Where Is The World Going

I normally don't write posts on Saturdays.However,the topic, which made me break my 

Saturday silence is actually a TV serial all the Pakistani viewers are aware of...KITNI 

GIRHEIN BAQI HAIN.(still many knots to untie).

I occasionally watch this show.It plays a new story in every episode so suits mommy 

perfectly(no follow ups etc).

kitni Girhen Baqi si bat

This week the episode i watched really disappointed me.Are we really so morally 

degraded that such stories are now appearing in our tv shows.

The story is about a religious  Muslim man(although  Muslim and religious should be 

synonymous), who gets married and starts his life with a girl who is NORMAL, 

according to the writer's standard of normal Pakistani girl.She doesn't cover her head, 

doesn't shy away from interacting with na-mehrums(man not related to her  by blood) 

even smiles at them in restaurant and enjoys going out etc.

The couple is happy together but the real conflict arises when a relative of the 

husband...arrives at their place.The guest turns out to be related to the wife as 

well.He is good looking boy of her age and they talk to each other very frankly.She 

even shakes hands with him when they meet(don't know where the writer or director 

saw this in our middle class),goes into his room alone,does his packing etc.The 

husband eyes her frank interaction with the guest suspiciously(naturally).

The guest taking pics of only the wife

Then one day he brings a burqa for her and asks her to wear it.She objects strongly  

but then complies (her being the 'eastern wife'...a point she didn't remember at all until 

that day).

Well,the story then shows the difficulties her burqa poses for lack of 

freedom to eat easily in public...poor victimized  girl.

The guest arrives again.Husband voices his suspicion,when alone with his wife and 

bammm.She accuses him of being suspiciuse,judjing her wrongly and what not.She 

asks the guest to come with her and they leave the house.

The story ends at the scene where husband meets the guest in a park.He greets him 

politely.The guest introduces his daughter and says he got married.The husband 

congratulates him.Then, he has a  flashback of his married life.

He calls the guest's  wife(who is clad in a burqa..surprise,surprise) by the name of her 

wife ,thinking that she married the guest.But, the guest's wife turns out to be another

 lady shabana .

The boy, then, clears his "Baseless" suspicions,saying that he was judgmental of his

 wife and never realized how humble and compromising his wife was(ahem it was  

hard for even the viewers to realize).

In the end the molvi sahib is left to regret his hasty decision.

The end made me greatly uneasy.I mean the husband was not a religiuse extremist.He 

just wanted his wife to stay in her limits.In every culture,eastern or western, problems 

arises when spouses, while interacting with opposite gender, go out of the limits set 

by their society.If the story had belonged to a western TV show I would have called the 

husband narrow minded. But it was a drama about a  Muslim couple.If a Muslim 

husband wanted his wife to cover her head,or be modest in her interactions with male 

relative,he was not wrong at all.He was not hard on her, neither dominating,quite the 


I am so disappointed today and upset too.I don't want my children to think along these 

lines,not at all.

So,what do you think about it.Do share.

Here are the links to the show:





  1. I understand your point but the idea of marrying a 'religious' Muslim to a not-so-religious Muslim is wrong at first. I hope you are getting my point.
    And to be honest, I never ever tune into ANY Indian or Pakistani channels when my son is around. Way too much drama and 'khichri' for our kids to understand.

  2. Yah I also accidently saw that and such disgracing topic with a drama series on which promos girls are even tying knots of there bare back..its humiliating but what else can you accept from angeline...this was a really foolish play they coudnt handle the subject so it went stray by confusing the viewers...


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