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Today the product under spotlight on the blog is the ever popular Bio Oil.It has been a topic of much debate and discussion on girl forums especially in relation to stretch marks after pregnancy and sudden weight gain.So does it do anything?Lets read more to know...

The product comes in a large 200ml bottle.Its available in smaller size as well.The packaging is simple and sturdy with expiry date mentioned on the carton.The bottle I am reviewing cost me around 2200PKR two years back.In dollars the price is somewhere between 28$ to 34$  currently.

The product is a combination of vitamins and plant extracts,including lavender,rosemary,chamomile and vitamins A and E.Its latest break through is Pur Cellin Oil which is secreted by ducks to keep their feathers waterproof and flexible.It aims at hydrating skin,reducing fine lines scars and stretch marks.According to company put of those who used it 65% saw an improvement in scars,50%saw a reduction in stretch marks,93%noted improvement in dryness and uneven skin tone.

The bottle has very simple packaging.I think a pump would have been way better then a simple cap.

As you can see in the photos above the oil has a thin consistency and is very light.The texture and fragrance is like baby oil.

When applied to skin it is instantly absorbed and leaves behind just a hint of shine.(See photo above).It is very light and does not feel greasy at all.I really like this fact because it makes the oil so much more user friendly.It has a very mild scent which is pleasant.

Now the claims.Lets deal with them one by one.

Does the oil do something for:


Yes definitely.I have seen it working overnight to transform dehydrated parched skin into smooth and hydrated one.


Since the oil hydrates it also evens skin tone over a week of use.It reduces patchiness on skin especially in winters.I have very oily skin so I use the oil on face only in winters.I like the way my skin looks next day,all smooth and even. Of course moderation is the key.If any oil is used on facial skin excessively this in itself might lead to uneven skin tone due to oiliness.


I can not vouch for it myself but my mom's face looks fresh the day after she uses it.She never uses it regularly so we have not observed the effects on wrinkles.However,woman do report that they see improvement in their fine lines.


Well this is the tricky one.I have never used it religiously like you know every single day of past few years , but whenever I have it has certainly reduced the appearance of my stretch marks a little.They looks less noticeable.When it comes to scar and stretch marks so many factors like diet,supplements and care during pregnancy count so to depend and expect a lot from this oil alone would not be fair. This oil basically works as an adjuvant.You have to keep using it with other stuff and proper care to get results.This alone is not a miracle worker.However,with regular use it will give significant results.This has been my personal experience.

So you would ask why spend on this oil when any regular old oil like sarson oil (mustard oil) can do the same if used in routine?The answer is simple:Bio oil is clinically tried,tested,effective and aesthetically better then a regular oil.Pure oil might do the trick, but you might not be able to get it in its pure form and if you do you will find it very very sticky and aromatic.So Bio oil really is better in that sense if it weren't for the hefty price tag :(

Do I recommend it?I believe that everyone should have one bottle of some oil,any oil which suits them, to tackle and sooth their skin especially after 30yrs of age.So if you have not found the oil most suitable for your skin do give this a try.It is much less likely to irritate your skin and lets not forget it does reduce stretch marks if you start using it in the second trimester of pregnancy.However,be very careful while using oils on face, because they might break you out.


I hope you all liked the review and found it helpful.I love this product and would keep repurchasing, but I would love it more if a friend brought it for me from the US or UK me.This will save me shipping cost ^_^

Do let me know how was the review.I will be waiting for your lovely response.If there is a product you want reviewed or any ingredient query or just feedback just drop me a message here  or at FB.

Stay pretty and blessed.xoxoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing nice to hear <3

  2. Nice review. I still need to test mine for some time.

    1. yes i agree.This oil does need alot of testing :)

  3. This sound promising... n seems great for my dehydrated skin :) Nicely reviewed..

  4. looks like a nice product thanks for sharing dear :)

  5. I think I've seen this product at the local stores and even featured in magazines, I believe it's highly recommended.

    1. yes Zurainny indeed it is.I liked it however the effects take some time to show :)

  6. Great post, i have really dry skin so i use almond oil to massage on face once a week in winters, it does hydrate the skin. I will be looking for this one :)

    1. I am happy you liked the post Zubaida :)

  7. Great review very detailed n guiding as ever! :)


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