"There is a good product,then there is a best product and then there is "URBAN DECAY PRIMER POTION"     ^_^   .

Even when I was a student with my head buried in books and I was unaware that people blog about makeup(I was that naive once :p ) I knew about its existence.So it was natural that I wanted it as soon as I started blogging.After an agonizing period of waiting I finally got it.So, did it live up to the hype or did it prove to be yet another example of overtly exaggerated raves on an average product from a high end brand ? **rolls eyes**

Read on to know:

The urban decay primer potion is a product that attained cult status in a very short time.It claims to provide  CREASE- FREE color that lasts for 24 hours and makes eye shadow more vibrant .Hmm it does sound like a magic potion :P If it delivers all that it promises then yay!

The primer is available at urban decay website for 20 dollars and they even offer a free return policy if you are not satisfied with the product.Click here to view website.

It comes in four types:Original,Sin,Eden,Greed.The last three types are colored and serve as highlighters too.

It is also available at Sephora and Ulta among other big departmental stores.In Pakistan it is available at centaurus mall Islamabad but I always prefer getting it from USA via a facebook page.

I got it for 1700pkr from Makeup and Accesories.It is the most awesome page ever.The customer care,service everything is excellent and they always products on best prices. A big thanks to the page owners.I highly recommend it to all of you.

The urban decay primer potion comes in a squeezable tube with a nozzle which allows easy application and zero wastage.

It is a very light beige in color and has a creamy texture.It is so very easy to spread and blend.On blending the beige color disappears and it leaves the skin silky smooth and soft.

Now comes the real question.does it really hold the eye shadows in place?Well I am glad to confirm what the world is saying.It does a friggin' awesome job.First of all it gives a silky canvas where eye shadows can be easily applied and blended.I have used it with very low quality scratchy shadows and this baby even made their blending wonderfully smooth.

It forms sort of a sticky surface where eye shadows stick and then stay until you decide to take it off.This works to improve the stay time of the shadow and minimizes fall outs.

I have used it so much in the past months.Even in hot summers it never creased.The promise of crease free look is very true.

The eye shadows stay fresh for a long time.They don't lose the vibrance and color even after 8 hours(my personal experience).They don't fade at all and stay until I decide to take them off.

The regular readers are well aware that I use only halal and vegan products.It is so very hard to find some good eye shadows in affordable range that I just went out and bought ELF eye shadow palette(Review here).For those who have not read my review I should mention that ELF palette does an average job.Some shades are literally useless and the pigmented ones don't stay for long.However,when I wear these shadows over UD primer potion its like they come to life.They are pigmented,crease free and brilliantly beautiful.Its almost like watching the mild girl-next-door transform into a superstar DIVA in seconds.Now you can well imagine what it would for the really good eye shadows.


Leaves skin silky smooth.

Makes blending of eye shadows easy.

Increases stay time of eye shadows.My personal experience has been 8-9 hours with no fading.

Crease free look for a long time.

Improves and enhances the performance of even the most ordinary eye shadows.



Availability might be an issue


Its very rare to see a product getting a whooping 5/5 from me.

I hope you liked my review.Which one is your go to primer?

COMING UP NEXT on blog are reviews of Color studio professional lipstick in a shade which is totally in vogue nowadays,a drugstore eyeliner which has longest stay time ever and the very popular Tarte primer+tinted moisturizer.

Stay connected and keep watching the space because a giveaway would be coming your way very soon.

Stay pretty and blessed.


  1. Surely this was one of the products that everybody kept talking about for a long long time when I started blogging too! The results prove its worth, but I have been looking for drugstore alternatives easily available here! I never seem to find Luscious Angel one. -_- xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Although I am big advocate and hunter of dupes I will advise you against getting a dupe for this one.It is undupeable.You simply can not get this performance from a drugstore dupe :)

  2. This seems worth buying for sure.. Nice review. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I have been trying to get an eye primer for myself ever since i got to know about them, but I didn't had many options. I have read so many reviews on elf and urban decay eye primer that i wanted one of these, elf seemed more convinient considering the price tag but sadly I haven't yet got it too. But I think I should decide to get this one now.

    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

    1. Yes go for it.I have tried so many but this primer beats them all

  4. Does this good a primer really exist? :o Definitely worth the price.

    1. it does baby and people praise it very rightly

  5. It sure sounds worth the hype, you did great detailed review.

  6. Such an detailed review :) Love it :) Keep it up and i must say it lived upto its hype and u made me tempting to buy this now.hehe.Added this to my wishlist :)

  7. The holy grail primer. I've been wanting this for so long. A very detailed review indeed. Thankx for sharing :)

  8. Wow such an amazing review. Now you have got me thinking about getting it, since my eye makeup stays on for like 10 hours and it creases badly mid day due to me small eyes.

    1. Then you should totally get it shinaya :)

  9. Girl u sold it to me!!!! Now all I need is a good amount of Savings :p thanks for detailed review!

  10. hi, from which shop in centaurus mall can i get this? plz do reply soon :)


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