I know have been posting very little lately,but as my regular readers are well aware of I am currently on a vacation in Singapore.So until I get back and fall into the routine just bear with me please.

I was not planning on doing any posts at all, but honestly some products make you write about them.If you want to know why I was compelled to write about this mascara read on.

Envyderm is a USA based company that makes halal,cruelty free products infused with natural ingredients especially Argan oil.The are renowned the world over for their eyelash care products.The eyelash growth promoting serum was a big hit.Now the compan has expanded its line and included lip products as well.To know more about Envyderm and its founder Nadia Smith's mission click here.

I am reviewing the VOLUME MASCARA.It promises thickened, conditioned and longer lashes without flaking and clumping.

PRICE/SIZE:29$ / 7ml

I love the sleek silver packaging a lot.The mascara really has a high end look and feel.

The wand felt kind of longer then normal and I was afraid it would get in the way of good application.However,it did not cause any problem at all.The bristles are evenly distributed and are short in size.This promotes better coating and separation of lashes.So while you do not get the "falsies" look , the applicator ensures you don't have clumped up lashes. 

The formula is fragrance free and has beautiful consistency.It goes on the lashes so easily and does not feel heavy at all.

The mascara is water resistant.This means that while its not water proof it does resist moisture a bit and at the same time can be taken off with soap and water.

It has a long wear time.My experience in hot summer has been close to 7 hours.It does not flake and smudge at all.

Now is the time to answer the million dollar question.Does it promote lash growth.The answer is a big resounding YES YES YES.I have documented the result after a month of use in the photo below.I used it everyday for a month.You can see that lashes have grown longer and appear volumized. This is nothing short of a miracle for me as my lashes are just boring average,normal length.Yeah no drama there regretfully.So,I was sceptical about the "growth" claim.However, it was a  pleasant surprise when others started complementing me on my lashes ^_^ (a rarity in itself ).

I did not notice lash fall out while using it.With everyday regular use of mascaras there is always some degree of lash hair fall.However,this mascara stole my heart when I wore it everyday for a month and did not see any lash hair fall at all.

I highly recommend this product.

You can check more about Envyderm on their facebook page here.


Below are before and after photos.I am not wearing any eye makeup at all.No kajal or eyeliner

BEFORE(left),                            AFTER ONE MONTH OF USE(right)


Halal certified.

Cruelty free

Promotes lash growth

Natural ingredients

Prevent lash hairfall.

Great for everyday use since it does not do ANY harm to lashes like all other mascaras.


Price is a bit steep.

It can not give you dramatically volumized look.



What is your favourite mascara.Do share below.

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DISCLAMIER:This is a PR product but author's review and opinion is 100% unbiased and honest.
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  1. Wow the results after one month of use are pretty obvious. Yes the price is a little steep though. Nice review :)

  2. It gives a very natural look.......xoxoxoxo...:)

    1. Thanku for commenting. Yes it looks very natural. For a more dramatic look try loreal telescopic mascara or elf mascara is also very nice.

  3. Whoa! I am too impatient for lash treatments but a mascara that I can wear often sounds great for lengthening! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  4. Is it available in Pakistan?


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