Choosing the right foundation is such an important part of makeup.Yet the information on how to choose our right shade can be a little difficult to understand.I was always confused and baffled by information on skin tones and how to find my own.So,lets break down and simplify the information,so that you can understand and find your own skin tones easily.

Broadly speaking,there are 6 types of complexion.I have posted photos of Bollywood and Holly- wood actresses in the relevant categories so that you don't have trouble in finding out your complexion match.

{NOTE:I have categorized on bases of given photos only,because all the celebs shown below may appear different in different photos and makeup}


This skin tone can not be found in Asians.You know the pale,waxy,white color.

                                                          Nicole kidman


                                                            Julianne Moore  


This complexion is fair and still has some color so that it doesn't look very pale.This shade can be seen in very fair Asians.

                                                    JULIA ROBERTS

                                                                  ANGELINA JULIE


                                                            KATRINA KAIF



People with medium complexion are somewhere in the middle.They have lighter skins,but don't have that radiant fair complexions like the above two categories. They have neutral to warm undertones.They tan easily.

                                                         PAMELA ANDERSON



                                                  JENNIFER ANISTON


The color most commonly described as wheatish. They have warm undertones.They tan easily.                                          

                                                           JESSICA ALBA



                                                    JENNIFER LOPEZ



                                                       ASHWARAYA RAI 


I think I fall in this category.


The photos display the complexion and need no description.

                                                   Beyonce' knowles

                                                          HALLE' BERRY


                                        BIPASHA BASU (BOLLYWOOD)


                                                            OPRAH WINFREY

There isn't any example of dark beauty in Bollywood :)

Now that you know your complexion,lets find out your undertone.There are three types of undertones.Cool,neutral and warm.

1)-Perform the vein test.Go out in sunlight,make a fist and see your wrist veins(on 
the inside 
of wrist).Note the color.

2)-Hold golden jewelry against your skin and then a silver piece.Which suits you most and makes you look lively?

3)-White Fabric Test:Wrap a piece of white fabric around your neck.If it seems yellowish,you are warm,if it looks bluish your undertone is cool.

4)-Hair Color.
Now decide which category you fall in based on all the above tests.(if you are an Asian,most probably it would be neutral or warm).


Vein Test:Purple veins

Jewellary Test:Silver suits you more

White Fabric Test:Bluish

Hair Color:Light like blond or silver.

Most often light colored eyes.


Vein Test:Blue veins

Jewellary Test:Both suit you.

White Fabric Test


Vein Test:Green veins

Jewellary Test:Gold suit you more.

White Fabric Test:Fabric looks yellow.

Hair Color:Black,brown,red.

Now that you know your skin tone.Bear in mind that Foundations with yellow undertones(which appear a little yellowish or brownish) suit the Asian skin most.If you are Asian,a yellow based foundation is the best bet for you,even though you may be very fair.

Foundation with pink undertone might give a fake look on warm Asian skins.Below are two photos so that you can get a clear concept.

These are swatches of illamsqua skin based foundation.From left to right are yellow,neutral and pink undertone.

Google images

Below are swatches of NARS sheer glow in grades from light to dark,in other words from pink to yellow undertone.Note that shade light 4 is neutral.

Google images
To find your right match in brands other than you currently use you can visit FINDATION .

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  1. Nice post! This is quite helpful! :) I guess I fall somewhere in medium-tan category! and my is obviously yellow except for silver suits me more :P :D xo

    1. the criteria of jewellery match is very subjective.The best one is vein test and the bolly wood actress test hehe

  2. Well, very ice and detailed post but im still confused about my complexion but i think its somewhere between fair or light
    Thank you for the lovely post, very helpful indeed

    1. you must be light with neutral undertones,since fair is used to describe extremely pale and fair complexion like waxy white.

    2. Also in most cases we can not strictly categorize people in one type of complexion.Its sort of in between two groups for majority.

  3. Nice post and quite helpful :) Keep it up girl xx

  4. Thats interesting post.. i have also talked about skin undertones on my blog.
    i think thats something really important that we should educate people with whatever we know correct :)

    1. yep you r so right.I was working on this one off and on for a month almost and only now i thought i should publish.

  5. Very informative post, love it! You must have done a lot of research on this, I'm warm toned and sometimes it hard finding a good foundation match with foreign brands, thanks for sharing :) xx

  6. Great post!! :) Nothing is worse than the wrong foundation or looking orange!

    1. yep i agree.Buying a good foundation is The biggest investment in good makeup.

  7. Thanks alot i have the same problem while choosing the ryt foundation Really very helpful post :)

    1. Thankyou Afsana.I am glad you liked the post.

  8. Love you for this post, helped my major problem, Allah Bless you..


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