Orange lips are  all the rage nowadays. With famous celebs like Ayesha Omar sporting this looks no wonder its getting so popular.One of the biggest advantage of this color is that it looks very flattering on yellow undertones and is a refreshing to look at particularly in summer.Therefore I got this beautiful orange shade from Color studio Professional from Rahat Departmental Store,Lahore.

The lipstick is quite budget friendly at 595PKR.

The lipstick comes in a black casing.On the outside its very simple, just the regular packaging nothing too eye catching.

Formula is creamy with a faint vanilla scent.

It just glides over lips and does not highlight the cracks or flaws in lip too much.(However to sport a bright color your lips should be scrubbed and prepped).

The orange color is a bright orange which tilts more towards a reddish hue.It complements medium complexion beautifully.If you don't have huge issues of hyper pigmentation it will look very pretty on you.The color looks darker on lips then in the tube.It has a creamy consistency.

The wear time is just normal and after two to 3 hrs of wearing there is a need to refresh the lipstick even if you don't eat or drink anything.On the other hand the color gets prettier as it fades.Some might even prefer the naturally faded look it leaves.

All in all its a great lipstick and perfect for you if you want to flaunt orange pout in budget.

PS:On contacting Color Studio Professional about ingredients of the lipsticks,the company confirmed that the lipstick was free from ingredients derived from animals and carmine      .Allah knows best

Have you tried CSP lipsticks?What are your favorites.

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Stay pretty and blessed


  1. This is such a spring-summer shade. Love it ! I have been eyeing it from a long time but it's always out of stock.
    Nice review =) xx

  2. The shade is so pretty, I've got it on my list now! :) xx

    Momina Haseeb | ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I as looking for a nice orange lipstick similar to Revlon tutti frutti and this seems great. Nicely reviewed

  4. Pretty shade and the lipstick seems moisturizing.

  5. Love this colour and i must say colour studio lipsticks are amazing :) u should try thier matt range :) It's my fav and I love your review :)

  6. The shade looks very pretty. I really enjoy this range of Lipsticks by CSP, so affordable and good quality. xx

  7. It is so lovely shade of orange. you did nice review :)

  8. What a pretty shade! but I am so afraid this will not good on me :/

  9. Jet Setter is the perfect orange. And yes, it looks prettier when it is fading :)

  10. Pretty orange shade.


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