Schooling is such an important part of growth and learning process,yet when I was getting my 
little boy ready for his first day to school I was very worried.Am I pushing him too early?Is he 
ready for this burden?Will he be safe in school?Will he hate me for this?May be sending him 
this early might shatter his confidence in me.All these questions and a lot more horrible 
thoughts were buzzing in my mind.I just wanted to hold him in a big huggie and never let go, 
but something stopped me.That something was the intention of my baby's well being.If I don't 
send him to preschool when he is three(mashallah),he might never be ready for proper school.

So,I just held his hand and marched into the school.I introduced him to teachers and playmates 
(again,because we have been there a couple of times already).Then I said I will wait until you 
finish playing and I went and sat in the waiting area.After a few minutes a teacher advised me 
to leave now and come later to pick him.Well,they are more experienced so I left.When I cam 
back after an hour my poor baby was bawling.He was screaming for mommy.I calmed him 
down,asked the teacher about this day and bought him some Cheetos to sooth him.

Very upset I came home and searched online for the proper age of schooling.According to 
modern research,schooling should not began before 5to 6 years of age.Shocking huh.Well 
schooling means proper schooling,like homework,class work,assignments etc.Playgroup is 
not considered schooling,(although it is a part of school set up in Pakistan).Playgroups are a 
part of preschool.

PLAYGROUP is a setup where parents stay with children while they interact and learn new things.Parents arrange these groups and introduce activities in the circle.This form is almost non existent in our society.

Then comes PRE-SCHOOL.Pre school is a sort of training period before real schooling 
starts.Kids are given independence and they are free to choose from a variety of learning activity.Timings are from 9am to 12 noon.Parents don't stay with their kids and children are 
left in the care of a kind (and mostly pretty...lolz) teacher.This is the most popular type of 
school in our setup in Pakistan.Proper age for preschool is three to five. 



Before you get the child in preschool you should make sure that:

1.He/she is independent in activities like washing hands,eating lunch etc.

2.He/she can communicate his needs easily.

3.Child can spend some of his time away from you.If not then practice it in the weeks leading 

to start of school.

4.The child is potty trained(although this might not be a big problem).

So,my mood lifted a little because my boy turned three (mashallah) two months back.So,I am 

not being cruel and over ambitious now to ease him into school.


I did a few things which helped me a lot.

1).I always talked about school as a very exciting place.His father and I,(pretending that we were talking among ourselves as in adult discussions),talked about the toys,the kids and the 
pretty teacher at school.We did it with serious faces,mind you.Children can always tell if you 
are serious or just saying it to fool them. 

2)-His father bought Barney's videos for him to watch and they helped in getting the concept of 
playing with friends without mum around.He learned many poems and rhymes from it too.

3)-I took him to school many times.After introduction and spending some time,brought him 
back.This got him used to his school and the fear of unseen place,at least,didn't bother him.

4)-I bought him a pretty bag shaped like Disney car's character Mcqueen and lunch Box to get 
him excited.

5)-Told his teacher about his likes and dislike so that she could easily handle his tantrums. 
Gave her all the useful information like his favourite toy,his favourite snack etc.

6)-Tried hard not to show him any weakness I was feeling about leaving him there.I tried to be 
positive and sound like I was enjoying it too.I made it sound like this was the best thing 

7)-When he came home,I talked to my mother,in front of him about how fun his school was 
and what a lovely teacher he has.Oh how I wish I could have gone to school too(God knows I 
don't :-P )

Well after all this exercise,he did cry at school(like most children),but he was not repellent to 
the idea of going to school.He didn't say that he didn't want to go.All he said was that he 
wanted his father to go along with him,because mommy deserted him.So,he took his daddy 
along the next day so that he could give his teacher a "talking to" for keeping such a lovely boy in school.I hope things get better from now on wards.

All the kids go to school,but the first time is very hard for mommy and for the child.I am just 
trying my best to do it in a way that won't leave a traumatic memory in his mind.If you know 
of anything else that would help do share.

Have a good day.


  1. Very informative post thanx fr sharing shehrzad :) its very imprtant for parents to understand their kids and their needs.. Its good how you pre planned and doscussed the idea of schooling infront of him... Best of luck :)

    1. Thankyou Hina :) I think parenting is all about developing understanding of your kid's nature.


  2. awww :) Lovely post :) quite informative Thanks

  3. yayyy.. Brave mum..... At-last :P hahaha

    1. yeah.I was seriously thinking about it after our discussion a few weeks ago.Thankyou for the moral support sweety <3

  4. aww m scared now with the concept of putting my baby into play group n all .. i knw its nt going to be easy for me as i consider myself over protective mommy :/

    1. I think it is very tough the first time you know.We do tend to become over protective.But I was observing that his activities needed a better channel now.Also all his age fellows attend school and delaying it would have complicated things for him,

    2. I also think that its the parents esp mums and not the child who needs to adjust to the idea of school Lolz

  5. Thanks for gathering so many infoes from where did u get Barney's real videos in Islamabad? I am also a ver wehmi MAMA

    1. My husband brought it from a video store.It cost PKR 2000 for a set of six(3 dvd in each).The store sold them as original but they weren't(as usual).The picture quality is good so I am not complaining.The cds are available in every good dvd store.

  6. Its really difficult for mother to to prepare her baby's mind for school . I like your post concept <3

  7. very nice post daughter will turn two soon and i am worrying this thing from now that how will i manage all the things...but this is really helpful...

    1. Dont worry.In the matter of schooling listen to the saying,"sab hi rotey hain phir adjust ho jatey hain".Just don't chicken out.

  8. Awww how cute! I always hear its the hardest to let them go on the first day of school because that's when it really hits you they are all grown up...

    1. yeah it is still hard although he has been going for a week now :(

  9. Replies
    1. Thankyou fizzy.Seeing a beauty blogger like yourself reading my mommy probs post is really heartning :)

  10. Very useful post, I remember when my son went to school for the first time I was hard for me as well. I was almost crying after leaving him in school


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