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Today I am live with the most requested review on my blog.You know it... a MAC foundation.


"A comfortable,long wearing foundation that gives up to 15 hours of wear in any environmental condition.Light weight,creamy,applies and blends easily leaving skin feeling soft and free to breathe all day while controlling oil.Specially treated micronized pigments help gives a smoother,more flawless,natural finish with stay-true color."

I got this foundation from Mac Addict(facbeook page).It cost me PKR 4000.I was positively ecstatic on receiving the foundation.I mean all my life, like ever since I started using foundation I wanted a MAC foundation for myself and here was this pretty baby in my hands.So,I quickly did a few simple jumps, (being unable to express my joy in form of somersaults :p ).

A little on MAC foundations and Asian skin.

MAC is known for its foundations with yellow undertones.In fact NARS and MAC are the only brands which make foundations with yellow undertones suited to Asian complexions.Also their great formulas makes these two my top recommendation for Pakistani girls :) The NC range of pro longwear range is fairly yellow.This reduces the chances of mismatch alot since the pink undertones are responsible for ashy finish and shade mismatch.

When I tried the NC 30 on it appeared dark.I tried it a few times, but it came off dark again so I gave up on it.MAC NC 25 proved to be a better match for me.The bottle shade gives you a fair idea of the shade,however the formula sets and reacts with skin oils.So the shade gets a teensy bit darker then it is.Also if the foundation is darker then your shade chances are that it might even look orangish on you.(its the worst and most unpredictable effect that MAC foundations have on some unfortunate skin type).


It comes in a pump dispenser.Clean,effective and economical.


The foundation has a liquid formula which is not thick or runny.
Its almost scent free.Its sufficiently hydrating so will suit all skin types in summers.However, girls with dry skin or trouble spots will need a moisturizer with it in winters.
Formula feels light and skin is able to breath as promised.It not only looks natural but feels that way too.

It is very blend able and does not stick on rough areas.However,a primer definitely improves performance of spread and coverage.

COVERAGE:Sheer to medium.With a concealer the coverage obviously improves.

FINISH:A little sticky at first, but then sets into Natural to demi matte finish depending upon the weather.

The foundation blends and melts into the skin leaving a smoother and softer look.It literally becomes a second skin.It blurs the pores and even out skin tone beautifully.It doesn't budge at all.I had the same feel and look with Bourjois 123 Perfect, but the formula was less forgiving on rough patches of my skin especially when the weather transitioned into winters.However,I would still call it a drugstore dupe of pro longwear.Shade range is a small problem though.(Read review here.)


My experience given the oily skin and hot,humid weather is 8-10 hours.


1)-Natural look

2)-Does not suffocate skin

3)-Does not transfer.It does not move after its sets.In hot humid weather it might come off on your tissue if you pat a lot,but seriously that's negligible.

4)-Works for all skin types except very dry ones.

5)-Has a long wear time.

6)-Gives an even,soft look to skin.

7)-No flash back or white look in photos even with the SPF.Looks great both in daylight and evening time and photos.

8)-Fragrance free

9)-Extensive range of shades both for neutral and yellow undertones. C'mon girls its MAC you are talking about.




3)-Might trigger acne if you have a sensitive skin.

4)-Sheer coverage.Girls who like full coverage might dislike it.

A little comparison swatch for all the girls here.Garnier BBcream in light,Tarte amazonian clay 12 hour full coverage foundation in Light medium sand,Revlon Color stay in Medium Beige are equivalent of MAC NC 25.

I hope you girls like the review.You guys had to wait alot for it, but hey whats a foundation review if the product is not tested in all kinds of conditions,right?Finally a word of advice if you are planning on buying this foundation do swatch it on you jawline and let it sit there for sometime to see if it changes color or turns orange.

Oh and this is me with MAC prolongwear and Kryolan TV paint stick as concealer.

More reviews on Urban decay primer,Bio oil and Foundation face off will be up next on blog.Stay tuned peaches.Winks.

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Stay pretty and blessed.

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PS:  I use only products that are vegan or halal certified.However,for products which do not have a clear policy I contact the company.In this case company representative assured that it is fit for muslim consumers.However,they did not permit me to publish the email.               .


  1. Such a detailed review :) Love love love it :) My shade is nc 25 but mistakenly got nc 30 or 35 (dnt remeber exactly) and nc 30 is also such a gorgeous shade :) suits me but not more than nc 25 :) looking forward to buy nc 25

    1. I am glad you liked the review anna :) There is a slight difference between nc 25 and 30 but it might look stark on skin.I am happy for you that you found your shade.,

  2. Thanks to your review now I have a pretty good idea that I am NC25 :D

    1. I am so glad my review was able to help you dear :)

  3. Thanks for the detailed and honest review... Love the coverage n finish and you look great (y)

  4. Great detailed review. I always wanted to know about these 2 specific shades.

    1. aww I am so glad you liked the review Kiran :)

  5. Really helpful :) Foundations are the hardest to pick!

    1. indeed they are...indeed they are *winks*

  6. MashAllah you skin looks so smooth... Great review and loved the comparison such a good idea about the color

    1. thankyou so much Sherry.I was actually a little dubious if the swatch would help but i am happy now that you like it :)

  7. You sold it to me :p n wallah ya haseena loving your bangs/puff or whatever that zulfain are called (my hair vocabulary is weak like mt hair :p) n love your way!!!

    1. hahaha.Its outward blowdry aka side swept bangs.There... now you can do a farmaishi program to your hairstylist too ^_^ thankyou Huda.your complements always warm my heart :)

  8. Ooo G....Haseen pic first of all...
    Mac is the only foundation which gives me bad breakout :S
    .. I love how you compare the shades...thankss

    1. Thankyou Nida..Thanks again for ignoring my double chine lolz :p yeah MAC does that to alot of people .Thank God that it didnt happen in my case

  9. wowww AWESOME review like always .. your reviews are honest and sooo helpful .. n lady YOU LOOK SOOO SEXY in that pic <3

    1. Thankyou so much Sana ^_^ you made my day

  10. i love mac foundation but hate the fact that afterward it requires deep cleansing ...

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

  11. Loved the way you described your excitement! :D Sounds good overall and the two thumbs up for the comparison swatches! <3 xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. hehe .Thankyou Jadirah I love swatches and a foundation post is never complete without them :)

  12. Great review Shehrzad. I reaaly like your comparison swatches!!...xo..

  13. Blown away by the well thought out and detailed review :-) I have MAC Studio Fix NC25 and was wondering if I should get Pro Long Wear or Face & Body. Your info certainly helped <3 Thanks, love

  14. sister i need your help i am using Color studio professional HD Matt Foundation Stick in shade 102 Beige please help in chosing MAc pro long wear foundation shade i think this NC 25 is closer to my skin tone


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