I am a big fan of eyeliners.I have tried all kinds of eyeliners in the past 10 years.So,I 

thought to share the knowledge on my blog.

Basically,there are three kinds of liners that I have used:

1.Liquid Eyeliners

i.water soluble

ii.water insoluble

2.Pencil eyliners

3.Marker eyeliners



 These are the most popular and the most easy to apply. They come in all sorts of types.

Water soluble:

This is the type which comes in small round pot. You have to dip the brush in water and 

then rub a little on the eyeliner surface  and apply.


1.You can regulate the pigment amount and the pigmentation can be build up to give a 

very black neat finsh.

2.Long-lasting…one cake lasts you for more than an year if you apply daily.

3.You can wear it daily. It is not harmful for eyes.

4.Easy to remove.


1.They are not very travel friendly.

2. They are not water proof.


Aqua krayolan eyeliner cake

 Water insoluble eyeliners:

Liquid eyeliners

They are liquid-in-a-pot type of liners. The very first type of eyeliners.Also very 


 They have different shapes of applicator depending on the brand, can be brushes or 

marker tips.


1.Travel friendly

2.Water proof


1.Application needs some technique. Thick lines are difficult to pull with these.

2.A little mistake in application is difficult to correct if you are wearing eyeshadows.

3.Costly and even then come in real small containers

4.Dry out easily rendering it unusable.

5.Not good for eyelashes if  you wear on daily basis.

LEFT:liquid Eyeliner

Observe the difference in pencil and liquid eyeliner.Latter has a sheen to it.


Diana of London liquid eyeliner(with a marker tip).

rimmel liquid eyeliner,maybellin liquid eyeliner.

 Nowadays the liquid ones are being replaced by GEL EYELINERS.

They come in small, round pots. You just have to dip the brush and apply.Its on my 

wishlist .Here is what I have come to know about them.


1.Travel friendly

2.Easy application

3.Excellent pigmentation…very black

4.Water proof



2.Needs to be applied with technique.

3.You have to wash the brush after each use otherwise it becomes hard and dry

4.The gel may dry out easily in the pot. 


Maybellin gel eyeliner

Catrice gel eyeliner


marker eyeliner
marker eyeliner

These are not easily available.They give you more hold and control over 

application,travel friendly.water proof application.

The only problem is they dry out easily.


Make up acedmy marker eyeliner.


I like them the best. If you get a good quality eyeliner pencil it last you for a long 


 Depending upon the quality they stay put for hours and hours.

Can be used as a kajal(kohl)  pencil and vice versa.

You can create variety of looks because being a pencil it gives you more control.

They are travel friendly, water proof.

SWATCH .From below :
liquid eyeliner,tony teena,christian dior green,sweet touch black,christian dior


1.Smudge easily(some companies like revlon have introduced smudge free pencils 

now).Want to know about a great smudge proof pencil.Read this review

 2.You have to master the technique of application first.


Karaja eye liner pencil, 

etude eyeliner pencil(PKR 90),

krayolan eyeliner pencil(PKR 60), 

Revlon eye pencil(the best) PKR250,

 rimmel eye pencil(PKR 300).

Some styles of eyeliners:



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  2. This was informative! I seriously have a problem that I love the idea of eyeliner and I want to find the perfect eyeliner, but I don't even like wearing it that much and it doesn't look great on me. LOL! This post made me want a good quality crayon eyeliner... At least I'd be able to use the kohl part for the waterline but I already have one of those that I like with the powder and the stick from Saudi Arabia.


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