If you want pretty,glossy hair full of volume and body try this simple hair mask.

I had a habit of using it a few years ago but somehow due to busy routine or my fascination with new hair care products in market, I stopped using it.

Recently,I used it again.I also improved the recipe a little to treat the split ends as well.I was swept off my feet by the results(again).I mean why in GOd's name did I stop using it.

Here is the recipe.Simple and easy to follow.Will give you glossy,lustrous,soft hair without using chemicals or having to go to salon.

                              Moisturizing Hair Mask


i)-2 medium sized eggs 

ii)- Lemon juice of half a lemon.

iii)- Home made yougurt 2 tablespoon

iv)- 2-3tablespoon olive oil


Apply all over your hair.Make sure you cover all of your hair with it.

Wear a shower cap.

Wait for an hour.You can wait for two hours, if you have time and patience, for even 

better results.

Shampoo your hair as usual.

Use this hair mask once a week to get healthy and glossy hair.This is a tried and tested recipe.

Do try this at home and tell me how it worked for you.


  1. This is a very good hair mask, I used to treat my hair to this once a week before but not anymore caz of time constraints since i started working. It's the perfect cure for dandruff! Thanks for sharing, I need to start using it again :)

  2. I also used to apply this mask but only iwth one egg as I cant stand the smell...thanx for sharing:)

    1. adding lemon and olive oil will finish the smell

  3. Oh my gosh, I will be trying this for sure next weekend! I can't wait. However, no way am I making yogurt. :P What do you suggest...regular full fat plain yogurt or greek yogurt..?

    1. greek yougurt will do fine.also make sure mask doesnt overdry as you might face some problems in taking it off it dries too much

  4. Love natural ideas for healthy hair!! I stopped using store bought hair products years ago and my hairdresser says she can't get over how gorgeous and healthy my hair is!! Love ur post :)

    1. do share some recipes.You can even do a guest post on my blog abt hair care :-)


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