Hello, peaches! Today I am going to review the master drama kohl liner by Maybelline in the color Ultra black. It claims to give a 16 hours hold. let's see if this lives up to this claim.


             Maybelline is a famous brand for kajal and liners.I have used another kajal from this brand,it is Maybelline colossal kajal and you can  read my review on Maybelline colossal kajal here.I got this kohl pencil from green valley in lahore.It costed me about 785 rupees. The purpose of buying this pencil was that  my Diana of London super five-star kajal pencil was nearly finished and I decided to try something new instead of re-buying it. I have done a review on the Diana of London super star eyeliner pencil as well and those who have read it know that it is my absolutely favourite pencil because it does not bleed or smudges even after 8-10 hours in the summer heat. Read on to see if Maybelline drama kohl can surpass that.

Packaging and Texture:

 The packaging of the drama kajal is nothing out of ordinary. It is a simple black, good sized pencil.When I first got it I thought that is a twist up pencil like the colossal kajal because it has a little cap on its other end.However, I was proven wrong. The texture is really creamy.It does not tug on the eye -lid skin.It goes on smoothly and  the line that this kohl gives is intensely dark and is equivalent to the  finish of a gel liner. You have to give some time to let the eye line settle in, otherwise it will smudge easily. This means that if you tend to make mistakes while applying your liner they will be easy to wipe off ;).
  However on the downside, the kajal does not stay on the waterline for more than 2 hours. And when I applied it on my lower lash line I was greatly dismayed to see that not only it gave me horrible raccoon eyes after 3 hrs ,any attempt to remove it by tissue paper were in vain. This is a water -proof kohl liner, and you will need a makeup remover to take it off. I usually apply coconut oil around my eyes as it is not as harsh as store bought removers and also moisturizes my skin. I usually have to apply and remove twice before all of the remnants of the kohl are gone.

Staying Power:

     The first time I wore it without priming my lids or putting powder over the kajal to soak the excess oil and by the time I was finished with my day 6 hours later, I noticed that apart from a little fading and very little smudging, the eyeliner was still in place.I was quite impressed. Since the kohl is so soft and creamy in texture, you go through the product fast and it has to be sharpened often.The tip of the pencil is a little fat and it is difficult to get a thin and precise line with this kohl.
This is a great choice for you if want a dark intense line and do not have oily lids.Also, the staying power of the kohl liner is quite good. Apart from the really hot and humid months, it can stay on your lids for 10 hours easily.
      Below I have compared and contrasted Diana of London super-star liner and Maybelline master drama kohl liner
All in all, I will give this kohl pencil a 3.5 out of 5.

1.long lasting
2.easily available
3. gives darkest black dense line
1.diffiicult to remove
2.pencil finishes quickly if you are a daily user

top:Diana of london super star liner
bottom: maybelline master drama kohl liner

After 2 days and two baths, you can still see a faint outline of the maybelline  kohl while the super star liner is long gone.

         Maybelline master drama kohl pencil
 Diana of London super star liner
Dark black line
Dark black line
Soft creamy texture
Texture is soft initially, after a few months it goes partially dry
Lasts for 10-12 hours on upper lash line
Lasts for 10 hours on upper lash line
Lasts for 2 hours on water line
lasts for 3 to 4 hours on water line
Around 800 rupees
Around 600 rupees.

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  1. its more than needed long lasting lol, thanks for an informative review its texture seems to be very creamy compared to super star liner <3

    1. Thanku for commenting hira.I agree, at times you need a liner which is easier to remove.:)

  2. Fantastic, perfect for daily liner users! x

    Love XoxoX

    1. Thanks for dropping by Isma! If you liked this post you will surely like my upcoming post on the bonacure hair treatment. <3

  3. it super black and price sounds good...
    following you on GFC

    1. Thank you! I will make sure to follow you back :)

  4. sounds like a great product


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