Hello my pretties,

I hope and pray that your lives are going great and you are enjoying yourselves.I am awefully busy nowadays.We moved from Isloo to Lahore and life has been....well hectic.Life with kids is not easy,add shifting houses to the recipe and you get a mad mom shouting herself hoarse.

I have been thinking about my blog a lot these days(since not being able to work on it).Its basically about my life,you know.Recipes I try,makeup I test or love,babies.In short a mom's life.A little of this and that.So,I thought it is unfair to name my blog as a mum blog only.You know fashion does form a big chunk of posts I publish.So,I thought and thought.

Finally I decided on "Peaches".I love the word.It just says so much about me.Like peachy means "fun","great".I love fun(who doesn't, right?) and I am always looking for ways to have fun.So I am a peachy person.Peachy also means "attractive".So,as my blog works towards trying to look attractive and pretty it worked great for me.I short listed a few names and "Lo and Behold"...this one was available(a bigggg pain it was) .

Sighs of relief....So from now on If you want to visit Shehrzad Dastan's blog just look for 

                                       PRETTY PEACHY AND PINK

Yeah thats me.Pink is my favourite color.(All the seriousness and soberity in the world can not make me dislike the color),hence the name.I changed the URL too.Its

Hope you girls like it and keep visiting.I will keep my fingers crossed.DO drop in a comment to appreciate this hard working mom who loves fashion and wants to look pretty always.wink wink.


  1. Love the new name best of luck with all:) Love ur blog, style and the person u are:)

  2. lovely name and all the best sweety...


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