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Fall in Pakistan is such a beautiful season.Weather is just fantastic,evenings are balmy and there is a promise of winters ahead which is ofcourse the season most Pakistanis enjoy and wait for.Winters bring steaming mugs of coffee chai,hot coca,dry fruits,snuggling in front of the lounge fire or heater.There is one more thing that winters in Pakistan  bring and that is lots of gatherings and social events.The crisp,fresh winter nights give us the luxury to dress whichever style we want and keeps our makeup glowing fresh.So,now that the season of festivities is about to begin I think it would be a good idea to give you all a little heads up on fashion and trends :)


Silk and chiffon are IN.Net fabric is making a comeback.There are basically two to three trends in net.

One is to  make a long frock or dress with embroidered/sequins body and net bunched up beautifully to make a tulle.

The above mentioned is not an ordinary style and not everyone can carry it.A more wearable version is LACE.Yes its basically floral designs worked over delicate and soft net fabric.Its categorized with net even though its considered a totally different fabric in west.

Another  trend is to wear the simple colored net over an inner of shimmery sequins fabric which gives a holographic shine or over Jamawar.

Sequins fabric makes a beautiful saucy jacket or shrug which really enhances the beauty of a simple sleeveless gown.This style is recent and insanely popular too.

As for embroidery trend is now shifting from gold and antique tilla and dubki to a mix of colorful embroidery with lots of stones of every size.Zero size dubki with silk embroidery,lots of sequins,stones,pearls and sweroski is really IN.Sequins,diamante work, and silk work make the bulk of embroidery and rest is filled with dubki.This creates a very dense look in reasonable budget.

Zero size dubki with silk embroidery,lots of sequins,stones,pearls and sweroski is really IN

Pitta work is getting popular for evening wear.It is basically a silver ribbon like work used to create large motifs.

Pitta work looks like gotta but its more sophisticated in looks and is durable


Heels are in.But this time the heels are not just stilettos more commonly known as pencil heels.They are a bit tapered at the end.....and the more studded the better **winks**

Its a matter of personal choice but fish mouth or peep toes are more IN.

Platform shoes with heels are at the height of popularity.Not just any platforms mind you.Just the very elegant ones with slim heels.


Statement jewelry and clutches are in.I shared a few on my FB page as well.Here is a little feast for your eyes :) Metallic box clutches with swarovski are IN.However,since swarovski is costly(9000pkr approx) you can get the same look in mesh. Kundan clutches are really IN.Get on kundan clutch and you might not feel the need even to wear you family jewels :)


Glow Glow all the way.Dewy base and glowy face is IN.This means you can go a little overboard with highlighting.A little means a little and not disco ball.
There are basically two trends at the moment.One is the minimal look ,metallic jewel shades and hues for eyes with nude lips.Au' Naturale.

Other is dark lips and coral blushes.I personally prefer  that more.Dark lips IN IN IN.Plum,ox blood red,berry and raspberry are totally loved and in demand.My favourite reds are Wet n wild spotlight red,MAC ruby woo and MAC russian red.Luscious signature lipstick in Red chilli and Raspberry (read review here)

60's looks are making their way back.Bold eyeliner and heavy lashes.


Ombre is IN.But the stark contrast is out and has been replaced by a more softer transition from base color to the ombre.Its called SOMBRE' ;)

Base color that's insanely popular nowadays is "Brond" ,a blend of blond and brown.It really brightens up face and looks great specially on Asian complexions

You can find it in Revlon color silk in "Ash Brown"

So,that's it girls.I really enjoyed the post I hope you would too.I have tried to make it as helpful as I could to the the best of my knowledge.Do chip in if you have something to add :)

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Stay blessed and pretty


  1. Nice post... I so wanna try some purple/plum lip shades that would suit me..

    1. try luscious and medora.Hope you find the perfect one xoxoxo

  2. Detailed and very informative
    Love reading your posts honey

  3. lovely post Shehrzad ! love the lace trend <3

  4. Nice post with beautiful pix :)

  5. Awesome work! I love those vintage looking net dresses! <3

    1. yes they are pretty amazing right .thankyou xoxoxo

  6. love reading this post .. n those shoes .. killers :)

    1. Glad you liked the post and the heels :)

  7. Another bang on post!!! *clapping*

  8. Nice post, seems like net and lace is not going to leave for long time :)

    1. Thankyou Zubaida.yeah I hope the trend stays and we get to see some innovations :)

  9. Oh my! Thank u! Seriously! Living overseas and not watching any Pakistani drama it's hard to keep in touch with the trendings in pak :( I recently spotted someone wearing pitta here, so now I know what I might want for eid :D

    Man I wanna dye my hair


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