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Like most girls I love lipsticks.I am always on the outlook for the most long lasting formula which looks good too.A few months ago I got an email from Diana of London stating that their lipsticks are safe for Muslim consumers.Therefore on my next visit to departmental store I got a few things from DOL to test and review since it is very easily available and has good quality too.
I tried the lipstick first and here I am with the review :)

The "2000 Kisses Wonderful Lipstick" is basically a range of long lasting lipsticks in alluring colors.Diana Of London says:

"Light weight,Long lasting and non transfer.An amazing lip color in liquid form with matte iridescent and metallic effects to assure long lasting makeup results."

So was it true to its claim?Read on to know

The lip product is a liquid lipstick housed in a glass tube with a wand doe foot applicator.Packaging is cute and sturdy.The applicator is soft and ideal for even application.The 2000 KISSES WONDERFUL LIPSTICK range comes in at least 50 colors on the website,but I have always seen only 10-12 colors at most DOL counters in Lahore at a given time.Majority of the colors I have swatched are uber pretty and I would love to get my hands on more.

Price = 595PKR

The formula smells faintly of vanilla.It is soft creamy consistency and a velvety texture.It spreads evenly and does not form ugly splotches of color.

It is thin creamy when fresh, but dries and sets into a soft matte finish in a minute.It does have a tendency of settling into fine lines and cracks on lips, but its still a little forgiving as compared to other stronger matte lip stains.This is probably because its thicker then a lip stain and a little hydrating as well.(See fresh and dry swatch above).It is very much like Soft matte lip cream by NYX, but creamier and more liquid-y whereas NYX cream is more like mousse.

The best thing I like about the formula is that it is extremely long lasting.Once you apply it and let it set nothing can budge it.It is transfer resistant,long staying,smudge proof and does not change color at all.You can eat and drink all you like and it wont move.Now this guarantee is coming from a girls who licks her lipstick off of her lips in a jiffy :p The longest wear time in my experience has been 8 hours.After that there is a little fading but its not uneven or ugly at all.I take it off after applying a dot of olive oil.I massage lips gently and remove the lipstick with a tissue

This is lipstick indeed is wonderful.It just acts like a lip tattoo ^_^ I would so love to rename it though. :p because the word lipstick does not do justice to the star performance it gives.

For long lasting lip colors I prefer lip pencils, but they tug and dry out lips so much.I am happy I have discovered this lip cream and I would love to wear it in summers.Top it with a little gloss and you can use it in winters too.

Here is how it looks on me:


Easily available

Carmine free

Long lasting

Light weight

Does not change color

Smudge proof

I can not think of any except that some girls who don't favor matte lip lacquers might not like it.

You have to take care while applying since it does not come off easily.

So that's all girlies.I hope you liked the review and found it helpful.Do tell me how you liked the post.Drop your love in the comment box or my FB page BEING ME.

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Stay tuned  ^_^

Stay pretty and blessed.



  1. OMG am a huge fan of matte lip lacquers and lip colors.. How did I skip these..Lovely shade, thanks for sharing..:)

  2. great review! ill look for my fave color at their kiosk :-)

    1. thankyou Sadia.I hope you find your fav color

  3. I am not a big fan of matte lip lacquers but this shade looks really pretty......xoxoxo...:)

    1. yes I was little in doubt when i bought it but i totally love it

  4. Great review! I hate how NYX ones settle in lip cracks, I hope this one is better than that. xx

    1. Matte lipsticks do settle in cracks but the good thing is you can always top it with a gloss without compromising on the stay time.It would be reduced but not alot

  5. Matte lips should never be out of fashion :D This is that particular shade which may not flatter dark skin tones.

    1. it comes in such pretty reds and cinnamon shades.I bet you would find the right one for yourself :)

  6. I am a huge fan of the diana lippies, they never disappoint me whether its the matte or glossy ones. I am honestly obsessed with the 2000 kisses shades and wear them on an everyday basis although they are highly pigmented so i use a very little amount of it.
    i hope you enjoy using this lipstick sheherzad!

    1. I agree Fatemah.I also use a little because it is so loaded with pigment ^_^ yeah i am loving it

  7. I love the matte lip lacquer craze that has taken over the world by storm! Loved reading your review so much after such a long time and the photos are great too! Especially the lip swatch! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Aww thankyou so much Jadirah.I was so busy with work and travelling I didnt have time for photos so thats why the review was so late.But I am trying hard to stick to my routine now *fingers crossed** :p

  8. This color is so beautiful, matte finishes are always best as they last longer the others. Great review and swatches :)

  9. Great review... u making me shun my anti obsession with DOL will check the counter on my next visit :)

  10. very nice post. so cute! gorgeous lipstick color, nice review :)
    very inspiring blog.
    lets follow eachother! just let me know and I will follow back :)


  11. i would say what an aahooo color...
    #aandiyooo sohniyooo <3


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