PAULA'S CHOICE is a very famous brand in the US and needs no introduction.However, for the readers who are unaware of the name,Paula's choice was established by Paula Begoun after suffering from years of eczema and acne herself.This skin care line is aimed at creating products with safe ingredients which will make skin look younger and brighter.The products are non irritating,eco friendly and against animal testing(a dream come true for me).Paula is fondly known as the "cosmetic cop" as she has done years of research uncovering the harmful and even dangerous ingredients used in the cosmetic industry.

I was looking for safe mild formulation of Beta hydroxy Acid for my skin which is oily and acne prone.Beta hydroxy acids are good at exfoliation,control oil both short term and in long run and keep acne in check very effectively.Long story short I chose Paula's choice BHA solution.However,since I was not sure I discussed it with a the skin expert at Paula's.She was very quick in responding and guided me very efficiently.I was advised pore refining treatment which works at night to reveal a brighter skin(as per claims).So was it a good choice?Read to know...

I got the Resist pore refining treatment from Makeup and Accesories for PKR 2900.There was sale and it was priced at 22.1$ back then.Now it is 28$.Talk about steep.

The packaging is neat.I do wish there was a pump though to prevent wastage of product.However, it is spill proof and travel friendly which is a relief given that I have to travel with it too.

Direction indicate to take a dime size on a cleansing pad or cotton ball and apply after washing face.So I use it every night on my whole face

The effects were visible from first use.The even tone and reduced oil was noticeable on first day.After using for a week I could notice that my skin was calmer and looked better.It t
reated the unevenness relatively successfully.With some rest and good hydration I even have almost perfect poreless skin on some days.My complexion has improved two shades and radiance is noticeable too.My makeup goes on skin so easily and stays there for longer.The ugly patchiness is not there anymore.There is a definite reduction in pore size.

I wake up to smooth skin every day and my skin looks cared for.I can see and feel that there is less build up on my face,which means the effects of facial last for long.It treated roughness on my face.I can now apply night creams as they don't break me out that much.

This serum ensure effective but mild exfoliation on daily basis.It is true to its claim of pore cleansing.I can totally vouch for that.Also it does a great job of reducing redness on face.

I think the girls with acne will absolutely love it.Also mature skin with unevenness of tone and blotchy look will benefit greatly from it.If you have acne then totally go for it unless you are on retinoids in which case it might precipitate dryness.

A good new is that if you have been wanting a Clairisonic mia for you skin problems you can get the exact same results minus the side effects with this serum.So it is actually a mini Clairisonic.Trust me ;)



2)-Brings out radiance in skin

3)-Keeps oil in check

4)-Shrinks pores

5)-Reduces acne markedly especially blackheads,whiteheads.

6)-You get your money's worth.Its an 88ml bottle.I have been using it for more then 6 months now and its still around :)


Drying.That is pretty much the only side effect of this product.for girls with oily skin a little moisturizer afterwards can solve problem, but girls with dry skin might not be able to enjoy the full benefits.

Price and availability are an issue for Pakistani girls too.


Untouched ,bare skin photo.Notice only  the pores. :p 

Note that it is a very very zoomed in photo and shows pores which are definitely (genetic :/ ) there, but not very large.Also there is no redness around my nose whereas before this serum I had broken capillaries around my nose and red spots on cheeks.Please ignore the brownish melasma patch near temple.It was very dark before but its a bit better now.My dermatologist gave it to me in my one and only laser session :/ No more mosaic laser for me :(

I hope you all liked the review.Given the number of requests for it I tried to answer as many question as possible.I hope I covered everything.If I left something you can always drop a message at or CONTACT ME

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Reviews on Bio oil ,Hourglass primer,Urban Decay primer coming up

Love you all Cheers.


  1. Girl you are too conscious about your skin! Everybody has that many pores on being zoomed in and we understand! ;) The product sounds promising but I wish it weren't drying! :) xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Yeah I am very conscious and it is at times even crippling **sighs** yeah its basically a good product for oily skin

  2. such a detaileddd review it is. can it be used on normal skin ? and yes the difference is clear

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

    1. ummm If you dont struggle with dullness or acne then I dont recommend it for you.Han summers mai you can give it a try if you want :)

  3. I have oily skin and this product seems great. I would love to try it. Thanx foe detailed and well explained review :)

  4. Great review and it seems like a promising product.

  5. You know urs is one of those reviewd * I read every single word*. Nice product n with all goody goods, price seems no issue will try to get for oily Summers IA. Love your way ♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Aww thankyou so much for the love Huda <3

  6. Great review! It sounds magical :)

  7. Its great that it lives up to its claim... Thanks for an honest review :)

  8. Glad you shared about the product because I hadn't heard of Paula's Choice.....

  9. You did great detailed review, sad for me it is drying.

  10. woww I SOOO NEED THIS IN MY LIFE .. thanks for sharing it dear <3

  11. Talk about being a skincare freak -_- I am the same, and glad to know this is working for you :-) I have not used any Paula's Choice products yet. Actually, I didn't even know the history which you shared. Now will consult the skin specialist there and get something well-suited for my skin concerns :)

    1. I am glad you liked my post and found it useful <3


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