I don't know how this post was left out.I am publishing it a little late :D


With your wallets and purses bursting with eidi and your hands itching to spend it,I think it is time that you get to know about a few facebook stores which are absolutely a delight to shop from.Everything from prices,variety and the owner's attitude is fabulous.

Dhanak stocks Avon,The body shop and jewelry. She works with brands in UK only and can bring you things on order too.Seriously,shopping from her I never get the feeling like I am paying too much for something on my wishlist.

She has the sweetest attitude and very very co-operative.She doesn't charges ridiculously high prices for products in name of shipping and customs.This is what impresses me the most about her.

I have posted a photo of her cover and display picture so that you girls don't get confused as there are other FB stores by this name too.Right now she is closed for August.Orders will open up in September.Do pay her a visit and you will love me for recommending.

Second name worth mentioning is Iram Lilani.Here is her page.She operates form her profile more often then page.But the page is active.

She is the Avon lady of Facebook neighborhood in Pakistan.All the updated stock of Avon is available with her.She also keeps high end brands of makeup from Sephora and Ulta.She takes orders for stuff too.She currently has The Body Shop,Smash box and Victoria's Secret available.She has recently brought such amazing bags instock

Her dealing and attitude is so cooperative,gentle and very kind.I love to place orders on her page.If you want something from US do check with her too as she might be able to get it for you in lowest prices.Once when I placed an order I sent 50 rupee extra and this sweet lady sent me back that money through mobile easy load. I mean she is more responsible about your money then even your self.

So,girls when it comes to online shopping in Pakistan with the ease of mind and money these two ladies were really worth mentioning.I seriously have genuine respect for them.I will be sharing my hauls from them  very soon.

Ok pretties,spend your Eidi with responsibility and if you can do give some of it away in charity to help those who need it.Love for all <3 <3


  1. I agree both Iram n Dhanak owners are really co-operative. They have zero fake attitude
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    1. yeah i agree and thats why we love them ^_^

  2. Thanks for shaing, i too agreed that Dhanak owner has nice attitude :)

  3. I agree with u both ladies are awesome, and yes shopaholic is nice too, and recently I had a good experience with Rouge as well...Thanks for sharing

  4. attitude is what makes you shop again from a person <3 lovely stores i agree !

  5. I havent shopped from both of there...but looks like you had a wonderful experience.:)

  6. I had very great experience of shopping feom Dhanak. Her owner is so sweet. Haven't tried other store ^_^


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