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Today I am here with a very interesting review of L’Oreal pure red lipsticks range.

       L’Oreal recently launched their pure red series to accolade the inner beauty of women. According to their motto, every woman, deserves the best and I agree ;).

                 We all need red lipsticks for days when we need a pick me up or when we want to feel sexy or simply to remind ourselves of our beauty. ;)Now let’s move on to business. I got these lipsticks in February. And I spent a month, meticulously examining them so that I do an honest review. 

PRICE:1895 per lipstick

                 Let’s start off with the packaging. They came in a black rectangular box, on opening the lid the lipsticks were arranged in grooves made in felt lining. Personally I loved the packaging.However the plastic material used for the lipstick tubes was not very good. It was average at best and speaks of cheap quality which is really unlike L'Oreal.. It felt very brittle and rough. The golden lining at the middle of the lipsticks was chipping off with the label stickers. Overall, for the price the packaging was disappointing.Maybe it was a one time thing and now they have improved it.As per my knowledge LOreal matte red lipsticks launched in other countries did not look like these.

However,don't let the outer look fool you.The thing inside is surprisingly good. 

They have a faint vanilla smell which disappears after a few minutes of applying. The lipstick glides smoothly on lips and has a creamy feel.

 I must tell you this, these babies are vibrantly opaque. In one swipe, my lips were completely coated. They are rich in pigment and have great color payoff. The color that you see is the color you are going to get on your lips (provided you do not have hyper pigmented lips, in which case the color will be slightly darker).

 These lipsticks come in a satin matte finish. They are not fully matte and not drying at all. In fact, they hide any flaws or cracks in my lips. However to improve the velvety texture and have a longer stay time, some prepping  is needed. 

If you don’t outline or apply carefully, the lipsticks have a great tendency to feather. They have a velvety feel and may feel particularly heavy to those girls who are not used to wearing lipsticks.

                      The staying time of these lipsticks is around 5-6 hours with food and drinking. Without eating or much lip smacking, it stays on for a good 7 to 8 hours with some fading. But it does not leave behind lines on the lips, as some lipsticks do. In the end, you are left with this even, light color. Making your lips looks like they have this natural slightly red hue, which is very alluring.


TOP ROW FROM LEFT:Eva,J-lo,Blake,Frieda

 I got five lip colors which were named J-Lo, Liya, Eva, Frieda, and Blake.


Our Lovely “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria lends her name to this gorgeous brick red. It has an Orange-based, which means it will go very well with Pakistani skin tones.


named after the famous rock star singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, this color is deep berry red.

BLAKE:  Sharing the name of the enigmatic, starry-eyed Blake Lively, this is pure blue toned red. It is my favorite amongst all and it goes very well with medium skin tones


The color is my least favorite among the is a deep Fuchsia pink. It is a little sheer in comparison to the others. 


A pink based red. It is slightly lighter in color than J-Lo and creamier than others.


             All in all, I would say that this is great product albeit a little pricey. The packaging needs improvement. Anyone who is looking to add a red lipstick to her makeup stash should take a look at them. Especially Blake is good investment, as this will go with anything.

I would rate them as 4/5. I knocked off one point for packaging and the feathering.


1- Great color

2-     A little goes far in case of these lipstick

3-  Satin finish perfect for summer

4-Adequate staying time

5-  Even fading


1-  Poor packaging   



Alright ladies this was my view on the pure red range from L’Oreal Paris. Please do tell me if you like my review. And don’t forget to comment and follow my Blog(Right sidebar). 

P.S: if you guys want, I can do a tutorial for you on how to prep your lips before applying lipstick to ensure longevity.Let me know in the comments below.



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    1. ah thats great.Frieda is quite difficult to carry for me without makeup **winks**

  2. Tempted already to buy it! 😁
    But, Hey! I wanted to ask if these lippies contain Carmine or not? Because most of the L'oreal lipsticks do contain Carmine, and given, this collection is entirely a red one, I reckon there are higher chances of Carmine being present.

    1. yes honey I am afraid it has carmine

  3. Freida and liya are my favourite from this collection. Thanks for sharing. Do visit my blog too.
    Kanwalikram's B


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