Hello peaches,

Kindly forgive my long absence, but I was trying to juggle my routine.I will try to do one post per week from now.

Ok this is quite an interesting title.My dear friend Sana literally held a gun to my head to write this post and to CPR my blog. :p joking.Emmm yeah kind of :p I hope you all find it amusing if not shocking :) Do let me now in comments.

I don't have lots of branded lawn joras in my wardrobe.In fact I try to avoid it on purpose.I know its unlike a blogger, but the lawn fever irritates me at time,especially at tea parties I attend where ladies showoff their beautiful "branded" overpriced,totally-not-suitable-for-heat-of-june dresses .All I can do is to keep my eyeballs from rolling literally in to the back of my head.I mean seriously all that should matter is the cut and the look not how many thousands you paid and not which designer ripped you off .

Ever since I can remember I have had at least one book for reading on my night table.I just can not bear the thought of going even a single day without reading something.

I consider myself jack of all trades even though I am the master of none :) Well my profession is to be blamed here.I could have been a singer or a dress designer with a pret line in my name but **sighs**

I can not lie.That becomes a big problem for me.Its not like I don't its like I can't.I am a bad liar.Yeah I know, my mom did this to me.Whenever I try to lie my lips start quivering in a weird way.Trust me lying can save your ass sometimes.

I am not 30 yet although my readers think that since I have two kids and I am a doctor I must be ancient.Some even called me baji :p, but nope I am not even 30 people :D

I love watching cartoons :) and I am the only one in my fellows and folks who does except my kids.

I had my upper lips and waxing done when I was 19 years old and that was not because I did not need them **sighs** bless my mom.Maybe as a reaction to this ban on waxing etc I now love all the makeup and  salon visits so much.

I used to love Sidney Sheldon.But I will not let my daughter read those books.Call me a hypocrite, but I said it :)

I love rain, but when it rains I am clueless about how to enjoy it **perplexed look**

I have had MOSAIC resurfacing laser done for my scars.It did work although minimally.

I like to think of myself as a person who follows routine, but the truth is I hate it and I jump out of it on every chance I get.

I was a very volatile teenager.

I could read fully at the age of 6.Like books and magazines.And do you what was the readin material?Akhbar-e-jahan,techniques of hypnosis,Ibn-e-safi novels,comparison of religions :) Talk about age appropriate material :) I used to leave the pages I could not understand so yeah I was quite thirsty for reading :)

My blog is the only hobby which has been a part of my life for more then 2 years.I am not that consistent with hobbies.

I love to oggle.hehe.Yeah I am that ill mannered person,sitting in the corner,sipping her Pinna Colada and staring at everyone.Sometimes the paindoo in me makes me turn my head to follow a girl who is wearing something good :) My husband hates it and we have had some fights over this lack of manners too :)

I love to look at houses.Its very satisfying for me to look around when I come by a pretty house.Almost like I am enjoying a good meal.

When I was a little girl I wanted to be a hairstylist .....and I used to cut the most horrible bangs of my sister's hair.My mom always gave her a hard time for it,but poor thing never gave me out :)

Now the last really shocking fact:I did not number the facts, because I could not find 20 shocking facts.Yeah I am a humble mum of two with no secrets **secretive smile** .I bet you are going to scroll up and to count how many I wrote :p

I tag anyone who comments on the post :)

Thankyou so much Sana Malik of Makeupholics for tagging me for this post.I had fun doing it :) Now keep your part of the deal :) 

Love you all.Stay pretty and blessed.

The blog may not be active, we can stay connected via the FB page which I find easier to update .So keep liking :)



  1. Interesting post :)

  2. Not so terrible shocking, :)
    You are a pretty cool person!

    visit me soon on

    1. not chocking yeah I thought so too :p thankyou for the sweet comments dear <3 sure I will

  3. welcome back Shehrzad was missing your posts so much !! Loved the facts esp the oogling one that is so me :D

    1. haha we should so get together sometime and get a seat in the corner of a cafe <3

  4. Hahahahaaaa u so me... esp the rain n oogling one hahaha my hubby says what if I was a boy.... lolz... love you my honest buddy.

  5. Loveeee reading your post as usual ... Love ur facts ... I started reading and writing at that young age too ... Thanks a lot dear :*
    Posting from mob ;)

  6. An interesting read! The most shocking one for me was the age at which you could read! I am a bookworm too so I totally get the thirst for books haha

  7. finaaaally I know so much about you ;)

  8. Very interesting post, some of your facts are so me, I m not into branded lawn fever. I started reading literature at age of 6. And I have a big paindoo in me too ;)

    Thanx for the Fun post :)


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