Take A Moment To Remember The Father Of Pakistani Nation

Today is 25th of December.This date is very important for me and all the citizens of

 Pakistan.Not because its christmas,but because its the birth anniversary of Quaid-e-

azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

It really pains me to see that many of us tell our children about santa and christmas,but 

leave the history of our country to school teachers.We never bother to tell our 

children the great story of a great man.We never wish our children to be like 

Muhammad  Ali Jinnah.We never take time to tell them what magic that thin,frail man 

worked to get us this beautiful country named Pakistan.

He fought for the oppressed muslims of subcontinent.He changed our status from a 

"British colony" to "Independant citizens of a free country".He achieved what had never 

been achieved in history of the world,ever.He won our lost freedom for us and 

then gave us a country to live in and practice our idealogy..We owe him everything we

 have.We owe him our identites.

We,as a nation,are his children.His legacy.We should pray for him and should try to

 follow in his footsteps.

Dear Quaid-e-Azam,

May you always rest in peace.May Allah grant you,your rightful place in jannat-ul-

firduas.We are sorry that we are not working towards your dream,towards a 

prosperous Pakistan.However,there are many among us,who are doing their part.There 

are doctors who work for their countrymen,free of charge, whenever the need 

arises.There are educators,who teach homeless or poor children in small,makeshift 

schools,just to eradicate the curse of illetracy  a little.There are mothers who,even 

after losing a husband or a son to this country,send off their boys  to army again,to

 defend the country's borders.

There are kids who remember your birthday and realize the value of your 

effeorts..There are kids who still celebrate the day of independance with real,heartfelt 

 joy.I know its not enough,but atleast it proves that we are not completely dead as a 

nation.May God give us the courage and wisdom to realize our mistakes and work for 

our country.

                                                                                                                A Sincere Pakistani.

I dont want to be an ungrateful person.I want to thank the Father of this nation for 

giving us a home,for giving my baby a coutry of his own.Please pass on the knowledge 

of the making of this country to next generation.Its their  right to know how we are 

indebted to Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Make sure that you do take a moment to remember him well on 25th of December.


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