Doing your pedicure at home.

Clean ,pampered feet give such a pretty look.They even improve your confidence.

However,going to salon for a pedi is not everyone's game.Sometimes we are too busy(read lazy) to go.Some may have a problem with others touching their me, I know some who do.

So,in the end skipping a pedi seems much more convenient.But,just like your face your feet need your attention too.If you ignore your feet,it shows and reflects poorly on your hygiene.I have seen busy mums with painful heel callus, even. 

So,while its important to look after your face,it is equally important to have proper foot care routine.

Today,you will learn how to do a pedicure at home which is as good as that of salon.(This one is for you S.K.).

1)-Prepare Foot bath:

First off,you need a small tub.

You can also get this foot spa from amazon for 25 dollars.It has in-built heating and water bubble and massage action.I use my good old tub :)

Dr. Scholl’s Foot Bath with Bubbles and Massage

2)-Now add two table spoon of salt,a spoon of olive oil and your shampoo or body wash(equal to two to three tablespoon).

3)-Soak your feet:

Grab a magazine,get your earphones...this is your time.Relax and soak for fifteen minutes.

[As I am doing this post for a dear friend of mine who has two babies and is very busy,so I would suggest all the moms along with her to do this when babies are asleep or when you are in bathroom.Just find the right fifteen minutes.]

This step will soften your feet.

4)-Get Rid of Callus:

Take the pumice stone or pumice brush like this one and rub to remove callus and hardened areas on heels.

Cleaning heels with pumice stone

brush cleaning of feet

5)-Scrub time.

The best scrub is Freeman' Barefeet: Plum and Pumice foot scrub.However,I am suing my St Ives scrub.

Srub in pedicure

6)-You can make a great foot scrub by mixing olive oil,lemon juice and sugar.I have mixed:

 a table spoon of sugar,

1teaspoon of oil

and half a lemon 

This works great for the problem ares of my toes.If used twice a week it removes black spots from feet too.

homemade foot scrub

Removing dark spots on foot with lemon

7)-Now wipe your hand on a small towel and take uut your tools

8)-Taking Care of Cuticles:

This is a cuticle removing tool.Also called cuticle pusher.

Cuticle pusher

You can also use a cuticle remover with it.This is what the it looks like.

Just make sure you don't use too much as it can dry out the cuticle and cause splitting.(precisely the reason I don't use it).

Apply it like nail polish in the margins of nail and use cuticle pusher.

You can use an orange wood stick as well.Wondering what these are?Here take a look.

How to use them?Here...

Clean around the margins of nail.Use the softer side to push away the hard ones you cant remove.This might be a little tricky..Be careful as if its done carelessly it can damage soft parts of nails.

Just make sure its not very painful and you remove all the overgrown cuticle and push back the ones you cant.

Cut the cuticles if you have to,Just avoid tugging or pulling.

nail clippers

Apply a little cuticle oil or cuticle cream afterwards.

Make it a part of your routine to Applying this cuticle cream daily prevents untidy nails and makes your pedicure easy to maintain

.9)-Shaping Nails:

File your nails and give them proper shape. Squaoval is the best nowadays.

Below are some nail shape ideas.


Now use a buffer to buff your nails for extra polished shiny and sophisticated look. Here is a before and after buffing photo.Observe the shine.

Google images

Nail buffers
Buffers available in  market

nail buffer
That is how you use them.order is mentioned on the buffer


Bring in the moisturizer.Grab the big moisturizer jar lying idle on your shelf for so long and slather it over your feet.[You can use whichever moisturizer you like.Freeman has a whole barefoot range to use from.]

dove moisturizer

Now massage,massage until the generous amount you applied is absorbed.Apply some more and massage.If you get tired,just remember that you have to do this once a month only.Now wipe softly with the towel.Apply some diaper rash cream or krack cream on your heels to give them extra care.I use freeman foot balm.(Review)

10)-Finishing Touch:

Apply your favorite nail polish and you are done.:)

My happy feet after pedicure :)

My happy feet after pedicure :)

after pedicure

A little care goes a long way

I have taken these pictures after being inspired by the photo I have used in the start.Do tell me if you like these. :)

Hope you find this useful.Share your own tips on foot care.


  1. Omg very detailed information

  2. this is an excellent post. Best on foot care I've read in a long time. Keep it up aamna. !!! :)

    1. thank you Fab ^_^ your appreciation always encourages me and brings a

      smile on my lips.<3

  3. great post! i like home made beauty recipies.

    1. I am working on other home made beauty recipes.keep in touch :-)

  4. This is a great post! But id rather relax in the saloon than do all this hardwork:-) ur feet look nice with the flowers :-)

    1. yes you are right and I agree.But when you are abroad you can not visit saloons so often because they are this post was done esp for those who can not visit saloon for one reason or other.

      Try it at home.Its not very time consuming.takes half an hour.

  5. what a great post <3.... and home made remedies is always helpful..... <3 loving your this post it is quite helpful

  6. Wow, so many steps. Thanks for all the detailed explanations.Can't wait to give myself one of these pedicures. Free, safe, and I can take as long as I want :] Many people would just put nail polish,and forget about "nail treatment". I personally feel that nail treatment is really important if you want health strong nails.Thanks alot for sharing :)

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