Very soon 2012  will depart to join the past.Well,honestly,I didn't even notice how fast time passed until today.Anyways,this year my hobby of buying and trying makeup became a passion.I tried a lot of things,some I liked,some I didn't but,there were a few prized products which I loved and would keep on buying.

As the last post of this year I give you the best and worst buys of 2012.  

                         BEST SKIN AND HAIR CARE PRODUCTS

1)-Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Facial Wash:

A great face wash for oily skin. Thoroughly cleanses and keeps acne and breakouts away.PKR550

2)-Nivea Refreshing Cleasning Milk:

My HG cleansing milk.Great for oily and combination skin.Even people with dry skin can use it in summers.Leaves skin clean,soft moisturized.Very gentle. PKR 195 -small size.

3)-Nivea Night Whitening Body Lotion:

A great mild body lotion with whitening effect to keep your hands and feet smooth and fair.It may not be suitable  for winters,as it is not highly moisturizing.However, in summers  when you want to remove those unsightly tan spots from your feet,this baby is the solution. PKR290

4)-Victoria Secret Secret Charm Collection:

My love and favorite body care products.The natural,refreshing fragrance takes me to another world and gives an amazing shower experience.

5)-St Ives Apricot Scrub:

America's number one scrub,recommended by allure magazine.Very affordable. Easily available.I simply love it.I don't think I need to say anymore :) PKR 350

6)-Ponds Cold Cream-the cool classic:

In winters,when nothing else abates dryness try this tested-and-trusted-for-years cold cream.My mum recommends it and so does my beautician's beautiful Persian Aunt(who swears by it and has no wrinkle even in her sixties).

7)-L'Oreal Hydrafresh Aqua Gel:

A blessing for acne prone oilies. This gel moisturizes and gives even tone to skin.A must have for all the girls who skip moisturizer thinking that moisturizing will break them out. PKR390.

8)-Freeman's Bare Foot Heel and Callus Balm:

If you have rough heels or black spots on feet and hate spending hours,rubbing tons of creams to no avail,this one is a cheap solution for you.A  must try for busy mommies.

9)-Parachute Advance Scalp Therapie:

Hate oiling you hair?Suffering from hair loss?Want longer hair?Parachute brings the answer to your questions and hair worries.Made even my hair grow...which is nothing short of a miracle. 

                                         BEST MAKEUP PRODUCTS

1)-Golden Rose Perfect Lashes Water Proof Mascara:

Add length and volume to your lashes in just PKR 325.

2)-Picture Polish Wanna See My Peacock:

The prettiest nail polish I own.It's a fashion statement and the jewel of my nail paint collection.Price is PKR 950(got it in a sale).

3)-Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder:

Keep your skin oil and shine free for hours without giving a  cakey look.Price is reasonable too,just PKR 600.

4)-Beauty UK Matte Gloss Finish Lipstick In IN THE BUFF:

This pink lippie caused a sensation in beauty blogosphere. My most loved pink.Price PKR 520.

5)-Boi-ing Concealer By Benefit:

The best concealer duo I ever came across.Covers up dark circles and red pimples like

 magic.Got this as a part of "Benefit-how to look flawless at everything" kit (PKR 

3850 ), but available in full size as well.

6)-Sigma F-80 Flat Kabuki:

This brush converted from fingers to brush for foundation application.It lives up to all

 the raves and claims.A brush you will not regret buying at all,if you want a buffed,air 

brushed look.

7)-Flormar Super Matte Nail Enamel In M105:

A perfect dupe for color studio Professional Haute Nails, Latte' for PKR 145.A great 

and easily available nail color.

8)-Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Liquid Foundation:

My HG foundation.Best for Oily skin.No breakouts.I wear it daily to work and it just 

looks so natural.I am so happy I found my second skin,lolz. Price PKR 2030.

9)-Anna Sui Secret Wish Blusher:

My favorite pink in just PKR 160.

10)-Luscious Signature Lipstick In 003 Buff Pink.

A great pink lipstick which has been custom mad for Asian skin tone.Price PKR 675.

11)-Beauty UK Eye shadow Palette In DAY AND NIGHT:

Price PKR 675.Contains very frequently used shades.Ideal for travelling and  to create multiple looks.Minimum fall outs. Amazing color pay off.

12)-MUA Nail Varnish In Shade 6:

The perfect red to jazz up your nails.Opaque and quick dry formula.chip resistantPKR200

13)-DMGM Crayon Kohl Eyeliner Pencil:

An almost  smudge-proof soft eye pencil.Great one for oily lids.Great staying power.Price is PKR 375.

14)-Etude BB Cream:

PKR 750. Best BB cream I have tried.People with Oily skin can use it too.Evens out skin while giving it the required moisture.

15)-Revlon Lip Butter In Berry Smoothie:

Ideal for lazy girls or those who hate too much makeup or don't want to wear lipsticks.This shade of lip butter gives lips a soft,moisturized look with a hint of pinkish red.Price PKR1000 

                                                            WORST BUYS

Although I always do my research before spending money,but still there are somethings in my stash which I dislike very much.I bought most of these because of incomplete or biased reviews on some blogs :( .

