Managing tantrums and babies

temper tantrum management
the expression I don't like at all

 Babies do try one's patience.No matter how much you promise that you won't freak 

out, more than half the times, you do fly off handle.When I was new to all this I used 

to, even, give way to tears.

temper tantrum management

Therefore,when I heard the D-word(discipline),I was so scared.I mean my boy is as 

stubborn as they come ,how on earth was I going to I manage it.

My son literally drives me crazy at times.So, I did some research and hard thinking on

 how to discipline and control him.

managing temper tantrum
My boy throwing a tantrum.(google images)

Now, whenever we(my son and I) have a clash of wills or he is giving me a hard 

time,I just grit my teeth and repeat this mantra in my head...




This helps me calm down .Makes me feel in charge of the situation.

Then I get down to his level.Literally get down on my knees, and listen to what he is 


If its a smallie(like wanting a toy,wanting to play,not wanting to sleep in the 

cot,wanting a sweet etc),I let him have his way.If its a biggie(want to play when I have 

to work,want to go out when we cant),I try to reason while trying to distract him all 

along.It has worked and is still working.

Find your baby's reset button

There are actually two successful ways of managing a tantrum...

Time out:

Remove your baby from the scene and go to a calmer place.If you are outdoors go to 

washroom,or go sit in your car.When he/she calms down,talk.Tell him what happened

 was wrong and should not happen again.Keep up the practice even if you think its not 

working.Gradually,baby will get the message that every time he misbehaves ,he will 

not get what he wants and will have to leave.

Naughty chair is a good teaching tool and babies as small as 1 year get the concept.for 

each year of baby's age ,there is one minute of time out.You can use a room as time 

out are as well.The purpose is not to let the baby remain in the environment which

caused tantrum or where it started..

Time in:

Get down to baby's level and talk calmly.Hold the baby close.By doing this you are 

giving her a message, that you are there for her and it is okay and she can trust you.The 

feeling that situation is under control and mama is there, calms the baby down

Intellegent use of both the techniques gets amazing results.

Just don't give in when the baby cries.Decide beforehand,if you want to give him/her 

their wish or not.Then stick to it.While it is unfair to fight over smallies,it is equally 

spoiling to surrender to a tantrum in case of  a biggie.

As a rule ,its healthier to have time in's more then time out.

Anger is a negative emotion.When baby throws tantrum ,it gets out of control even for 

the child which makes it frustrating for him/her , hence more tantrum follows.

Be patient,talk in level voice (even if you want to hit him/her).You will able to control 

the situation, if you are in control of yourself.

If you don't feel like it,its perfectly understandable.Just let your spouse take 

over.Leave the room and calm yourself down.Don't hit or shake the baby.

The important thing to realize is that your baby has no control over his/her life and 

maybe anger/tantrum is his/her way of letting you know about something.DO take 

some time and listen to your baby, because they are the most important part of your 

life, and you are their anchor and support system.

temper tantrum management
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Good luck with tantrum management.and do share how you manage your moody baby?


  1. That's amazing I am going to learn your mantra by heart now... will try all this hope it works and I can shop in peace:) thanks allot:)


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