Hi peaches,

The cool breeze whispers that winters are finally here.While it makes me happy to be able to enjoy the cold,I am concerned about my skin too.I may have oily skin, but my feet and hand certainly get a full dose of dryness in winters and look so unloved.I keep trying new body moisturizers for this and decided to share my not-so-latest find with you.The Body Shop Body Butter Duo.Is it good?or just average with a good name?Read to know...

The body butter is housed in a big jar with a partition.It has two variants.Thick butter for dry skin and creamy butter for normal skin.I totally love the packaging.The idea of putting both the types in one jar is a BOMB :D Sooper economical.

I got the vanilla flavor ,but sweet pea was certainly more popular.I really love the warm convincing scent of vanilla. By the way, you do have to hand it over to TBS that their scents and fragrances are always mind blowing.Subtle yet strong.They envelop you completely, but do not over power your senses...just like an elegant lady :)

Now lets see how was the product itself.The creamy butter part is really amazing.You can use it on whole body.Its creamy texture will never give you a problem.It absorbs completely leaving behind a softness.Not sticky at all.

The hard butter did not suit me very well.Its too thick and a little sticky for my taste.I was able to use it on just my cuticles only.However,I know that in harsh winters this one will be my best friend, because it does not come off every time I wash my hands and feet.My mum who has very dry skin likes it a lot.

I love this one and want to try other flavors too ^_^


Have you tried this duo?Which moisturizer is your favourite in winters?


  1. I agree that tbs body butters are like warm love, like duo idea, vanilla is not my fragrance though. Thanks for the review.

  2. Can't imagine life without body butters in winters! :P Love the idea of a duo and would love to try it out though now a bit skeptical about the hard one! Great review as always! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. no it is a good choice for those with dry skin.Thankyou so much Jadirah <3 <3

  3. The idea of two different consistency butters in the same jar is so unique & good! I haven't tried these duo butters but generally I like Tbs butters! They are amazing for winters. Nice review Shehrzad! :)

  4. It seems like a unique product. Nevee seen formulations for two skin types in one. Nice review.

  5. Great review... I have yet to try any TBS body butter.. I don't know why I feel they will be too sticky for my skin... But yes the idea of a duo body butter is nice...

  6. I really like the idea of two types of the butter in same jar....

  7. You did a great review, it's unique to have two types in one jar. I think it makes it more tempting to try :)

  8. lovely post.body butters are life savers in winters.

  9. Duo packaging is really great. Some times you don't need really thick butter on your skin.

  10. Great review! Butter with two different consistency is a great idea.

  11. i can totally relate to u on that .. my face is oily whereas my body is super dry .. thanks for the review :)


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