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Fatburger recently arranged a launch event in Lahore.I was invited but regretfully had to miss it.However,worry not my peaches because I bring to you the official press release and photos which surely make you want to go grab a bite of the juicy fat burger.



Introduces Juicy, CrispyBuffalo's Chicken Exclusively in Pakistan.


"[Pakistan, 3rdJanuary, 2015]: Pakistan is truly a land of foodies, evident from the number of multinational brands opening their doors here. In the past few years, we have seen several international eateries expanding their businesses into Pakistan. Once such chain is Fatburger, the globally coveted quick service chain of restaurantswhich entered the Pakistani market with quite a bit of hype surrounding it. Thankfully, the Los Angeles based company has managed to live up to the hype and is the first preference for authentic fast food lovers.

After building a dedicated customer base for their gourmet burgers, Fatburger has now introduced their latest offering, Buffalo's Chicken, which has been launched specifically keeping in mind the Pakistani market's taste 
buds. The crispy fried chicken is served with a choice of three sauces; Sweet 
Bourbon BBQ, Carolina Fire BBQ and Buffalo's signature sauce. Buffalo’s 
Chicken is available across all Fatburger outlets in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and is priced at PKR 300 for two pieces. Some exciting promotional deals being offered at present include 1 grilled chicken sandwich, 2 pieces of Buffalo's Chicken and 2 drinks, which costs PKR 700, while a bucket of 9 pieces of Buffalo’s Chicken can be purchased for PKR 1300.

To introduce the new delicacy in Pakistan, Fat Burger recently organized an exclusive tasting of the Buffalo’s Chicken for select media. 

Attendees included journalists Rubia Moghees, Sadia Zaheer, Sarah Eleazar, bloggers Sadaf Zarrar, Hassan Abbas, Fakhra Rafique Khan,Anam Raheel and hospitality consultant Raza Abbas.

Shahrukh -Managment Fat Burger
Fakhra Rafique Khan,Beauty blogger and a Dear friend

Shortly after serving of the food, guests were taken on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of FatBurger's kitchen to give them an idea about the strict 
quality control Fat burger practices.

After visiting the kitchen, one of the attendees Anam Raheel remarked“I must say, the kitchen's organization and cleanliness is remarkable!”

Speaking about the unique selling point of Buffalo's Chicken, CEO Fatburger 
[BIL Foods Pvt. Ltd.]Mr. Amer Kamal stated,“The USP is that Buffalo’s 
Chicken isa product ofinternational brand Buffalo's which specializes in chicken globally. We have used a special technique which ensures the spices and herbs are marinated thoroughly to ensure flavor in every bite. Then of course like all other products that fall under Fatburger/Buffalo's, the chicken used is of the highest quality available and prepared fresh every time an order is placed, unlike other joints where food is processed and ready to serve”.

CEO Fatburger, BIL Foods Mr Amer Kamal

Fat burger has come to be known as the last great burger stand with a 50 year long legacy of originality, based on their signature gourmet hamburgers which 
are prepared live in front of patrons using fresh, unfrozen and hygienic ingredients. The brand uses only the leanest halal meat in its offerings, ensuring that their products are low in fat content and high in nutritional value.

Fatburgerhas received numerous international accolades and has been voted 
Best Burger in Beijing, Dubai, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the past. 

The fast food chain is also famously known for its strong association with 
Hollywood, with restaurants abroad regularly frequented by renowned media 
personalities including Tom Cruise, the Beastie Boys, Terrence Howard and 
Kate Bosworth among others, of whom some including Kanye West, Queen 
Latifah and Magic Johnson also have ownership of different international 
Fatburger franchises.

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  About Fatburger:

Armed with a five decade strong legacy of originality, Fatburger is a brand that has come to be synonymous with fresh, mouth-watering fast food, where their award winning signature hamburgers are created live on the spot, in the leanest halal meat. Indeed, the brand has received numerous accolades and has been voted Best Burger in Beijing, Dubai, Jakarta, Los Angeles and Las Vegas in the past. Renowned for its hearty portions and distinctive seasonings, all of Fatburger’s menu items are all freshly prepared, sourced from non-frozen raw materials and cooked using only the most hygienic and high quality ingredients. All products are cooked-to-order, live in front of patrons and their menu in Pakistan draws upon Hollywood and the regions’ favorite choices such as Japaleno Fat burgers, Chicken Sandwiches and unique items such as the Western BBQ Fat burger, Turkey burger, Veggieburger, Homemade Onion Rings and real hand scooped ice cream shakes.

With its humble beginnings in the kitchen of Ms.Lovie Yancey in LA, Fatburger grew quickly to become a Tinsel town favourite. All of the brands’ 150 stores worldwide have been designed by renowned architects who ensure that Fatburger provides the perfect welcoming environment for a retro, rhythm and blues based culinary ambiance.The Lahore outlet is located on M.M.Alam Road, the city’s most popular hub for gourmet cuisine.    "       


So lets see how Lahoris warm up to Fat Burger's new burger introduced exclusively for them.Have you been to Fat burger recently?How was the experience?

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  1. Its nice to be part of this event... Amazing :*

    I would love to visit them soon with friends <3

  2. To be honest my taste buds are not very fond of Fat Burger but these new additions look very tempting <3

    1. These do look yummy Hira.I am so sad I had to miss the event :(

  3. Iam not really a huge fan of fat burger and didnt liked thier burgers that much but these look so tempting.yummmmm.need to have that anyhow :D going to try thier 700 ruppees one deal :D Thanks for sharing love :)

    1. I am thinking of availing this deal too .Maybe we will run into each other there ^_^

  4. Seems a good dine out option :) n glad we have it in Isloo too.

  5. we have the fat burger restaurant in the Centaurus mall, Islamabad and people seem to love it.

  6. Haha, so much love for Fakhra! ^^ I need to eat all of this right now!! :D x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  7. Why'd you show us all that yumminess!! I just had my dinner and I am hungry all over again :D :D


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