enjoying rainy season

It rained yesterday.When ever it rains its like a day of celebration for my whole 

family.We go out for a long drive,play and have fun.My husband and I like to enjoy our

 tea in the porch.And of course Pakoreyyyy, we love it.Here is a recipe for the most 

yummy pakoras you have ever tried.

When it rains i love to read a good book sitting by the window.This way a connection is

 formed between two good things.So that you enjoy doing one without the other too.I 

mean whenever i read LORD OF THE RINGS...I am reminded of the beautiful weather 

of autmn in October 2007.

A great song by maroon 5  "she will be loved" ,album is "songs for jane" reminds me of 

monsoon rain in murree.Whoever has seen monsoon in murree will agree that its the 

most beautiful rain you can ever see.

i love the layers and layers of dark clouds

Now who can deny the importance of tea in a pakistani's life.We treat 

headache,diarrhea,stress even heartache with tea.Tea is even more important for me, 

because its the only thing that keeps me going during the long duty hours at the 


I love this picture because it features my favorite spot in the house with my 

favorite the picture below my son took away the mug.hehehe

Clouds and rain give everything its own color ...dark beautiful colors against the grey 

background... looks like a painted picture.

Below is the picture of an interesting tree in my house ...atleast 20yrs old.And if you 

look closely you will notice that it has three kinds of foliage.this is because  there are 

three trees merged together.i don't know how.may be they grew over each other 

(literally i mean).

And finally.... I enjoy every season and condition when i am playing with my baby.He 

runs about and says,"Allah tera shukr hai kitna acha mausam hai".he enjoys air in his 

face.going out and playing is a favorite of all babies.Babies love nature

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