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Today my post is actually a tutorial on brows.Eyebrows play a vital role in facial beauty.Properly groomed and shaped brows frame your eyes to make them appear more beautiful.I am blessed with thick brows, but recently I have started noticing that shaping the brows and filling them in gives the face a youthful look while bringing out elegance.So I have started filling my eye brows as many of you noticed ^_^ Shaping eyebrows is fairly simple but some find it hard for the fear of going overboard.Therefore I am publishing this tutorial to explain all the steps.

I am using SIGMA BROW EXPERT KIT for this tutorial.

I start with tweezing excess hair and shaping my brows the way I like them.The inner ends of brows need to be trimmed a bit to bring them in line neatly.For this purpose I use "Expert Tweeze".I prefer thicker eyebrows because they are in fashion and they make one look younger too.

Then I start by taking a little brow powder in darker shade with E-75 angled brush and draw a line on the upper and lower margin of brow to shape them in the desired way.

This how the brows look after filling.

Note that I have used a mix of lighter and dark shade for filling in the brows.This is because my hair are ash brown these days with streaks and I dont want the color of my brows to clash against hair color.It looks unnatural.However,for day time use a darker shade which matches your brow color so that it doesn't look too artificial.

Next I use a brow wax to  lock the powder in place.The brow wax also helps to enhance the performance of the powder and gives a smooth glamorous sheen of healthy brows.With the brow wax heavier brows last longer so it is recommended to use it if you are going for heavy brows.Some also use brow gel but  personally like brow wax because there is no stiffness or side effects after use.

As an added measure I use a spoolie end of E-75 brush to gently brush the brow hair in place.This helps spread the brow wax evenly on surface of the brows.

Brows are almost done and now comes the highlighting.The mate powder is used above the brows to bring out the shape and cover any stubby growth that can not be tweezed out.

Next comes highlighting the brow bone.For this I choose the shimmery shade, because I like to highlight my brow bone.Prominent brow bones make eyes appear wider.However,if you have hooded eyes then avoid shimmery shades on brow bone as it will make your eyes look smaller and overshadowed.

Here is the final look

I also made this collage to make things easier to remember and to pin for later use.

I hope you like my little effort to share what little I know about brows.Do let me know how was the post.

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Stay blessed


  1. It gives such a neat look! I loved the pictorial <3

  2. Not sure if my comment got posted if it did please delete this one :$ hehe loved your post n how thoughtful to pictorize the steps! :D <3

  3. Amazing tutorial! I really need this kit in my life now. ;)

  4. i found your blog after googling about halal makeup. you're avoiding non-halal products, yet you plucked your brows, you don't wear your hijab..

    1. how can you assume i dont wear hijab.?Also did it cross your mind that i might not be answerable to you about covering my head???? Islam is not about one thing dear.its a whole way of life.I might be doing A-Z and missing C and you might be doing A-Z and missing D or E.Its not a take it or leave it thing.its take whatever you can and keep striving to be better.I am doing what I can and by keeping an open mind will do more Insha Allah

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