Hi peaches,

A few days ago it was my son's birthday and I wanted it to be special so I let my imagination take full control and here is what I came up with...ROYAL BIRTHDAY.My son loves playing king.I have built him a castle of his own(with cardboard boxes and a flag).Therefor I thought he will love a royal theme birthday.

First question was deciding the cake.Well as you all know there are many facebook pages making pretty themed fondant cakes, but they were all so expensive.They were like 1100per pound.It can get expensive when you are on a budget and have to order a 6-8pound worth cake.So I contacted a local bakery gave them a photo and they did a delicious job.Its a cadbury chocolate and kitkat flavored chocolate cake.(For details you can contact me)

Name of birthday boy goes on crown

Then came the goodie bags for his class mates.I decided on brown paper bags.Initially I wanted to tie the up with  brown jute string to give a medieval touch but then I thought a golden seal would look prettier and proper too.

I put in the following things:

1-Chocochip biscuits             10pkr
2-Chocolate coin                    5pkr

3-Chocolate eclaire                10pkr

4-Pencil with a rattle
toy shaped like 
spade etc 
in cards game        20pkr 

5-A colorful eraser                  05pkr

So it amounted to a total of 50 pkr per bag.The stationary cost me 200 pkr in total.I needed three chart papers,Three brown paper sheets,three golden glitter sticker formic sheets,UHU glue.I made 20 goodie bags so it cost me roughly 1500pkr.

Then comes dressing the king himself.I was in no mood to hunt for a costume so I devised my own.

For the crown:

 I took a carton and cut out a crown shape.Then bent it so it would fit my boy's head.Finally I sprayed on some golden paint,sprinkled golden glitter on fresh paint and let it dry.Then I glued on a gem I had in my sewing kit.For proper fitting I used an elastic band at the back.(See the photo where birthday boy is wearing it on his head).


To make a sword I just took a carton and cut it out in shape of sword complete with a handle.

Then I separated the two layers of the cut shape and inserted a small stick in between to stabilize it.I wrapped a lot of cell tape on it to hold it in place.

Finally I painted the handle black with spray paint and after it dried I wrapped alumium foil around the blade of sword to give it a full metallic look.

I took a yard length of black silk cloth and sewed the edges all around.I sewed the top edge with a little margin much like waist band of pajamas so that gave me space to string through the red string which could be tied at neck.You can also sew the strings directly on to the cape edges too.That's all. Then I cut out a big crown from the sticky sheets and pasted it on the cape.Original idea was to paint it with fabric paint but 'I was short on time so I settled for this instead.

The king after cutting his cake  amidst cheers and clapping started crying for mommy :p Then the teacher brought us to our senses and the king promptly distributed goody bags from the royal basket to the people of his kingdom.

All in all it was a good birthday and I felt great that my boy enjoyed :) Do you love theme parties?


  1. Aww that is so cute... Happy Belated birthday to ur son :) Loved the whole idea <3 You are one creative Mom

  2. How cute :) I love how you've used gold glitter.

  3. This is sooo amazing!! You've worked so hard! Your kid is so lucky to have a mom like you! ^_^

  4. Aww so cute :* Such an creative idea :D will be doing this for my lil bro birthday :) And Hugs and kisses to your son :*

  5. Sounds like so much fun!! The goodie bags are absolutely adorable! I love such DIYs for parties! Happy Belated Birthday to your little King!! May Allah bless him with the best in life! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Thankyou so much Jadirah.Ameen to your dua's <3

  6. It all looks so wonderful. Every single detail look beautiful. Great job :)

  7. Shehri I love u... ur a super mom... plz adopt me :p fantastic n mind blowing u sugghar lady.
    Loads of love n belated birthday wishes for the lucky king MashAllah.
    Im impressed n now a total fan of urs :p

    1. aww thankyou so much Huda .As always you are very generous with your compliments <3 Thankyou :)

  8. OMG, i am just loving all your concerned related to celebration. Now it becomes fashion to followed theme, and wasting lots of money just for the sake of status symbol.

    Me n my Sister used to do such work alot, but me lazy who always forget to take pics. Now i will also share such things to encourage people that simplicity is the best policy, and better to invest on worthy projects.

    Lots of love n prayers for my little prince. Stay blessed


  9. Wow very creative....*claps* :)


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