Asslamoallaikum and hello all,

Today I have a very interesting post to share with you.A fellow blogger Samra from Samra's Beauty Blog  tagged me in her post which enabled me to share a few things with you.It may be boring,but still grit your teeth and watch as I reveal ...What you need to do:
1)-share 11 things about you.
2)-Answer 11 questions by the tagger.
3)-Choose 11 fellow bloggers to nominate.They should have under 200 followers on Google Friends Connect.
4)-Ask them 11 questions.
5)-Thank the Person who nominated you and mention a link back to her blog.


1)-I am a doctor and have a teaching job nowadays.

2)-My most favourite book nowadays,has to be the complete works of sherlock Holmes by Sir Aurthor Conan Doyle. Other favourites are by Mustansser Hussain Tarrar,Umera Ahmed and Qudrat  ullah Shuhab.I also like to read books by Charles Dickens,Dan Brown,Agatha Christy and Jeffery Archer.I really love the fiction works of Stephen King,but it may be a little strong for my taste at times.Also I don't like philosophy :)

3)-I can be a little crazy for my work when deadlines are near.Crazy here means 
crabby,snappy and obsessed.I know its bad but....

4)-My husband hates my blog and my obsession with makeup.Hates as in SERIOUS hate.

5)-I really look down on makeup junkies(although I am one hehe).

6)-I love to help and guide.I am also a compulsive volunteer.You know like people 
who raise their hands just,because no one else is doing it.I curse myself for this all 
the time."Oh I can/will do it" is out of mouth before I can stop it...always.

7)-I can't don't watch scary  movies...such a wimp I am.

8)-I love sci-fi.(I am a nerd thats why).My favourite movie series is star trek.I am such a sucker for science fiction.Also psychopath movies mixed with paranormal are my love(Even though i don't have enough guts to watch them alone :p ) like Gothica.

9)-I cry when I read a tragic scene or watch it.News about some mishap with children really makes me cry and sulk for all day.

10)-I love discussions.I consider them healthy.Some say I argue too much and they find it annoying.

11)-Shehrzad is my pen name.I use it for writing and blogging.I keep both my lives separate and HATE it when people pry.I mean does it matter if its not my real name?It is a pretty name and in another world and in another time (where I was able to name myself),I would have took this name.Everything else about me is true.


1.Why did you start blogging?Where did your blog name come from?

I started blogging in July of 2012.I was searching for solutions to some of my baby's 
problem and I realized there was a terrible need for a Pakistani mom,living in Pakistan,to share her views.We have all kinds of research and discussions available when it comes to western mommies,but not much help is available when it 
comes to looking for some medicine in Pakistan or the issue of getting your baby in 
school.Also I want to prove,through my blog,that after motherhood you can still 
enjoy makeup and fashion.So,basically its a Desi mom with her Desi ways trying to 
enjoy life and trying to look good even while changing diapers :-P

2.Who was your first celebrity crush?

If you mean first ever,it was Aamir Khan,singing "Papa kehtey hain" with his cute 
face and naughty green eyes.**sighs**.After that it was Mel Gibson,I just fell real 
hard for the blue in his eyes hehe.(Hey I just noticed both of the crushes are short, 
stocky men.In real life I find tall people attractive be it girls or boys).

3.Which dress size are you rite now?

Well,I am 14...**shocked silence**.But I work out and am cutting on calories so very 
soon it will size 0,size 10 at least.

4.What drink do you order at a restaurant?

Fresh lime with sprite.My absolute love.

5.If you could be on any reality show, which one would it be?

Big Boss.Hehe.

6.What is the best vacation you’ve ever been on and why?

When we went to Kashmir.The area is so very different from the northern areas like
Murree.Its a beautiful,beautiful place,and small number of tourists added to 

7.What is your current favorite make-up foundation?

Oh yes.I love this one Samra <3 My current favourite are two actually.Catrice photo finish 18 hour foundation(review coming up) and Bourjois 1 2 3 perfect foundation.

8.How do you unwind?

A good book and steaming mug of tea.Nowadays its coffee.

9.Which shade and brand of lipstick are u wearing right now?

