents.

The top entry is ....


Play pens are like cots only deeper and made of fabric.

Most paly pens have two compartments.The top compartment is to be used as

 infant cot or sleeping place.

This one is by Graco...Easily available in Pakistan for PKR15000.
play pen best for your baby

I also like  this one,It has  a gate,for baby's easy  movement.

                                       playpen with gate,best for baby

                                   playpen with gate,best for baby

playpen with gate,best shopping for baby

When your baby turns 7-8 month old and starts to stand and cruise around, this is 

just the perfect place to leave your baby.No bumps on head and no injuries at all.


A car seat may be expensive, but not more then your kid's life.

So,invest in  a good car seat.

car seat,baby's safety

Buy the one which can be used as infant carrier and is removable from car.It is the

 most convenient.

infant carrier in car seat,baby's safety


The chances of  dangerous accidents  in bathroom increases if proper care is not 


Invest in a good bath tub.Trust me it will take away your worries and dread ,you have

 to face,while bathing the baby.

bath tub,baby safety

While buying bear in mind a few things:

1.It should have special contours,padded preferably,to support baby's head

2.It should be easy to store.

3.If you have back problems, the tub should be designed to fit in a sink.

Well,If a tub has all the above features ,it is ,ofcourse,costly.So,make sure you 

search the market to get the best deal.Be ready to spend atleast upto PKR2000 

on your baby's bathing safety.

                                              2012 best bath tubs

best bath tub
Bath tub with a removable sling,price 26.5$

best bath tub
Fisher Price Whale bathing tub,Price 21.5$

                                              UK'S BEST BATH TUB
TipToes mini bath tub price 11pounds

A new innovation is the tummy tub.suitable for 0-24months.The perk is that it has 

been reported to reduce colic episodes and made  sleep routine easier.

bathing infant,tummy tub
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Here is a guide to its use.

Puj Tub baby bathtub.


I can never forget the nights I had to stay awake,rocking my  baby to sleep.

Well,if its your first baby, you will thank me for suggesting this.You can just put 

the baby in the swing, and it will do the rocking, leaving your aching arms and 

shoulder free.

rocker swing,infant sleep

It might be a tad expensive but will give you priceless peace of mind.

Can be used until your baby's weight reaches 15-20 pounds(7-10 kg).


When your baby is able to sit on chair and play you would want to buy fancy 

chairs etc.But Instead of buying single chairs with contraptions,buying a set is 

cheaper and useful.The babies can never out grow it.:) [ unlike the activity 

stations,chairs with toys attached etc.]

If you have a car seat let it serve the purpose of holding your baby until she is 

able to sit independently on chair.


Having  a steam sterlizer saves your prcious time by sterilizing all the 

feeders,pacifiers,baby cups etc.Just wash and put in the sterlizer and it do the job.

No need to stay near the boiling feeders anymore.

                                                  steam sterlizer,must buy for baby

Avent sterlizers are the best, in my opinion.

                                     avent steam sterlizer,best for baby


If you need to buy two strollers for two babies don't buy the big,jumbo ones.

They may look fancy but I find them troublesome and difficult to fold,unfold.

The easily fold able ones are handier and good for shopping trips.

First year ignite stroller,popular among parents



You can delay this one until your baby is one year old.

Whether going on a picnic or a road trip.The icebox saves you a lot of hassel.

Easily available,not very expensive.You can put in water and snacks for your 

baby.Increases the convenience.



For obvious reasons always buy a good quality diaper bag with lots of compartment 

and spacious main compartment.


So,that you can just throw in the toys your baby has strewn all over the floor in it 

pell mell ,without looking lazy.

toy box,babies

Trust me you will not regret even one of them.

So,moms what do you think.???


  1. I agree with the stroller and car seat. These things are almost as necessary as clothes and diapers! lol

    I had a very ordinary bath for my baby which I used only because the actual bath is too deep to be able to comfortably wash him in it as a small baby. I don't find this a very important piece of equipment personally.

    I love the second play pen you showed! That's not only useful when you zip it up but also very fun for the baby when it's left open! I have a play pen that I had from when my oldest was a baby that I used a few times with this baby but not often enough to have made it worthwhile to buy one. I prefer babyproofing the areas he plays in and letting him loose!

  2. Ohh, that makes sense. How young is your oldest? lol

    1. I never thought to even ask but how old is your baby? Mine is 10.5 months (born Nov.1) I think they must be close to the same age?

      My oldest is 5 so she actually helps most of the time instead of running over her brother :)

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