Summers are here and so is sweat and sometimes smell...eeeww.We all face this problem in the heat and humidity of Pakistan.Perfumes do make you smell fresh and clean,but do not solve the problem in the most sweaty area....underarms.Antiperspirants and deos are a better solution.Deodrants just make you smell nice,but antiperspirants reduce the sweat production too(perspiration means sweating).My personal preference are Deos,because they do not interfere with natural sweat production.Deos come in sprays and roll on.I used to favour sprays more,but with the passage of time I realized that roll-ons last longer and as they are applied in the armpit directly they are more effective at controlling smell.(I discovered this in pregnancy when I used to sweat like a hosepipe...lolz).So,I try new  brands in roll on Deos every year.Today I am going to share one which has NEVER disappointed me.

     Got this for PKR 120 from my local departmental store.

                                 FA PINK PASSION  DEODRANT ROLL ON

The roll on is extremely easy to use .I use it over my clothes sometimes (when I am feeling quirky about chemicals in my armpits ....lolz).

The scent is very floral and fresh.Although it is a strong still is very feminine.I feel very clean and rejuvenated after using this roll on.The name pink passion does full justice to the product and the scent.

It stays on a very sweaty person like me for 4-5 hours.A stay time of 5 hours in my under arms is nothing short of a miracle trust me lolz.When I am wearing this one I am confidant that I can raise my arms no matter how much I perspire.

The size of bottle is a big plus and you can carry it anywhere for the necessary re-applications.


Overall I love it and fully recommend it.



  1. I don't use roll ons caz of the wet feeling, but I do know this one smells really nice;)

  2. i have never tried fa roll ons....after seeing ur review..i'l buy it...thanks :)

  3. I have this and totally agree with everything you say! Love it :)

  4. I used to love these, but i dont see them in the stores anymore..

  5. i have this.....i also use this above my clothes....lolz

  6. Nyc review!!!seems like a great deo..will keep this in mind.vibrant packaging and this pinky pink bottle is very tempting ..I had eyed the Fa deos,but never tried any..but now wen u say they are pleasant and mild,i will try..Thanks for sharing :)


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