Sigma Beauty is a brand that needs no introduction.The best thing about sigma apart from its great quality and amazing products is its innovation.You can always count on them to come up with awesome new products.Sometime ago they launched a brow kit.This kit sports all the essentials required for grooming brows and achieving that perfect arch we all admire so much.I was sent the kit to try sometime ago and  here I am with my review.Read on to know whether this brow kit is a good buy...


The Sigma Beauty Brow Expert Kit contains a collection of seven fundamental tools and tints needed to arch, shape and groom the brows. Add this kit to your essential beauty routine to completely enhance your overall makeup look. 


SHADES:Light,Medium and Dark.

The kit comes in a plastic tray packed in a box.It contains:
a- E-75 angeld Brow &Lash Dual ended brush
b-Expert trim,sharpner
c-Expert Tweeze
d-Brow Powder Duo
e-Brow Highlight Duo
e-Brow Wax
(See photos above)

I like the tools in the brow kit.They have great quality and ideal size.The tweezers are sharp and tweeze out the tiniest of hair.I hate ineffective tweezers in most brow kits, but thankfully its not one of those.However,I do feel that this kit should have come with a box to keep the tools and shades.It would certainly have increased the portability and management.


The E-75 dual ended brush has angled brush at one end and spoolie at the other.The brush is sleek and precise.It is soft hence allowing good application and easy blending of the brow powder.The spoolie brush is like any other, but it is sleek with dense bristles.Also it come as a part of dual ended brush so obviously this increases utility.


The brow powder duo is very pigmented with a satin smooth texture.It is easy to apply and blends very easily.The amazing degree of pigmentation is obvious from swatches(see above).I like the ease with which the powder fills in the gaps and spreads.Even beginners can hardly go wrong with it.Small strokes and blending gets a good result.

The colors in medium duo are very useful for girls with brown to black hair.If you have black hair then go for dark shade of the duo.I liked medium well enough ^_^ as it can give a lighter natural look. I use a mix of lighter and dark shade for filling in the brows.This is because m hair are ash brown these days with streaks and I don't want the color of my brows to clash with hair color.It looks unnatural.However,for day time use a darker shade which matches your brow color so that it doesn't look too artificial.


I love this Brow Wax Pencil for two reasons.Firstly it is very travel friendly.It has a very manageable size.Secondly,it feels very light.It does not have a heavy or greasy feel.It gives a very natural sheen to hair while enhancing the look of brow powder.It looks the powder in place beautifully and prolongs the stay time.


The highlight powder has two shades matte and shimmery.

I love the matte "Highlight Powder" in this kit so much.It is very pigmented and smooth with a satin texture.A little is enough even to cover smallish hair growth and the over all look is so natural.It highlights the brows beautifully.The shade will work great for medium to fair asian skin tones.(For reference I am NC25 in MAC).

The shimmery shade is a very pale gold.Shimmer is very fine milled and once blended you can not find the glittery particle but just a pretty sheen.I use this powder on my tear duct area as well as for some face highlighting ^_^ Both the powders have a great stay time even on my oily skin.

I have been brow kit frequently and i am very happy with it.The  finished look lasts for 7-8 hours and that indeed is a blessing in case of oily skin.


Before                                                               After

I hope you girls like the review.You can visit Sigma here .You can avail a 10% discount by using code "NY2015." 

If you are a newbie to makeup and would like to know how to make the best use of sigma brow kit to groom your brows stay tuned for the tutorial on "How to shape your brows ".

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DISCLAMIER:This is a PR post but the it has been published after proper use and testing of product.Its my 100% honest review on the product.Post contains affiliate links


  1. Love ur detailed review and I so love this brow kit.. This is the best brow kit ever, contains almost everything needed for perfectly groomed brows <3

  2. Wow! Your brows look amazing. x

  3. I have dark eye brows. The shades in this one are a bit lighter for me. Great review though :) thankx for sharing.

    1. Then you should go for dark shade in this kit Kiran :)

  4. Nice and detailed review. A tutorial on how you do brows would be awesome :)

  5. The kit looks promising. The difference is apparent in your before and after picture :)

  6. Wow ur review has surely n great before n after comparison.

  7. Love your detailed review :) and u have tooked perfect photos :) and love those swatches. :) and this kit looks promising :)

    1. Thankyou Anna.I am glad you liked the photos and swatches

  8. Nicely reviewed, your eyebrows looks perfect :)

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    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

    1. Oh my God oh my God I think I am going to swoon ***faints then gets up * :p Thankyou so much Jadirah for the love and the compliments.It means more then I can ever convey in words. <3 <3 <3 I was an affiliate through and through but I recently updated my account to synchronize with the new affiliate system so that sorted out the few problems I had. ^_^
      Once again thankyou.Love you girl.You are one amazing person <3 <3 <3

  10. I have it in Medium shade too and it is just awesome!! :)

  11. such a detailed review! I loved it so much :D
    I admire your posts alot xx ^_^


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