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I always get emails and queries about a halal lip product easily available in Pakistan so I decided that this is the right time to bring to my reader's attention a gem of a lip product.No no don't roll those eyes I have got good and solid reasons to like it. To know more about it read on.

I was in no mood of buying it, but the makeup sales person literally pushed this on me and promised a full refund if I didn't like it.Heartened by the assurance(and looking for an excuse to try it :p ) I bought it.The name played an important role too.Naughty & Nice has a good ring to it.Don't you girls agree **winks**


COLORS AVAILABLE:Bold & Beautiful,Grace &Glam,Naughty&Nice,Peaches&cream,Pretty&posh,Sassy&Coy,Sugar&spice,Sweet&Sultry

Luscious did an impressive job of naming the product.It has a mills &boons romance feel to it ^_^

Packaging is impressive.The double barrel design improves the utility,economy and travel friendliness of the lip glaze.The golden cover with tiny lips looks great.It might easily have looked cheap, but the vintage look and the Vegas style saved it.

The tube and wand are sturdy enough.I was expecting the neck of gloss to leak or snap as has happened with some of luscious lip glosses in the past, but after months of use I am glad to say that my fears were not realized.

The formula is liquidy with a fruity scent.The scent is not overpowering.It fades after applying.I found the gloss quite hydrating.It just goes on smoothly and fills in the cracks and glosses over the flaws in lips.It also plumps up the lips nicely.The plumping may not be enough for thin lips though.

The pigmentation, as can be seen in the photo,is pretty amazing for a gloss.One to two swipes are enough to cover two toned lips.

Stay time is 4-5- hours which is really great for a lip gloss.The color fades away evenly leaving behind a hydrated slightly tinted look.The gloss is not sticky or tacky at all.I does not feel heavy on lips.

The two colors in Nighty and Nice are meant for night and day use respectively.The "Nice" side  is for day time use.It is a beautiful barbie pink which complements medium skin tones beautifully.This one is a perfect pink gloss.It gives a healthy dose of color and creates a look of thoroughly hydrated pink nude lips.

The "Naughty" side is a muted pinkish brown color with a splash of glitter.The glitter meant to give a shimmery look is a bit chunky for the purpose.It stands out more then the color which does not give a sophisticated look.I would have loved to use it If metallic bold colors or glitter were in, but  since they are not I use it sparingly.I do use it for evening time since its too pretty even if a bit out dated.I just dot a little in the middle of my lips over lipstick and smudge it a bit to create illusion of fuller,hydrated lips.

Overall,I love my Luscious Double Dazzle to bits.It gives you the advantage of two lip gloss in price of one.I hope Luscious keeps making this one :) I will definitely repurchase and will try other colors too.


whooping 5/5 ^_^

I hope you liked the review.Have you tried any of Luscious lip products?Do drop in your comments.

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  1. Wow! Both colors are so pretty! Great product by Luscious :D

  2. the packaging is so cute, nice review!

    love XoxoX

  3. This is one yummy shade and nice swatches :)

  4. I totally loved ur photos! :D
    looks so jaw dropping..

  5. Pretty swatches and lovely shades. :) xx

    Momina Haseeb
    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  6. This looks so good :) added this one on my to-buy list :) Iam definiately getting this now and I love your detailed review and those lip swatches are ahmazing :) keep it up :) xoxo

  7. both are amazing but i am drooling over Nice pretty soft pink

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  8. Both the shades are gorgeous. Love your lip swatches <3

  9. I like both of those shades. The payoff is really good :)

  10. Whoa love Nice! Amazing swatches.

  11. oh wow these are my type of shades. Love the swatches.

    1. thankyou Fatemah.I am glad you liked the review

  12. Beautiful swatches <3

  13. I'm no more a gloss person but omg!!! These are looking so tempting and pigmented ... Love your swatches and in depth review as always x

    1. aww thankyou so much Sana.My blog missed you ^_^

  14. I am a gloss person, love to try this one too. Your post is helpful in making my mind, to get my hands on these.

  15. I like the Nice shade better. You have very pretty lips.

  16. Hi dear Shehrzad, nice to meet you! These 2 lip glosses are super pretty on you, thanks for sharing,


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