Hi peaches,

I hope you all are enjoying early Monsons :) .After quite sometime I thought of doing an eye makeup related post.So here I am.

As you all know I got a few things from BORN PRETTY STORE a while ago.Well the most coveted product was Silk eye lashes.These are hand made and promise a natural look.So,I thought I should give them a try.Lashes can be quite expensive if you are not blessed with your own thick fringes.Since each pair costs around PKR 170 to 500,depending upon brand,one has to be extremely careful in handling the wispies to be able to re-use them.I dont know about you,but its very taxing for me.So I got me self a box of lashes aye :p ,that I did (**irish accent**).

Take a look at it.These are available for 4.18$ on the store.Check them out here.Price is 418 PKR for 10 pair of lashes .Girls do visit the store, because it can be a real money saver if you like unique things.

The lashes are handmade and cotton and fiber is used in the manufacturing.These are synthetic.The lash band is made of cotton thread.This little change makes lashes easy to apply and bend according to your eye shape.Also,since cotton clings with glue easily,there are lesser chances of lashes coming off.Another plus point is the band color.It is black and hence it will blend and never stand out on you lash line.There is no compulsion of using a liquid liner with these to hide the lash band and you can even use your liner pencil to get a smudged look,which otherwise is impossible with falsies.

The crisscross pattern gives a great boost to volume of lashes.However,since length is not overtly dramatic,you get a very natural look.So much so that you can apply them in day time even.Fake eye lashes can sometimes give you more drama and volume then you are aiming for resulting in a very artificial and cheap finish.The born pretty lashes enable you to get a very natural yet somewhat voluminous look.These falsies feel ever so light.Its not like you are carrying something over your lash line.

Regular readers of my blog are aware that my lashes are not very long or volumized.So I do relay heavily on mascara for formal events.However,the BPS lashes really give my lashes a natural look.Non one can tell that I am wearing these.

So, being a lover of natural looks,these lashes have won my heart.For those who want more drama you can still look through the eye lashes available at store.Here.

Take a look at how these look on me.

I am not wearing any mascara or eyeliner.

After the above photo I completed my makeup,curled lashes,applied mascara and smudged liner for this AQUA EYE OF THE DAY.I used E.L.F 100 eyeshadow palette for this look.Mascara used DMGM Lashe Flash Mascara.

Do tell me how you liked it.All kinds of comments are welcome.Just be kind <3 and positive in your criticism.

I am wearing my other falsies for this photos ^_^

I hope you like this review and the EOTD post.Do let me know pretties ^_^

To avail discount at the Born Pretty Store,See banner in side margin.Click the banner to go to website and use the code the claim your discount.Use the code DASTANH10 to claim your discount.

DISCLAIMER:This is a PR review,however the opinion in unbiased and 100% genuine.I always share my opinions with the aim of helping my readers. 


  1. So pretty! Good job with the lashes, I suck BIG time when it comes to applying them. x

    1. Awww I was real clumsy with falsies too but practice makes perfect

  2. nice job shehrzad :) I am so bad at putting falsies but i am working on it hope to do as good as you <3

  3. I love the combo its so perfect.. beautiful MashAllah

  4. Lovely makeup and the lash application is so neat :)

  5. I'm LOVING itttttttttttttt <3
    P.S. I see you arms in you eyes :P

    1. hahaha very astute observation.I noticed it just now ^_^

  6. Love the EOTD
    Colours are very bright and charming

    1. thankyou Sadee.Its not as good as yours but kaam chal gaya ^_^

  7. awesomeee... m sooo missing your posts dear xoxo
    keep up the good work

  8. Great work. Urban eye looks are beautiful


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