Baby wipes are a must-have in every diaper bag,mom bag or car dashboard in a 

houshold with kids.They come in handy all the time from wiping off poop to

 cleaning dirt from kid's hands and face. 

There are so many baby wipes available in the market.Some have many added

features like fragrance,special formula for sensitive skin,hypoallergic etc.

I used to buy johnson and johnson babywipes(past tense).

However,I was not a big fan of baby wipes.I mean I coud'nt use them while diaper 

changing.Reason...big angry papular rash a few hours afte wards on my poor baby's


It was very painful indeed.Well,I stopped using them for cleaning poo because 

apperently they exaccerbated the irritating effect of feaces on skin.

I  heard so many other mommies complaining about it too.

When my second one was born,I had to buy wipes again becuase I couldnt wash 

the little one again and again in winters.I was weary of johnson's,so this time I 

changed the brand and used Baby Wipes By Pampers.

After using these I came to know that not all wipes are the same.The pamper wipes 

are so gentle.All the ingrediants have low hazard score according to 

skin deep data base.Link

I must say,these wipes are a great convenience for me.I use them for so many 

purposes...from wiping my baby to giving her a quick cleaning after she throws 

up(which is so often nowadays).

They are scented so I even skip baby powder when going out and getting baby


I keep them with me in my purse,in car and not to forget in diaper bag always.

The baby wipes are a must have item.And if they are as good and mild as pampers, I

 think everyone should buy them.Since these are very gentle on skin, you can use it

 for cleaning during your makeup as well.(kajal smudges,eyeshadow fall out etc).

During travelling,if something spills and makes a mess just take a few wipes and 

clean easily.

I totally recommend them to all the moms out there.



  1. Nice info, my sister uses Johnson's ones and my neices get rash with that..i'll tell her about these :)

    1. glad to know it helped.waisey i wasnt xpctng a beauty blogger to comment. bt it made me happy as always to read ur comment


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