Nowadays every other mum is complaining about shrinking stomachs and small 

appetitie of their kids.Especially difficult to tackle are preschoolers(age between 2 to

 3 years).They are very very choosy.Also their "schedules" are too busy to remember 

eating properly.All they want is play and fun.The second they get an inkling that you 

are seriouse in feeding them,they make a run for it.

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Well,as a mum of a naughty preschooler,I have a lot of experience of hearing,"NO,I 

wont eat".Also my kid sister had a problem of "Hare like appetite".So,I always saw my 

mum struggling  with her.Whenever she assigned me that task,I hated it.

However,from all those years and now,I have learned only one thing.We should not

 treat our kid's stomach as an adult's.We need to take a careful and special approach 

towards it.


Kids love to have their own cutlery and feeding trays and bowls.Invest in something

 attractive for your child.For exmaple, my li'l on is a big fan of CARS.So, I try to buy 

cups,trays and bowls with car prints



Also having trays will help with food presentation and  will add to convenience of 

serving variety..



Trying to follow a time table is a big mistake.You should have a time table but, it 

should be flexible.Your baby is a human like you.Remember the mornings when you

 don't want to eat anything at all?.

A great idea in this direction will be to make a small tray of food items that have a 

long tray life.Example is pasta.No matter how many hours ago it was cooked,it will 

look fresh.Another example is boiled egg chunks.


Having the food on a tray lying tin the play room will make your kid pick up and eat 

some of it on the move.Make sure you are near by to intervene in case play involving 

food starts.

If your baby wants to make changes and want cereal for dinner just give in.Your goal is 

get him to eat atleast four meals a day along with milk.


Ok.This one is the most important.You are a busy mom managing a houshold but, still 

you take time out to cook delicious things for your child.When your child doesn't eat 

any of it, you feel like you are not trying hard enough.

Well,stop blaming yourself.In my own experience,and that of other mommies I have 

met,I have concluded that we,ourselves, develop the bad eating habits of our 

chidren.We make them picky eaters by specially preparing snacks and fast food for 


You see,a child should have the habit of eating whatever is cooked without 

complaining.With this goal in mind,try to make your child eat with you.It is very hard 

to make a child sit in one place for more than 5 minuytes so,start by feeding on the 

move.Keep the plate in your hand and give the child small bites from it.Most of the 

times preschoolers don't notice what they are eating because, they are too busy 

playing.So,If you give them to eat whatever you are eating(ofcourse less  spices),you

 will built their taste for everyday meals.This method is not easy and might take an 

hour to finish one meal.SO,eat first and then follow your baby silently around the 

house.Silence is important,as we will discuss in next points.


Ok,so you do try hard to make him eat but, he doesnt want to eat at all.Now is the time 

to keep an eye on what is going on.

Is your child eating too many sweets,choclates or chips?

All these things kill the appetite.I say the word "kill",because no other word can justify 

what these sweets and added flavouring in chips do to appetite.On that note,avoid 

putting monosodium glutamate(chinese salt) in your baby's food,because it reduces 

apptite in the long run.

Make your baby drink water.Water stimulates hunger and keeps the system 

clean.Dark Yellow urine or constipation also point towards dehydration so keep your 

baby hydrated and happy.

Fruits.Great for appetite and great for health.You should serve seasonal fruit in chunks 

or whichever way your baby likes it.Easy to serve and tasty too.It looks deliciouse.

Give two tablespoon gripewater twice daily to children above two years.Trsut me it 

works wonders.Just try it before rejrcting the idea.There is no harm in trying.

Lastly,is your child anemic?Find the answer to this and quick,Because anmia or low 

haemoglobin reduces appatite and increases fussiness.Get the haemoglobin levels 

checked.A simple way is to notice the overall color of child'sface.If face looks pale 

and area under tongue and the conjuctivas is also pale or lacks reddish coloration,your 

baby might be anemic.

This is quite normal in the growing age when increased metabolic demands or repeated 

infections trigger anemia.Also in Pakistan 60 %population(might be more) is anemic.

So,consult your doctor.Give some mutivitamins.My personal favourite is 

Vidalyn-L.You can mix it in milk ,cereal or fruit.It has a strong flavour and even a 

teaspoon makes a glass of milk smell of iron mixture.SO,I used to divide the one 

teaspoon daily dose in 4 installments.

It worked like magic on my baby.He went from not eating at all to eating peacefully


If your baby is anemic Videlyin-M is better for your baby.Consult with your doctor before starting any drug.


Thats the key.Dont force the baby.Forcing will evoke stubborness and rebillion.If you 

are feeding the child and he is not cooperating,dont lecture and fight.This will only 

reinforce the message that you are going against his will.Put the plate down when he 

says no.Dont force that last bite in.

If the portion is unfinished or he didnt eat it.It is time to get up and follow your baby 

around the house,with the plateWhen he is not attaentive slip in abite quietly in his 


Your baby is an indvidual.Dont fight his nature just find a way to work with it.

A great tip that has a always worked for both my babies is giving a full bottle of milk 

while baby is asleep.I swear it increases appetite and makes the baby halthy like 

nothing else can.It involves some extra work and having to wake up at night but it pays.

If you have any health realted problems and want to discuss,just drop a word and I will 

try to help as much as I can. :)

Hope you find this post useful.


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