Hello my sweet peaches,

I hope the heat has been kind to you.I was busy with my exams.They went fine.I am going to get busier, but I will try to keep up the routine of weekend posts.I need your prayer and love to keep me going. <3

Today the post is about an eye cream.It was on my wishlist for quite a long time.When TBS had a sale I got a tube to try.Read to know my thoughts.

The price of this under eye cream is 1690 PKR but I got it in a sale for 1250 PKR.

The cream is housed in a 15 ml tube with a long nozzle.I like the packaging.Its pink and cute,pink and easy to use, and pink.

The cream has a lotion like texture.It goes on skin and just sinks in a matter of seconds.

I find it quite moisturizing and hydrating.My skin feels soothed and pampered.

It does not feel heavy on skin.Its so light in texture that I can even wear it under my moisturizer.

Does it work?

Well I would say yes.Its vitamin E which is a very good antioxidant and is very effective too.When I use it I see that my dark circles are reduced and so is the tired look under my eyes.I don't have wrinkles so I can not say how it works for them.However,when I use this cream I feel that my skin looks smoother and even,

The results are there as long as you use it daily.This is the main thing with natural mild formulas.You need to keep using to get results.The smooth look is not permanent, as you can all predict.

All in all I say its gentle and good to be integrated in daily skincare routine.A little targeted approach never hurts.Also its good for all ages.Using this eye cream will mean that you are ensuring that daily free radicle damage to your skin is minimized minus the side effects of a strong anti aging formula.

The best way to use it is at night under your night time moisturizer.I totally recommend using it.


I hope you find this review helpful.Do share your thoughts.

The reviews will come slow,but they will keep coming.So,bear with me and stay tuned for more helpful reviews on TBS tea tree oil,Diana of London lip stain 2000 kisses(which really lasts loooong),skindivinvea makeup spray and more on summer makeup.

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  1. Great review, I might give it a try :)

  2. Looks really great!

  3. I love TBS vit.E range X

  4. Nice review dear and I will for sure give it a try....xoxoxo....^_^

  5. I have used it and loved it too!

  6. I'll try it for sure <3 thank u so much for the review

  7. I'll try it for sure <3 thank u so much for the review

  8. Great review.. I was thinking about investing in a good eye cream..this looks great. :)

  9. I want to get a good eye cream because I've been so low on sleep lately! This sounds tempting to me because of vitamin e in it but I'm looking for more affordable options. :| xx

  10. I had this and honestly I didn't notice any change to my dark circles. My sister used it and developed a really bad allergy. I was very disappointed 'cause I love The Body Shop so much! But I'm really glad it worked out for you ^_^ I guess mine just expired or something.

    1. You know what jaybee TBS is a good brand and all but Pakistani retailers have this wonderful way of messing up everything and double croeeing so the chances of you getting an expired cream are sky high :) infact sale items hon to aur b zada.khair you can try Paulas choice too.its great


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