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Hope you all are managing fine in these hot,no-electricity,back-to-old-hand-held-Chinese-fans summers :p .I am just waiting for the Monsons to arrive.The rain spell adds so much romance and freshness to summers every year.In the meanwhile, I fan myself at workplace and thank my stars I managed to land this bottle of makeup spray before summer time.Why???Read on to know :)

When it comes to skin types I am hopelessly oily.This category is right next to horribly oily on the oil range for skin.My skin is oily,has open pores and sweats profusely.I have tried so many products which claim to mattify and control oil that I am just weary of those tall claims now.I have splurged fat dollars on tons of oil controlling products.So when I came across this one,I was highly skeptical.I was so ready to not to be impressed at all.So did I like it?Was it average or good?Was it good,but not too good for the price?Lets see..

First,lets start with a few shots of this beauty :)

 I got this 8oz NO MORE SHINE bottle and a small 2oz REGULAR one for 38$ from the website.A very dear friend, (yeah the same Umreeka wali :p ) ,got it for me. Skindinavia currently has a better promotion going on.They are giving a primer,a regular and a no more shine spray for 38$.Subscribe to the newsletter to know and a few FB pages in Pakistan can get you those in a good price.By good I mean about 1000-2000 pkr for a 4 oz version.

I really like the packaging.Its handy,easy to use and travel friendly.Its not very high end-ish, but it is a love.The spray is equipped with a transparent cap. Nozzle dispenses the product in a beautiful fine mist.I used the REGULAR type too.However,the nozzle does not make such a fine mist in that one.Might be a one time thing.As compared to URBAN DECAY DESLICK,(which is the regular version manufactured by skindinavia for UD) even that mist is fine and evenly dispensed.So,you don't have to worry about big splotches of liquid running down your face after using it.

The spray is parfume free and transparent.

After your makeup,you need to spray it from 8 inches distance 2-4 times.You should make a 'X' and a 'T' formation,but I can never manage it :p Klutzy me.So,after shaking it well I just do a few short spritz on both sides of face.A little pssht on nose specially.You need to do this before mascara application otherwise your mascara might decide to never come off :)

Since there is not much to tell.Let me declare the final verdict.


I mean not like..."MY-FAV-BEAUTY-GURU-SAID-IT-WORKS-SO-I-THINK-IT-DOES."It really does its F****** job so well.Excuse my language,but I have every reason to be excited.I mean here I am.A girl with very oily skin.No foundation can keep me matte.The mattest ones fail on me.They take longer then others,but oil always shows.Always.I wold not mind the oil so much if my makeup would stay put, but sadly it disintegrates and looks ugly.Then is the problem of my pores.When I wear foundation I used to wish for something that would make my the powdery look on my pores go can imagine how bad it must look.The powder and the matte makeup was my requirement,but instead of giving me a flawless look it gave me a caked up look.However,when I use this spray over my makeup it  bonds with the powder and makes a satin layer which stays for 7-8hours.Oil still peeps through at 5-6 hours,but makeup stays.The pores are not highlighted and my makeup looks fresh and natural all day.

After 7 hours.See the mild oil buildup on my  face.Normally my makeup dissolves by 7 hours.

I have been using it for 3 months now.I have tested it in all conditions and with all my makeup.Here are a few observations:

1)-Primers might reduce the result quality.I use HOURGLASS primer and even though its the best in the world I feel as if I don't look that good at the end of my day when I pair primer with spray.

2)-Spray works best with powder foundation,mineral makeup and over makeup setting powders.I use it over my Diana of London two way pancake to cover pores and get an even natural look for a good 8 hours.

3)-2-4 sprays are just a guideline.You need to work out how much you the start of the heat spell I felt as if the efficiency of my spray was reduced,but when I increase the number of sprays things went back to normal.At the same time you should bear in mind that excess can react with makeup formula too.So use it wisely.

4)-If you are very oily you still need a long staying, matt foundation.The spray will extend wear time,but it can not do magic with a foundation formula that is wrong for your skin type.



2)-Locks makeup in.

3)-Controls oil.It obviously does not control sweat so you still need blotting sheets.

4)-Does not cause break outs.Good for acne prone skin.

5)-Does not cause dryness.dryness. In fact its hydrating.





Drum roll...

It gets a super heart ,(no surprises) and it has made it in my "Most Recommended" list.To see other recommendations click HERE.

I hope you enjoyed my review as much as I enjoyed writing it and as much as I love the spray.Have you ever used makeup sprays?which of the following do you sue or want to use?

Model in a Bottle
Urbdan Decay De slick
Skindinavia No More Shine
MAC Makeup fixing spray
ELF makeup setting mist
Kryolan makeup spray.

I have found the best of all the above and my one love.Which one is yours?

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  1. It looks great....5/5^_^

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  4. Nice review... glad to know it works well for u.. and its perfume free wow..thanks for sharing :)

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