Luscious lip couture in Envogue.

10. What is the worst product you have ever used?

Its a tie between Rimmel foundation and Oriflame Optimals Scrub.I have very oily 
skin and these two don't work for me.(So its the worst for me only).

11.Who/what inspires you?

My maternal Uncle has been a great source of  inspiration in my life.I am inspired by 
nature.A drop of rain,a green leaf,a blue sky a chirping bird bring me joy and strength always.

In my hard times I used to draw a lot of inspiration from Helen Keller.She did what 
people blessed with senses are unable to do.

In the end I would like to thank the lovely blogger Samra,Samra's beauty blog, for 
remembering me while tagging and sharing the love.Kisses and huggies for you dear. xoxoxo

I would like to tag my fellow bloggers.I can tag only 11 so a few of good friends might be left...sorry for that dearies :(


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Cenam from Cenamz Beauty Blog


1)-When did you start blogging and why?
2)-Are you married?Kids?
3)-What is your qualification?
4)-What are you wearing on your face and lips now?
5)-How many post do you do per week and how do you manage it?
6)-How do you unwind and relax?
7)-Whats the most expensive item in your makeup stash?
8)-Do you keep a fixed sum for makeup shopping every month or do you shop first and save later?
9)-Name your favourite brands,which have always delivered promises or have worked for you?
10)-What is one habit of your followers/fans/Facebook friends that you find annoying?
11)-Who plays the role of greatest support or anchor in your life?

Hope you enjoyed this post.I loved doing it.I sincerely hope that the tagged bloggers do some interesting  post for this topic.Love you all.Stay blessed.


  1. Thank you for tagging me :) indont think using a pen name makes any difference..

  2. A good book along with a cup of steaming coffee really soothes and calms your mind and soul. I also think there is no harm in using a pen name and keeping your privacy as far as you are honest on your blog with your readers because at the end it's the only thing that matters. Interesting post, I really enjoyed reading it. :) xx

    1. thankyou zubia.yes i do blogging with full honesty.I love it when i get positive criticism on my work.Keep visiting sweet <3

  3. thankyou soo much for tagging me...and congratulations....i am a big wuss too when it comes to wataching horror dont even like to hear the word "bhoot" when its evening or night...haha

  4. Replies
    1. thankyou.M glad you found it interesting <3

  5. Can u guess I have tears in my eyes after reading even a single word of this post... We can never tell anypone what we are going through for being creative, follow our heart and living our passion that is "Blogging" \
    Thanks for Tagging me I will soon post the 11 tag post:) IA
    Stay Blessed

    1. Thankyou for the love sparkle.It is never easy to follow your heart and one should be prepared to tackle the hardships we face on the way.I will wait for the post.

  6. ahh thanks for tagging sweety....

  7. interesting post and felt good to know more about you :) xx

  8. i sooo love this post ,on many occasions u sound familiar ;)

    1. do I?Well may be in real life we have met :-D

  9. Nice to know more abt u <3 Thanks for tagging & b ready im going to tag u back wid different questions ;) XOXOX

  10. lovely post shehrzad thanks for tagging me doll :) btw what do i have to do lol...

    1. you have to write a post like this on your blog telling us 11 things abt you.ALso you have to Answer 11 questions at the end of the post.wating for your post now ^_^

  11. nice post good to know you more, and i like ur pen name so much.

  12. Thanks for the tag! This was so much fun to read, I love fresh lime with sprite too:) Will be hitting u with my post soon!:) xx

  13. thank you much for your response :) I really!!!I mean REALLY WANTED to know more about you loved reading every single word of this post :) I love reading books too and I find Stephen king a lil strong for my taste too lol anyways I adore you :) hugs xoxo stay happy and blessed.

    1. Awww you are so sweet.Love you too dear <3 So we agree on our opinion abt stepehn king at least...good to know i m not the only chicken.I love the cold fear his writing generates bt then ofcourse i make my husband stand outside the bathroom even and ask him to keep talking so i dont feel like m alone ...hehe.

      Thankyou soooooooo much for the love.xoxoxo


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