Greeting my Peaches,

Hope you all are enjoying the rain spell ^_^ Ok so today's post is a DIY.As you all know environment week is being celebrated nowadays.We can never underrate the importance of healthy living and recycling in preserving and saving our environment.Whenever I think about reducing pollution two things become my focus of attention:

1Milk cans,

Milk cans are used and thrown by moms by dozens.I thought why not find a way of using these in household.These cans should not be used to store food items, because these are lined with so many preservatives.I am trying to find other uses for these cans.So,this post is the first in my new series, "can crafts".

Today we will make a tissue roll holder.The plastic holders are available in the market for 300-400 pkr.But why spend even this much when we can make them for free.I am using a large 900g can for this, but you can use a 500g size too.It depends on the tissue roll size that you use so before choosing a can make sure the intended roll fits in the can.

1)-Wash the can and let it dry.

2)-Take the lid and cut a rectangular slit in it for tissue.

3)-Take the can and paint it the color of your choice.I used "white" acrylic spray paint.Easily available in stationary shops.If you want to add glitter, sprinkle it on when paint is wet.This ensure good adhesion and saves glue mess.

4)-Now decorate it as you like.I used a ribbon and made a rose with it.I also used an old flower from my broken hairband.

5)-Put in the roll.Close the lid and voila.

The beauty of this idea is that you can get creative and try different variations of decors.

Next time I will show you my brush holders and makeup holders made with these cans.I hope you like this idea and your creativity got a little boost.

Stay blessed and pretty.


  1. it...xoxoxo....^_^

  2. Do I need to tell u how much I love u for this :) <3
    Thank u I'll try it soon IA

  3. lovely it and i will try it.u r so creative and i love your blog.

    1. thankyou for the appreciation dear Umme Ibtehal :)

  4. too good SA ... IA will try it .. hy r u sure tht we can not sotre any edible items in these ?? as m currently storing daals packets or biscuits *packed) in these

    1. yaar I am not too sure but you see these have expiry dates and are made of aluminum.Packed stuff is ok to keep in these.So its not 100% safe.Us glass jars .They are the best.

  5. woww its wonderful
    You are very creative ^_^


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