Benefit Oxygen Wow Liquid Make Up:

It came in trial size bottle in BENEFIT-HOW TO LOOK FLAWLESS AT EVERYTHING(price PKR 3850).It is not for oily skin.Staying power is poor.It certainly doesn't live up to the high brand name of benefit.

Clinique  Comforting Cream Cleanser:

PKR3300. This cleanser is for dry skin only.I was disappointed by its performance because its just another cleanser in the market,(no added features like soft skin or glow) for foolishly high price.It does make blackhead removal easy,I would give it that much.

Oriflame Optimal Clarifying Scrub:

A very bad scrub.No clarifying effect and no scrubbing action at all. PKR750.

St Ives Apricot Cleanser:

Poor cleansing power.It leaves behind a very sticky residue PKR 315.

Luscious Diamond Finish Nail Lacquer In CARAMEL:

This nail polish takes ages to dry.In all the time it takes for drying up just imagine what horrors can happen to wet nail polish,(with kids running around too).Fifteen minutes is the time I noticed.Chips off at the first opportunity it gets.Price is PKR220.Sweet touch for PKR90 is far better than this one.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Oil Nutritive Shampoo:

I bought it after reading words like oil,gloss,moisture, anti split ends...well I didn'tuse it enough times to see the truth,because it increased the frizz so much and dried my hair.Only ,Girls who use Herbal Essence can like this.PKR245

Freeman's Facial Clay Mask:

Its not a good mask for oily skin.No cleansing,no pore purging. Doesn't feel like a freeman product at all.I don't like it one bit.Price PKR320

Olay Whitening Night Cream:     

It makes me pink hence darkening my skin.Also,I don't see any rejuvenated look in the morning. PKR300

So,that was it fellas.I hope you like it.Happy new year in advance. :)


  1. very helpful indeed I have been eyeing on Revlon lip butter will get it in 2013 inshAllah :)

    1. your comments r eagerly awaited and appreciated dear.

  2. thanxx fr review benefits foundation..i ve been planning to get it but as u said its not for oily skin than this might not suit me

    1. hi hina. I did review the foundation in my benefit post.if u click on the product name u will be lead to the complete review.:) yes its not for oily skin at all.

  3. Great picks! I have the same issue with Luscious's nail polishes

    1. thank you sidrah.m glad we agree on this :)

  4. Awesome picks!!! <3 I've tried a few of them and I love em too. About the bad ones, I don't think every product works equally for everyone. There are things that work for someone with different skin type than ours or different climatic conditions so we can't really put the blame on anyone for this. :) xx

    1. thank you Sara.You are right that the products I didn't like might work great for others.This is precisely the reason I call them worse BUYS and not worst products,you know like they wasted my money when they didn't work for "me".Also I have explained in a line or two that why I didn't like a particular product and who it can work for.Sorry the reply had to be so long but I had to make myself clear here :) Your comments on my post always make immensely happy so keep visiting <3

    2. Awww.. You are a sweetheart <3. I love visiting your blog. No, I wasn't referring to the products. I was talking about the biased reviews. Anyway, I love your opinions, they truly help a lot! :) xx

    3. thank you for your kind words <3 <3.They mean more then you can imagine :) .I totally agree with you on the point that some products might get great reviews from one blogger,but may not necessarily work that great for the other one.

  5. great post , n totally agree with the luscious nail polish part

    1. thank you Sana. SO,I may not be the only one Luscious nail polishes fail to impress ...lolz

  6. Nivea, Ponds and Rimmel are my major go-to brands! Glad to know that they have another satisfied user!

    As for the bad ones, I agree with Sara, they work for some while not for others.

    Looking forward to try benefit's concealer and beauty uk's eyeshadows as they sound great and yet affordable :) x

  7. Ooh I saw your post about the apricot cleanser you didn't like and it made me think about the apricot cleanser I have and do like but I see you also like that one! Lol

    1. Lol.I was wondering what you might like about this cleanser but Behold,we like the same one :)

  8. Happy New Year babe!

  9. Great picks! I love the St Ives Scrub. x

  10. Great info girl and completely agreed in all the worst products as well.

    <3 Marina

    1. thank you marina.i am glad you agree :)

  11. great picks, for the worst ones i m so sorry.. It happens some time and we can not do any thing but keep the useless stuff back in drawers

    1. yep u r right :( i still try to find alternate uses ^_^

  12. lovely picks.. do you know i was so motivated to buy foundation by benefit... but not now... everybody is showing the best thanks God someone showed worst things too...... or other wise I would have been victim of complex... lol.. do you know I owned two nail lacquers from Luscious and i didnot use it once... nice post >3

    1. thankou marukh.I always wait for your lovely comments :) oxygen wow is not very long lasting you see.It can work for skin with no problems and stays dry in all seasons but even then I don't believe it has a good staying power.I am glad we agree on this

  13. i agree sweet touch is way better! luscious and essence nail polishes chip like crazy!

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