Fashion trends in Pakistan are always a pretty mix of west and east.While we feel the need to follow whatever is going on western countries we just can not adopt the trends completely due to social and cultural reasons.So I thought it would be a good idea to share what is trending in Pakistan to help put all my peaches out there look prettier specially those who are not much in touch with current fashions due to studies or other commitments.

DISCLAIMER:Photos have been taken from google.

Capri's are IN these days.This time girls are a little slow on adopting this trend.A few years ago when capris hit the fashion scene in Pakistan they took it by storm, but now people love their plazzos and tights a little too much to let go easily.Well I am not complaining, because I love my tights too ^_^

Pair up the capris with kurtas/kurtis and you will be ready to rock. Of course tights and straight pants look as elegant and trendy.So if you are not a big fan of showing your ankles you can always go for the longer slim fit pants :)

Digital prints are in.They are everywhere and mixed with florals these days.

Since weather is changing we can now wear something a little heavier and formal then cotton and lawn.Silk is the rage these days girls.It is popularly known as Shamoz silk in Pakistan (If anyone knows what the real name is share away please.You already have all my respect :p  ).Be it a scene of mughal court printed on the front or a collection of life like peacock feathers custom prints are really IN.This silk is a beautiful material and you just can not go wrong with it.It makes the most elegant fall and the subtle shine winks at you alluringly.It just looks amazingly pretty and is so much fun to wear and accessorize.

Silk shirts with light silk dupattas and a pair of pants in color which makes a tasteful contrast with the print are so much IN.Gul ahmed,Nisha and Sana Safinas have already launched their fall silk collections.You can always find the printed shirts in good old liberty with one shirt priced at around 4000pkr.


Sandals are IN.Thong sandals with pretty,delicate straps make a statement in every design.Most popular and cuter ones are the bejeweled thong sandals.
No more needs to be said just let your eyes feast on the pretty sandals below :)


Ok girls when it comes to bags keep in mind only one word..."statement".Girls have even been spotted flaunting spherical clutches so you can well imagine how far you can go in making a statement.Big envelop clutches are more popular for casual use.Rivets,pearls,flowers just has to look eye catching.


Floral patterns and feminine style is totally out nowadays. Geometric designs of jewelery with well balanced shapes are IN.Photos below will give you a fair idea.

Watches are on the bigger side these days.No more delicate little dials glittering with jewels.Its rough and neomodern

So girls I hope you like this post and find it useful.If you have anything to add feel free to pitch in.I always appreciate a little girl talk on  trends ^_^

Stay pretty and blessed.

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  1. Nice post... I agree..This time girls aren't quickly adopting the capris trend, including me too..I still love churidars and tights. Plus long shirts looked much elegant..

  2. Its hard for me to let go of my tights too :p ....Great post.......

  3. Thanks for this much needed post.

  4. Now I want to go on a shopping spree! :D How have you been? x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. emm yeah sort of ^_^ I make small detours to market occasionally :p

  5. awesome post .. so helpful .. n i sooo hate the comeback of cig n capri pants ...

    1. nahi yar I love it :) Last time I got pregnant too soon :/

  6. Nice post. I am so in love with my plazzo pants and tights, loving geometric shaped jewelry and thongs. Digital prints do not inspire me lot.

    Sahar the Cozy Fashionista

  7. Way to go girl!
    My advice is working
    You are best in all this.
    Im updating my wardrobe accordingly. Silk!!!! Baby Im coming...

  8. N im sharing it to send love your way!

  9. great post shehrzad ! i just love flaunting silk and about the capris i am a bit skeptical still :D

    1. No no go ahead girl .Its time and weather is calling for it ^_^

  10. Great article! Love your tips!

  11. yeah lovely post <3 love the trend

  12. Very well written Shehr :)
    And guess what? Going to university keeps you updated about the fashion trends :P
    I own a big chunky white Guess watch and it's my baby. I wear it everywhere and everyone keeps on asking me "kahan se li?' :P

    1. yes you are right wardha going to university does keep you updated but not everyone has the energy and time to focus on whats trending.Also fashion in uni is not always about latest trends but mostly a mix of comfort and budget so I think its pretty cool to stay ahead of the fashion trends. D yeah that would be my question too...kahan se li? n kitney mai?

  13. Haha actually my university has all those chic and up-to-date girls and at times I feel so left out :P
    Yes. a very weird confession it was.I brought it from Canada but I found it at Al-Fatah too for 15k. The ones in gold and silver are quite in as they go with every dress.
    Moreover, those jelly sandals\chappals are in too. Spotted at Almas and Servis(Rs. 349).
    Wish could send you a photo :/

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